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HR Management Exam 3 Review

Which of the following is true of the relationship between training and development?
The goal of training is preparation for the current job, while the goal of development is preparation for changes in the current job.
Which of the following is true of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)?
The MBTI is a valuable tool for understanding communication styles.
Which of the following skills do managers demonstrate if they show genuine interest in others?
Compassion and sensitivity
Which of the following statements about Benchmarks is true?
The items measured by Benchmarks are based on research into the lessons that executives learn in critical events of their careers.
How does 360-degree feedback help organizations?
Performance improves and behavior changes as a result of participation.
Which of the following is true of job enlargement?
It involves adding challenges or new responsibilities to employees’ current jobs.
Which of the following is a potential problem of job rotation?
Employees typically develop a short-term perspective on problems and solutions.
Which of the following is true about a transfer?
It is an assignment of an employee to a position in a different area of the company, usually in a lateral move.
Which of the following is true about succession planning?
It provides a set of developmental experiences that managers must complete to be considered for top management positions.
An Individual Coaching for Effectiveness program is designed to:
help managers with dysfunctional behaviors.
Which of the following is true of development?
Participation in development is voluntary.
The four general approaches that companies use to develop employees include:
formal education, assessment, job experiences, and interpersonal relationships.
According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Extroverted types (E) gain energy through:
interpersonal relationships.
Which of the following is true about an assessment center?
At an assessment center, multiple raters or evaluators evaluate employees’ performance on a number of exercises.
Most employee development occurs through:
job experiences.
Job rotation involves:
moving the employee through a series of job assignments in one or more functional areas of the company.
A mentor is generally a(n):
experienced, productive senior employee who helps develop a protégé.
Which of the following is true of mentoring?
Mentoring programs tend to be most successful when they are voluntary and participants understand the details of the program.
In the feedback step of the career management process, the employee is primarily responsible for:
identifying what skills he/she could realistically develop in light of the opportunities available.
Circumstances that resemble an invisible barrier that keep most women and minorities from attaining the top jobs in organizations are referred to as the:
glass ceiling.
Historically, if the organization and employee do not have a specific employment contract, the employer or employee may end the employment relationship at any time. This is referred to as the _____ doctrine.
An employee refuses an employer’s request to falsify the contents of a report to the EEOC. The employer subsequently discharges the worker for “not following orders.” Identify the exception to the at-will-employment doctrine that the employee is like to choose when he/she files a wrongful discharge suit.
Public policy
Which of the following is a typical first response in the progressive discipline system?
Unofficial spoken warning
Conducting personal business online during work hours is called:
The _____ type of alternate dispute resolution works only to the degree that employees trust management and managers who hear complaints listen and are able to act.
Open-door policy
Adam, a neutral party outside of La Meares Inc., helped clarify issues between two technical teams of the company. Though Adam’s solution had no binding power, both the teams decided to accept his solution. This is an example of _____.
_____ results when circumstances such as the nature of the job, supervisors and co-workers, pay levels, or the employee’s own disposition cause the employee to become dissatisfied with the job.
Job withdrawal
Negative affectivity is related to dissatisfaction caused by:
employee’s personal disposition.
In terms of job dissatisfaction, an employee who calls in sick or arrives to work late is engaging in:
physical job withdrawal.
Helen is very dissatisfied with her job situation, but she does not perceive any other employment opportunities, so she stays and spends most of the workday dreaming about nonwork matters. Which of the following behaviors is she experiencing?
Psychological job withdrawal
Terminating an employee for the use of illegal drugs is an example of a(n) _____ turnover.
When employees initiate a turnover, when the organization would prefer to keep them, it is called _____
People’s perception of _____ depends on their judgment that the consequences of a decision to employees are just.
outcome fairness
People’s perception of _____ is their judgment that fair methods were used to determine the consequences an employee receives.
procedural justice
A perception of _____ is a judgment that the organization carried out its actions in a way that took the employee’s feelings into account.
interactional justice
If employers covered by the _____ do not inform the employees (and their union, if applicable) of layoffs, they may have to provide back pay and fringe benefits and pay penalties as well.
Worker Adjustment Retraining and Notification Act
According to this principle of discipline, discipline should give clear warning and following up with consistent, objective, immediate consequences. Identify the principle.
Hot-stove rule
The two sets of people in the organization who most affect an individual’s job satisfaction are:
supervisors and co-workers.
_____ can uncover reasons why employees leave and perhaps set the stage for some of them to return.
Exit interviews
When employees cannot work with management to make changes, they may engage in ____, taking their charges to the media in the hope that if the public learns about the situation, the organization will be forced to change.
Which of the following would act as a market force during the development of a pay structure?
Obtaining human resources in labor markets
Which of the following is true of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?
Nonexempt employees are covered by FLSA and include most hourly workers.
Under the FLSA, exempt status of an employee depends on his/her:
job responsibilities and salary.
_____ means that the employee is paid a given amount regardless of the number of hours worked or quality of the work.
Salary basis
Under the FLSA, which of the following statements is true of child labor?
The FLSA’s restrictions on the use of child labor apply to children younger than 18.
Which of the following is true of competition in product-markets?
Organizations in a product market are competing to serve the same customers.
A company that views employees as resources is most likely to pay the employees _____.
above the market rates
Pay policies are one of the most important human resource tools for:
encouraging desired employee behaviors.
Which of the following is true of compensable factors?
They are the characteristics of jobs that a firm values and chooses to pay for.
Which of the following is true of pay ranges?
The market rate or the pay policy line generally serves as the midpoint of a range for the job.
An organization’s job structure consists of:
the relative pay for different jobs within the organization.
According to _____, people measure outcomes such as pay in terms of their inputs.
equity theory
_____ is an administrative procedure for measuring the relative worth of an organization’s jobs.
Job evaluation
_____ are sets of jobs having similar worth or content, grouped together to establish rates of pay.
Pay grades
_____ is a set of possible pay rates defined by a minimum, maximum, and midpoint of pay for employees holding a particular job.
Pay range
A _____ is an adjustment to a pay rate to reflect differences in working conditions or labor markets.
pay differential
The compa-ratio:
measures the degree to which actual pay is consistent with the pay policy.
By combining more assignments into a single layer, organizations give managers more flexibility in making assignments and awarding pay increases which results in:
broad bands.
Reducing the number of levels in an organization’s job structure is known as:
A rate of pay for each unit produced is known as:
piecework rate.
Which of the following is a disadvantage of using incentive plans?
The goals of an incentive plan may interfere with other management goals.
A piecework rate plan is best suited for:
production workers.
Which of the following is true about a piece rate plan?
It has a direct link between the work and how much the employee earns.
Standard hour plans are likely to succeed if:
employees want the extra money more than they want to work at a pace that feels comfortable.
Which of the following is a disadvantage of a merit pay system?
It can quickly become expensive for the company.
Which of the following is an incentive plan that is intended to improve the overall performance of an organization?
Profit sharing
Identify the disadvantage of using profit sharing plans.
Profit sharing is not directly linked to individual behavior.
Which of the following is an advantage of using balanced scorecard?
It helps employees understand the organization’s goals.
How does the balanced scorecard help organizations deal with unethical behaviors of executives?
Rewarding the achievement of a variety of goals reduces temptation on the executive’s part to gain bonuses by manipulating data.
Pay specifically designed to energize, direct, or control employees’ behavior is known as:
incentive pay.
An effective incentive pay plan should:
have performance measures linked to the organization’s goals.
An incentive system in which an organization links pay increases to ratings on performance appraisals is
merit pay.
Which of the following is true of a performance bonus?
It should be re-earned by employees during each performance period.
When an employee’s pay is calculated as a percentage of sales, it is referred to as:
Which of the following types of incentive plans are specifically designed to promote group performance?
Which of the following incentive programs measures improvements in productivity and effectiveness and distributes a portion of each profit to employees?
Which of the following is a disadvantage of using group bonuses?
It could result in competition among groups.
Which of the following incentive plans would enable its employees to think like owners, taking a broad view of what they need to do in order to make the organization more effective?
Profit sharing
What is meant by backdating a stock option?
Changing the price in the original option agreement so that the option holder can buy stock at a bargain price
What is a balanced scorecard?
A combination of performance measures directed toward the company’s long- and short-term goals and used as the basis for awarding incentive pay

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