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HR mgt TEST 1 ch1-4

One of the first factors that increased the importance of human resource management was
the 1964 civil rights act
the human resource function in organizations today
has grown into the role of strategic partner
A large computer chip manufacturer has just hired another firm to perform its applicant background checks. Which of the following is likely part of this process?
A small restaurant is concerned about increasing worker productivity and tries to better structure its jobs to maximize output and service delivery. The restaurant is likely using some of the principles discussed in
scientific management
Early research determining that individual and group behavior was important to organizations involved the
Hawthorne Studies
The basic notion of the human relations movement was that
satisfies employees would work harder for the company
In the 1930s and 1940s, units within a company that dealt with employees’ behavioral challenges and issues were called
personnel departments
During the 1950s and 1960s, all of the following developed within the field of human resource management EXCEPT
the human resource management function was recognized as being critically important to organizational success.
The 1964 Civil Rights Act made it illegal for corporate managers to make decisions based on all of the following EXCEPT
include all individuals who gain knowledge and utilize the information effectively to enhance the organization.
knowledge workers
A human resource management system integrates which of the following functions?
finance, operations, marketing, other fundamental organizational functions
**all the above
All of the following researchers contributed to the early growth of the human resource function EXCEPT:
Thomas Edison
Which of the following is NOT one of the four basic goals of the human resource management function as discussed in the text?
helping the global economy
Which of the following activities MOST directly relates to the basic HRM goal of facilitating organizational competitiveness?
Developing a strategic perspective to human resource management that satisfies goals and objectives
Genevieve, a human resource staff member, has the task of investigating employee complaints about civil rights violations at work. Which of the goals of HR management is Genevieve working on?
complying with legal and social obligations
Adam is a project manager in the human resources department of Intel, the U.S. semiconductor manufacturer. Adam says, “I work on issues ranging from dependent care to work/life benefits. I work with employees to better understand their needs and to help design programs for them.” Which of the fundamental goals of HR management is Adam working on?
Promoting individual growth and development
Which of the following would typically be considered a staff, rather than a line, manager?
Human resource manager
HR activities are typically carried out by
both line and staff managers
The goals of human resource management typically include all of the following activities EXCEPT
overseeing financial reporting as part of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
The managers who are directly involved in creating goods and service are known as
chief executive managers
Who would typically have responsibility for carrying out human resource activities in a small, independent business?
owner or general manager
Which of the following is NOT a specific requirement for being a successful human resource manager?
A degree in human resource management
A ____ involves the set of expectations about the exchanges that occur between employees and employers
psychological contract
A sporting goods retail company hires another firm to manage all of its payroll functions. This process is known as:
As the human resource field becomes more professional, more HR managers are acquiring the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) credential. Which organization was instrumental in establishing that credential?
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
The modern term used to describe the management of people is
human resource management
Both the military and its suppliers became more interested person-job matching during
The HRCI offers several certifications, including all of the following EXCEPT the
The widespread use of ____ has affected how HR systems are delivered.
electronic technology
Following the requirements of the American Disabilities Act falls under which particular goals of HR?
complying with legal and social obligations.
Utility analysis attempts to measure the effectiveness of different HR approaches.
In order to take the PHR, SPHR, or GPHR certification exams, an individual must have at least 10 years of professional experience.
Designing jobs that are more challenging and satisfying is part of a company’s HR compliance with legal obligations.
Scientists and lawyers are considered to be knowledge workers.
The widespread use of the Internet has affected the basic approach to how human resources are managed.
Theory X and Theory Y were principles developed by Elton Mayo.
Scientific management focused on increasing efficiency and productivity
Outsourcing has caused a dramatic increase in the size of HR departments.
The human resource function in organizations today is viewed as a key activity that can enhance the bottom line.
The realization that human resource management was an important field was spearheaded by the passing of the Rollins-Robinson Act.
The Privacy Act of 1974 applies directly to ____ employees.
The basic premise of OSHA is that each employer must provide a workplace that is safe for employees, which is known as the
general duty by clause
The ____ established the workweek in the United States as 40 hours per week.
The Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Act of 1974 is directed primary at:
both federal contractors and federal subcontractors
Executive Order 11246 requires that federal contractors receiving more than ____ must have affirmative action plans.
Which of the following would be the LEAST likely to be involved when an organization evaluates its legal compliance with human resource management regulations?
line workers
Alpha-Beta Company closed a plant and laid off 100 workers, who each made $100 per day in pay and benefits. The closing was announced by company managers on April 1 and took place 30 days later. Under the provisions of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act of 1988 (WARN), Alpha-Beta must pay a penalty of
The law that prohibits employers from collecting genetic information about their employees is called the:
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
The Privacy Act of 1974 ensures that
federal employees can review their personnel files for accuracy.
The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 was passed to
reduce the use of illegal drugs in the workplace.
The Occupational Safety and Health Act
provides for criminal penalties for willful violations of the act.
Employees at Borders Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recently held a strike to force their employer to negotiate a labor contract. Borders’ employees were given the right to do this by the
National Labor Relations Act.
____ was passed to protect employee safety.
Which labor law was passed to regulate union actions and internal affairs related to employee representation, shifting some power away from unions?
Taft-Hartley Act
____ was passed to protect employee pensions benefits.
Titleist makes most of the golf clubs it sells to U.S. buyers in China, where the average hourly wage is
is NOT in violation of the act, because the FLSA applies only to workers in the United States.
The Fair Labor Standards Act legislates such issues as:
child labor
The American with Disabilities Act requires companies to
make reasonable accommodations for disabled individuals.
The Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that that federal contractors receiving more than ____ must have affirmative action plans for persons who have disabilities.
The Family Medical Leave Act requires employers to provide which of the following for employees under certain emergency circumstances?
Up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave
Which of the following would probably NOT be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act?
A person with poor vision that is correctable with glasses
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits discrimination with respect to age of employees or applicants
40 and over
Executive Order 11478 requires that federal contractors receiving more than ____ must have affirmative action plans.
Quid pro quo sexual harassment typically involves
sexual favors in return for something of value.
The most noteworthy factors used to characterize a protected class include
a. disability status.
b. religion.
c. national origin.
d. gender.
e. all of these.
One method for establishing whether disparate impact exists in a company’s hiring practices involves
geographic camparisions
A local office supply business routinely hires younger workers for stock staff over older applicants because much of the work requires heavy lifting and good mobility.
The company needs to show that the job requirements are a business necessity
A bona fide occupational qualification
permits an employer to discriminate against applicants on the basis of sex.
Employers with ____ employees must comply will the stipulations of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
15 or more
Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act makes illegal discrimination based on
national origin
30. Which strategy poses the lowest risk for agency problems?
When Kodak constructed a research lab in Japan, this action was an example of:
direct foreign investment
The Star Alliance, which is a global group of airlines that cooperate so that reservations and purchasing is made easier for customers, is an example of:
a strategic alliance
Hofstede partnered with ____ to collect cultural information from employees.
Which of the following is NOT one of the cultural dimensions discussed by Hofstede?
role identify
Which of the following is an accurate statement about labor unions outside the United States?
Foreign labor unions are more likely to be involved in political and social issues.
repatriation occurs when:
b. expatriate manager comes home from a foreign assignment.
Disney chose Andre Lacroix to be CEO of Euro Disney, following his success as CEO of Burger King International. Disney chose an experienced international manager who lived in France, rather than send an American manager overseas, in part to eliminate the risk of expatriate failure. Expatriate failure occurs when the
expatriate returns early because of an inability to perform.
Wangkyo is an electrical engineer who designs power systems for factories. His employer is sending him on a foreign assignment for one month, to design a system for a new factory that is being built overseas. Which skills will be MOST important to Wangkyo in his foreign assignment?
technical skills
Which of the following is NOT likely to be a part of a compensation package designed for an expatriate?
unlimited travel to and from the home country
When a company hires host-country nationals to staff foreign locations in underdeveloped countries, it must often
provide extensive training and development.
Prakash is a human resource manager for an Indian company that is building a manufacturing plant in Singapore. The plant will be staffed with Indian managers and local workers. Which advice would NOT be appropriate for Prakash?
Compensation for workers in Singapore will likely be the same as for workers in India.
Celebrity Cruises is based in Florida, but it hires workers from various countries to communicate with and serve guests from around the world. Which of the following is an accurate statement?
Celebrity will need to tailor training to best develop workers from various countries
Locating a facility in a relatively underdeveloped area will impact all of the following human resource activities EXCEPT
production design
Local issues that must be dealt with by firms conducting business in foreign markets include all of the following EXCEPT
human resource technology
Under which international strategy will several companies agree to cooperate for mutual benefit?
strategic alliance
What is an advantage of direct investment in another country?
there is more profit potential
Under which two approaches to international business will the human resource function be LEAST affected?
exporting and licensing
What is the term used when a company lets a foreign firm make and/or distribute its products in a local market?
A cultural dimension that focuses on relationship building and quality of life is
10. John prefers to work by himself on projects and avoids group work that requires him to monitor the actions of others. He would score highly on the ____ dimension of Hofstede’s model of culture.
What aspect of international business do NAFTA and the EU represent?
economic communities
Which cultural dimension highlights a liking of structured circumstances instead of situations that are relatively unstructured?
uncertainty avoidance
No outplacement firms exist in several Middle Eastern countries because the religion of Islam specifies that individuals should not benefit financially from other people’s misfortunes. This cultural factor pertains to what type of difference?
business practices
Which international staffing model involves staffing high-level foreign jobs with parent-country nationals?
a. Globalcentric
b. Polycentric
c. Geocentric
d. Egocentric
e. None of these******
Under a geocentric staffing model,
the organization seeks to hire the best person available for a position regardless of where the individual comes from.
Which international staffing model is typified by an organization using many host-country nationals to staff a variety of positions at many levels?
Which of the following trends is NOT true of developed nations today (such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and so on)?
The labor force is growing quickly.
All EXCEPT which of the following countries are considered the leading industrial powers in today’s global economy?
which industrialized nation emerged as the only intact major power after WW2?
the united states
Companies can establish a competitive advantage by
hiring good employees and effectively managing human resources.
an organizations mission
specifies how it will achieve its purpose.
affects its human resource practices.
is its basic reason for existence.
describes its unique characteristics and strengths.
all of these.***
Andy is a member of high-level group within a large hospitality organization that develops and coordinates corporate strategy. Andy is likely part of a(n)
top management team
____ strategy involves the actions taken by firms to better operate in a relevant industry or market.
When organizations are downsizing the number of employees in the hierarchy, this usually involves a ____ strategy.
When a company decides to own and operate several separate companies, which strategy is being employed?
An organization made up of various businesses similar in the products or services they provide is pursuing which type of strategy?
related diversification
Which adaptation model of business strategy is best used when the situation is highly stable with low uncertainty?
Which adaptation model of business strategy is characterized by ignoring the environment?
A new, medium-size hotel chain groups its personnel into different departments on the basis of individual expertise, which is called the ____ design.
both functional and u-form
Rolex, a maker of expensive, high-quality watches that convey status and luxury, follows a differentiation strategy. Therefore, an important goal of its human resource strategy will likely be to
b. hire workers who are flexible and can perform a variety of tasks.
12. Which of the following organizational designs is MOST likely to have few managerial levels?
Yum Brands began with three businesses: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Since its founding, the company has acquired other fast-food firms, including Long John Silver’s and A&W. Which type of organization design would be most appropriate for Yum’s strategy?
a multidivisional design
Which of the following was NOT identified as an organizational component affecting the formulation and implementation of human resource strategy?
organizational development
The process of handling union issues and challenges is called
labor relations
The principles and beliefs that shape what employees think about a company is called
focus grouping
The set of factors that prompt people to perform work at high levels is called
An individual’s reactions to environmental factors that present excessive demands is called
The Home Depot is following an overall strategy of growth. It’s the fastest-growing retailer in history, opening a new store every 43 hours. Which of the following actions is Home Depot NOT likely to use as it implements its strategy?
The Home Depot will offer early retirement to workers.
What is a psychological contract?
The set of expectations held by an individual as to what he or she will contribute to the organization and what the organization will provide in return
Adrienne believes that it is fine to spend one or more hours each workday talking on the phone with personal friends. Adrienne’s employer disagrees. This disagreement involves which part of the psychological contract?
the individual contributions
When Hershey family interests considered selling their Hershey Foods stock in 2001, employees were outraged. They felt betrayed and were angry and pessimistic. Which individual or interpersonal process was interfering with implementation of Hershey’s strategy?
worker attitudes
In the past, evaluations of the effectiveness of the human resource function concentrated mainly on
Companies that view their human resource function as a strategic asset should NOT evaluate HR effectiveness by investigating
cost as the only factor
Pierre would like to increase the effectiveness of human resources at his firm. What advice would you give him?
Don’t pay everyone the same. Pay high-performing workers more in order to increase motivation.
The organization’s ____ is the basic reason for existence.
The top management team includes the:
a. CEO
b. COO
c. chairperson of the board of directors
d. president
e. all of these*****
____ strategies deal with how the firm manages each of its major functions such as marketing or human resources.
General Electric owns and operates are number of different businesses, which is primarily an example of a ____ strategy.
A ____ strategy occurs when a company targets a particular facet of the market.

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