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HRM Chapter 3 Vocab

Which internal staffing model involves staffing high-level foreign jobs with parent-country nationals?
a. Globalcentric
b. Polycentric
c. Geocentric
d. Egocentric
e. None of these
e. None of these (Ethnocentric)
What aspect of international business do NAFTA and the EU represent?
a. Tariff systems
b. Economic communities
c. Trade controls
d. Export regulations
e. Quota guidelines
b. Economic communities
What is the term used when a company lets a foreign firm make and/or distribute its product in a local market?
a. Exporting
b. Licensing
c. Direct investment
d. Joint venture
e. Strategic alliance
b. Licensing
Under which two approaches to international business will the human resource function be LEAST affected?
a. Licensing and joint ventures
b. Direct investment and strategic alliances
c. Exporting and licensing
d. Joint ventures and strategic alliances
e. Exporting and direct investment
c. Exporting and licensing
Under which international strategy will several companies agree to cooperate for mutual benefit?
a. Exporting
b. Importing
c. Direct investment
d. Multinational organization
e. Strategic alliance
e. Strategic alliance
Local issues that must be dealt with by firms conducting business in foreign markets include all of the following EXCEPT
a. Recruiting
b. Compensation
c. Selection
d. Human resource technology
e. Training
d. Human resource technology
Locating a facility in a relatively underdeveloped area will impact all of the following human resource activities EXCEPT
a. Training needs
b. Recruitment activities
c. Selection requirements
d. Development issues
e. Production design
e. Production design
Repatriation occurs when a(n)
a. Company sends a manager to a second foreign assignment
b. Expatriate manager comes home from a foreign assignment
c. Manager likes a foreign assignment so much that he or she remains in that foreign country
d. Manager is sent on a foreign assignment
e. Manager on a foreign assignment in compensated in the local currency
b. Expatriate manager comes home from a foreign assignment
Which of the following is an accurate statement about labor unions outside the United States?
a. In foreign countries, few workers belong to labor unions.
b. Labor unions outside the United States are regulated by U.S. laws.
c. Foreign labor unions are more likely to be involved in political and social issues.
d. Outside the United States, labor contracts are formal legal contracts and employers can be sued in court by the unions for breaking them.
e. Foreign employers rarely negotiate with unions in their home country.
c. Foreign labor unions are more likely to be involved in political and social issues.
HCNs are LEAST likely to work in _______ positions.
a. Clerical
b. Line worker
c. Maintenance
d. Management
e. Office worker
d. Management
Ethnocentric Staffing Model
Primarily uses parent-country nationals to staff higher-level foreign positions.
Polycentric Staffing Model
Calls for the dominant use of host-country nationals throughout the organization.
Geocentric Staffing Model
Puts parent-country, host-country, and third-country nationals all in the same category, with the firm attempting to always hire the best person available for a position.
Involves one company granting its permission to another company in a foreign country to manufacture or market its products in its local market.
Direct Foreign Investment
Occurs when a firm headquartered in one country builds or purchases operating facilities or subsidiaries in a foreign country.
Joint Venture (Strategic Alliance)
Two or more firms cooperate in the ownership or management of an operation on an equity basis.
Employees who are sent by a firm to work in another country; they may be either parent-country or third-country nationals.
Hardship Premium (Foreign Service Premium)
An additional financial incentive offered to individuals to entice them to accept a “less than attractive” international assignment.

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