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hrt 101

All of the following are included in the Food and Beverage Division EXCEPT:
room service
Labor cost benchmarks are measured by
The second in command in the kitchen is called the
sous chef
An acceptable profit margin for food in a hotel is _____ percent
25%- 30%
The dollar differential between the cost and sales price of a menu item is called
contribution margin
Introduced by Escoffier, this kitchen system organizes work stations more
Hotel restaurants present a challenge to Food and Beverage directors because
guests need are unpredictable
Ordering, receiving, storing, issuing, stocking, serving and billing is known as the
beverage cycle
Food and Beverage Directors expect a pour cost of
The capture rate is defined as the
number of guests staying at the hotel who dine in the hotel’s restaurant
Responsibilities of the Chief Steward include which of the following?
pest control
A banquet refers to
a large group of people who eat together at one time in one place
The Catering Director works with the following people EXCEPT
Director of Housekeeping
The cost of depleted inventory for a cocktail is $0.74 and the selling price is $3.75. What is the pour cost percentage?
Theatre style seating is best for
a lecture
One method to prevent pilferage in a bar is use
The acronym SMERF stands for
Social, military, education, religious, and fraternal
Room service is typically found in
large city center hotels
The document prepared for the catering department to follow that contains all of the critical information about the event is the
Catering Event Order
The hotel requires the number of guests attending a catering function at least seven days in advance. This number is called the
Some hotels have a policy of preparing ____ % more meals than the number attending a function in order to accommodate additional people.
More hotels are converting at least one of their bar outlets to
a sports-themed
Wine is the fermented juice of freshly gathered ripe
White, rose, and red table wines are also known as
still wines
Cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir are types of ________ wine.
Pinot blanc, sauvignon blanc and Riesling are all types of ________ wine.
White, champagne, sherry and aperitif are all types of:
Poultry, fish and egg entrees are best served with ________ wine.
Any game or red meat is best served with ________ wine.
Champagne can be served
anytime throughout the meal
Still wines are those with
no carbonation
Methode champenoise refers to
a second fermentation in the bottle resulting in a unique sparkling quality
Fortified wines have ________ added
brandy or wine alcohol
Examples of fortified wines are
Port, Sherry and Madeira
Aromatized wines are fortified and flavored with
herbs, flowers, bark and roots
Aromatic wines are known as ________, which generally are consumed before meals as a digestive stimulant
The making of a good wine is dependent on the quality of
the grape variety
soil condition
climate condition
wine maker
A good rule of thumb when paring wine and food it that
the heavier the food, the heavier and more robust the wine should be
Beer is a brewed and fermented beverage made from ________ and flavored with ________.
malted barley, starchy cereals and flavored with hops
A(n) ________ tends to be fuller bodied and more bitter than the average beer.
________ tends to be clear and light-bodied.
A dark ale that is sweet, strong and hosts a malt flavor is known as a(n)
The most important ingredient in beer is
Spirits differ from wine and beer in that they are
fermented and then distilled
proof is equal to
twice the percentage of alcohol by volume
A spirit or liquor is made from a liquid that has been
fermented and distilled
Whiskey refers to a spirit that
the spirit that was first distilled in Scotland and Ireland centuries ago
Gin is a white neutral spirit made from
juniper berries
Bourbon whisky is made from
corn mixed with rye
Rum is distilled from
fermented sugar cane juice or molasses
Cognac is regarded as the best brandy in the world and is made
in the region of France with the same name
Coffee first came from
Ethiopia and Mocha
A premium bottle of vodka costs $38.00 per liter and yields 25 each 1.25 ounce shots that sell for $5.75. What does this bottle bring in to liquor sales?
A brewery and pub or restaurant that brews its own fresh beer on site to meet the taste of local customers is called a
brew pub
Legislation that governs the sale of alcoholic beverages is known as
dram shop legislation
One reasonable way in which a restaurant or bar owner can show responsible service of alcoholic beverages is to
provide training like ServSafe
By providing training on the responsible service of alcoholic beverages to servers and bartenders a business owner can
potentially lower liability insurance rates
The average person in our society spends about what percent of their food dollar away from home?
A French chef was first installed in the White House by which president?
Thomas Jefferson
The word restaurant is a French word meaning
The ________ are credited with the “Culinary Arts.”
___________________ simplified French cooking and reduced the number of sauces to five “mother sauces.”
Auguste Escoffier
Novelle cuisine translates into what?
lighter cuisine
________ are operations owned by one or more owners who are usually involved with day to day operations of the business
Independent restaurants
Groups of restaurants identical in market, concept, design, service, food and name are know as
multi-owner independent restaurants
Franchises are most often affiliated with
The founders of classical cuisine are
Marie Antoine Carême and Auguste Escoffier
Noise level, sounds, decorations, table settings, and other subconscious cues a customer receives when entering a restaurant collectively make up the
A(n) ________ menu offers items that are individually prices
a la carte
A(n) ________ menu offer a selection of one or more items for each course at a fixed price
table d’ hote
A(n) ________ menu repeat themselves after a period of time
The _________ must harmonize with the theme of the restaurant.
The classification of restaurant categorized by price, decor, atmosphere, higher level of formality, and a menu made from scratch using quality fresh ingredients is
fine dining
The target market and concept, to a large extent, will determine the
menu prices
Fusion restaurants are
a blend of two cuisines
TGI Friday’s, Houlihan’s and Bennigan’s are examples of
dinner house theme restaurants
Ponderosa, Bonanza, Chart House and Outback are examples of
steak houses
Good examples of casual dining restaurants are
Macaroni Grill and Red Lobster
Most ethnic restaurants are
independently owned and operated
Family restaurants evolved from the
coffee shop style restaurant
Which of the following is a considered a themed restaurant?
House of Blues
Examples of quick-service/fast food restaurants are
Pizza Hut, KFC, Subway
Quick service restaurants have increased in popularity because of
their location strategies
Quick service restaurants have basically saturated the market. One strategy some QSR are using to increase sales is
co-branding at stores and nontraditional locations
A group of typical guests who give an opinion on topics presented to them is known as
a focus group
Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Indian and Mediterranean are all examples of ________ restaurants.
Quick service restaurants are also known as:
fast foods
The original McDonald’s concept was expanded by
Ray Kroc
________ is the market leader in the quick service chicken market.
________ is the fastest growing segment of the ethnic market.
Theme restaurants are particularly appealing because they
offer a total experience and a social meeting place
Which of the following is a current trend in restaurant service?
Continued diversification
There are ____ accounting periods in a typical restaurant.
The person usually responsible for greeting and seating guests and to rotate arriving guests among the dining room stations is the
greeter or host or hostess
A cover is equivalent to
a guest
Curbside appeal includes
the appearance of the property from the parking lot to the restrooms
The average check refers to
the average money spent per guests
If total sales are $2550.00 and 110 guests were served, the average guest check would be
Forecasting sales has two components,
guest counts or covers, and average check amount
Describing, recommending, showing and offering a variety of food and beverage choices to a guest is known as
suggestive selling
Forecasting is used
for sales projections, staff levels, and cost percentages
American Service refers to
less formal, yet professionally served
The “back of the house” is usually run by the
kitchen manager
A __________ is used to track food and beverage charges and other retail charges
P.O.S system
Back-of-the-house restaurant systems are also known as
product management system
Financial management reporting needs to be
detailed and inclusive
Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are used by
restaurant servers
Organization and performance on the cooking line as well as good results depend on
Proper staffing in the kitchen is crucial, along with
training and developing skills
Each kitchen station must create
production control sheets
Production sheets serve which of the following purposes?
Serve as the key to consistency and food quality
Production sheet calculations include
counting products on-hand
The person responsible for ordering should never be the
same person
All of the following are questions that deal with purchasing EXCEPT:
How much can we exceed our reorder point?
prime costs is
food and labor cost
Product specification determines ________.
cut of meat, weight, fat, etc.
A par stock
the level to keep on hand
Strict controls on food inventory is important for
receiving, storing, dating, and using
The contribution margin is the
the gross profit made from the menu item
Food cost percentage is defined as
food cost divided by food sales times 100
The Beacon Drive Inn had food sales of $45,000, an opening inventory of $8,000, purchases of $13,000 and an ending inventory of $9,000. What was the food cost percentage?
Combined food and labor costs are known as
prime costs
Average beverage cost percentage runs
The cost of a lease should be ________ to ________ percent of sales.
Which of the following is NOT a cost that management can control?
How is food cost percentage calculated?
cost of food sold divided by food sales
If total food sales are $50,000 and the cost of food sold is $16,500 the food cost percent is
If beverage sales are $25,600 and beverage costs are $7,500 the beverage cost percent is1/1 pts
Which of the following costs is typically the highest cost in operating a restaurant?
Commercial foodservice differs from non commercial in that
commercial foodservice is for profit
Which of the following would be considered a disadvantage of using managed contract services?
May be perceived as institutional
Which of the following is NOT included in managed services?
hotel cafeteria
Compared to commercial operations, managed services have the advantage of
being able to predict the number of meals and portion sizes
Inflight foodservice refers to
food service onboard aircraft
Airlines regard inflight foodservice as
an expense that needs to be controlled, resulting in less food served onboard
Inflight foodservice management operators
plan menus, develop products specifications and arrange purchasing contracts
Examples of the types of service a company like Sodexho might provide include
housekeeping, groundskeeping, and food service;
plant operation and management as well as facilities management
Sodexho, a leading food and facilities management services company in North America deals primarily in the areas of serving
schools, restaurants, and hospitals
Which one is a major challenge in elementary and secondary school foodservice?
Balancing saleability with good nutrition
Businesses use managed food services for many reasons, one of which is that
quality and financial arrangements are better
Military food service is interested in management companies mostly to
save money and be more efficient
A popular trend in military foodservice that offers alternatives to its personnel is
McDonalds and Burger Kings on military bases
In terms of managed services, feeding military personnel includes
feeding troops, officers in clubs, dining halls and military hospitals
Schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program are able to take advantage of
federal funding in the amount of about $2.29 per meal per student
Elementary and secondary schools may participate or not in the National School Lunch Program. Participating allows the school to
save money when federally funded
Some of the driving forces and trends with college campus foodservice are
branded concepts, privatization, campus cards and computer use
The rationale behind the enactment of the National School Lunch Act of 1946 was
if students received good meals, the military would have healthier recruits
What managed services company began by turning vending into a service?
If foodservice expenses for one semester of 101 days amount to $695,000 for an operation with 1100 students eating the daily rate would be
Colleges are more diverse in their food service operations
because there are many places and occasions for food service
Budgeting is easier with on campus college foodservice because
students have prepaid for their meals and their numbers are easier to forecast
In college campus foodservice, the daily rate refers to the amount of
money required per day from each person to pay for the foodservice
In an effort to increase cash sales and to manage profitability, managers of health care operations have become more resourceful by
developing concepts like medical malls with retail shops, bakeries, catering and restaurants
Responsibilities in managed services do NOT include
building and grounds
The main focus of hospital foodservice is the
tray line
Managed services labor costs range from
low teens to 50%
The leisure and recreation segment of managed services includes
chain and fast food contract services
Some hospitals have adopted a concept for patients whose diets are not restricted:
room service menu
Companies that operate their own food service operations are called
self operators
A person considering a position in a high-end hospital food service setting should
have knowledge of dietetics and nutrition
Managed services contractors have about ___ of the Business and Industry market

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