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Human development 101

Which of the following does not describe the first step technique
Criticizing the way things have been
The purpose of the discovery wheel in becoming a master student is to
Provide a picture of how you see your self as a student
Which is true of gardeners idea concerning multiple intelligences
Each of us has all of the intelligences to some degree
The power process “ideas are tools ” suggest that you should
Ask your self, what if that idea were true, when presented with one
Perceiving and processing include
Taking in new experiences
The VAK system incorporates three styles or sensory modes of learning that include
Visual, auditory, kinesthetic
Bloons level of thinking include
Remembering and applying
Meta-cognition is
Learning about learning
The Formosa learning are associated with four questions, including all of the following except
Mode 4:when?
Understanding learning styles can
Enable you to become a flexible learner, enable you to excel in many types of courses, learn from instructors with many different styles of teaching (all of these)
The first step technique involves
Telling the truth, challenging yourself, willingness to change
Once you have discovered your strongest multiple intelligences you
Can use them to increase your options for success
Multiple intelligences can help you achieve success and which of the following areas
Academics, career, relationships
Seeing is to visual learning as hearing is to auditory learning as _________ is to kinesthetic learning
You can develop all formal the learning to
Become more reflective
Time is an equal opportunity resource because
Everyone has the same amount of time to spend each week
An example of the time management strategy of using wait time is
Bringing your homework with you to an appointment at the doctors office
Effective time management skills include
Leaving unscheduled time in your schedule to allow for the unexpected
Goals can be made more affective by
Examining them closely to see what they really are about
The scheduling of downtime each day can be useful because it
Can yield a sense of renewal
A way of stopping procrastination is to
Play tricks on yourself to get you started on a task you have been avoiding
Web surfing with a specific purpose will
Open up more study time
The workflow can’t be aided by for habits including
Collect and clarify
Which of the following is not one of the steps in creating a daily to do list
Monitor your time
Which of the following is not one of the strategies and the seven day anti-procrastination plan
Always say yes to request for assistance
The key terms to remember when writing goals are
Specific, time, areas, reflect
A long term planner is best used for
The overview of an entire semester, quarter, or a year at a glance
C priority items in an ABC task lists are attempting to complete first because they
Are often small easy task with no real set timelines
Some of the ways to get the most out of your study time include
Having a regular study area that is associated with studying, giving yourself adequate time for the subject, doing difficult subjects first
Which of the following about planning is false
Planning does not allow for spontaneity
And the high-tech world a way to manage your time efficiently is to
Filter your emails and turn off the Mail arrival signal
The truth about memory is that
The more often you recall information that easier it is to find
When you want to remember to do something
Link that activity to another event you know will take place
An example of setting a trap for your memory is
Putting an unusual item in your pocket
Which of the following is an accurate statement about mnemonic devices
They don’t always help you understand the material to be memorized; these devices are sometimes complicated to learn; they can be forgotten; they can increase your ability to recall frequently difficult list
The power process, love your problems and experience your barriers, encourages you to
Except the barrier and take affective action
You can increase memory by organizing information. Organization can be
Alphabetically, in categories, spatially
The best state of mind in which to recall information is to be
The advantage of drawing a picture to help her remember is
None of these
A useful memory technique is
Creating associations with and pictures
An example of information that is most frequently stored and short term memory is
Bakeries phone number
The Loci and Peg system are like because they both
Create visual associations
The memory jungle presented in this chapter demonstrates the use of
Techniques for remembering names on meeting a group of people include all of the following except
Associating each person with an unusual characteristic
A memory strategy that involves a special kind of flash card is called a
Answer card or a card
Which of the following is an inaccurate statement regarding the memory technique recite and repeat
Reciting something suddenly in your head is as effective as saying it out loud
An example of an acronym is
The word scuba for self contained underwater breathing apparatus
An example of an acrostic is
The sentence every good boy does fine for the musical keys on a piano
The final phase of muscle reading can be assisted by
Using e-books to create instance summaries, copying passages and pasting them into a word processing file
Previewing material can
Provide a quick view summary statements
A technique for staying focused as you read includes
Avoiding marathon study sessions by taking short breaks
Use underlining
To create signals for later review sessions
When highlighting it is important to
Make decisions about what you want to remember from the text
The purpose of reviewing material is to
Keep the neural pathways that constitute memory open
Information literacy can include
Generating an appropriate topic, developing mean and supporting questions
Or better search results online you should
All of the above
As part of the preview process you should
Look for the familiar concepts
A strategy for holding a mini review of a paragraph is to
Recite in your own words what you have just read
If you encounter unfamiliar words while reading it helps to
Write the words and their sentences on a 3 x 5 cards and look them up
When reading difficult material your understanding of it can be improved by
Finding and reading another book on the subject
The power process: notice your pictures and let them go ,suggest that
You can notice which mental pictures are getting in your way then gently let them leave your mind and go away
When reading at work it is helpful to read work related materials
With a purpose
Active readers
Think critically about the ideas and which what they read
When outlets were not included making your own outline works best with
Complex material
I’m on the road block to affect the reading of school materials is/are
All of these
When reading is tough
Make several passes through tough reading material
When reading with children around practice all of the following techniques except
Finding a way to annoy your children
Effective notetaking consists of three parts
Observing, recording, reviewing
Notetaking is useful only if you
Participate as an energetic observer in class
What is the best way to listen to an instructor’s lecture
Setting as close to the front as possible
During the lecture if you hear something you disagree with you should
Note ur disagreement and continue to focus on the rest of the lecture
The Cornell format of notetaking consist of
A Q column notes section in summary
Mind mapping help to you in the notetaking process because it
Involves left and right brain functions
When taking notes for an online course it is helpful to
Right discovery and intention statements to capture key insides
If you miss a class you
Can call study partner and email the course instructor
A reason that tape-records can be used effectively in lecture is because you can
Use it when the instructor speaks fast
And effective method for keeping your notes well organized is to
Take note do you think you transition words and phrases
Research notes are unique in that they
Use source cards
The power process: I created all, is all about
Feeling powerful annoying you can change your behavior and responses
According to your text but the truth about test scores so if they are measure of
How well you do on a particular test
Techniques to use before you take a test include all the following except
Relying on previous exam for review
Hey study checkless works in helping you review material by
Creating a to do list for each item to study
Predicting test questions can do more than get you a better grade it can also
Keep you focused on the course
When taking a test the best way to begin is to
Scandal whole test immediately
An important test taking technique is to
Pay attention to verbal directions
When answering an essay question it is important to
Include part of the question and your answer
Working in teams is important on the job strategies can
Scheduling carefully ending each meeting
Which of the following might be a checklist prepared well before an exam
All of these
The best approach to open textbook questions is to
Prepare thoroughly
In the power process: detach, the idea of giving up an addiction means
Keeping your current circumstances in perspective

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