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Human Motivation Essay

People are motivated in different ways. For some point, they are all considered to be moved by the different frustrated needs that each individual have basing from the past background that they have. Recognizing the fact that both positively and negatively disposed persons have their own frustrated needs that are actually motivating them to take different paths in life that they believe would lead hem to attaining the dreams that they have for themselves as well as for those who belong to them.

As for this paper, the examination of the different paths that humans take depending on the life background that they have as the enhancers of the values that they utilize as basis of their actions. In this paper, the focus would be on differentiating the situation that humans with the same situation as to economic status and yet a difference in terms of family links.

The first case would be considering a person who is predisposed to a family with abusive parents while the second case would be involving an individual who is predisposed to have a family background with parents who are caring and supporting. Both persons are assumed to have frustrated needs because of the fact that

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both are scorched with the situations of poverty, however, because of the difference of their family background, the said individuals are expected to follow two different paths to be able to give fulfillment to their needs.

Cases Comparison and Contrast Taking into consideration the first case, it could be expected that a person who is both scorched with the situations involving poverty and still have parents who are abusive may indeed be disposed of to an environment that is hostile and violent making it possible for him to feel helpless and aggressive when faced with different stresses in life. It could be noted that as a result, the person being involved within the particular situations mentioned herein becomes antisocial making them isolated from their peers.

The fear that they felt and received from their families especially from that of their parents actually affects the way that they deal with their own society. Constant recognition of this fact would actually give fine reasons for the others to understand as to why and how they are acting the way that they do. On the other hand, a person who is receiving ample care and support from his or her parents actually progresses faster amidst the fact that they are scorched by the situations brought about by poverty.

Their parents become their role models making them even stronger in facing the different challenges that they are expected to face when they are attempting to reach the frustrated needs that they are supposed to attain. Their behavior towards the different situations that they need to deal with becomes highly instrumental as they too become strongly involved with the different movements in the society aimed to create a much better society. As a result, they become more involved in the advancements of the communities that they are joined with.

From this particular fact, it could be noted that their satisfaction becomes vivid and much effective for the while human society. Hence, they are not only able to fulfill their own needs but also the needs of others who are mostly afflicted with the pressures of poverty as well. This is the particular reason why applying leadership for human motivation involves much compassion and understanding on the part of the individual wanting to take the lead. There are different issues of leadership that each person faces in terms of organizational administration.

It is indeed helpful that one knows how to deal with each situation as one event actually differs from the other. There are at least five major ways of leadership that could be applied in this particular situation of dealing with individuals having the need of being motivated in different ways. • Model the Way This particularly refers to the ability of the appointed leaders to become role models for other members of the group. The fact that they are placed in position, means that they have a certain characteristic that is particularly inspiring.

The utilization of the said character shall help the leader set a pattern for others to follow. Once the road has been set, the reality of success is not that hard to foresee. • Inspire a Shared Vision Unity is one of the primary reasons behind the success of different organizations. Once each member is able to envision the real goal of the organization as to where they are actually headed to, the inspiration begins. Indeed, everyone has the right to get involved in what is happening and thus be able to understand where the direction of the group is taking them.

• Challenge the Process Challenging the process does not mean changing the procedures of the organization abruptly. With ample time of adjustment and informing the members of the changes that are to be made, the procedural changes could occur. From this particular way, the organization is beginning to open its doors to other alternatives of meeting the goals of the group. However, to do so, careful planning and examination of the possibilities should be done. • Enable Others to Act

Including other members of the group within the system of procedural arrangements is one type of motivation that makes everyone in the organization feel that they are of great use for the achievement of the group’s goal. Hence, achieving the goals with them leaves them with the satisfaction of work that they primarily expect from the group upon joining. • Encourage the Heart Simply involving the members within the job are not enough. Leaders ought to encourage their members through making them realize of their worth to the group.

To do so, the leaders are expected to be able to figuratively touch the hearts of the members of the group so as to empower them to perform better not only for the organization’s sake but for their own benefit as well. Through the consideration given to the five steps of leadership as enlisted above, it could be expected that the appointed authorities would be equipped with the necessary skills that they need to set a straight path for success for the entire organization. However, to do so, it should be remembered that the effective utilization of empowering communication should be applied as well.

Without the existence of the said connection between the leaders, the victory that is being achieved may not become reality at all. Conclusion People usually react to life basing from the personal historical background that they have. Most of the time, the reasons as to how and why people act the way they do could be traced from their past experiences. As for the cases discussed herein, it could be observed that the cases examined give a perfect description on how people tend to develop towards maturity while they try to run after the satisfaction in life that they are continuously aiming for.

Most likely, it is indeed vivid enough for the readers of this observation to realize the fact that whatever the backgrounds of individuals have a strong effect with the views that they have with their future dealings with the challenges of life. Regardless of their economic situation, the disposition of people becomes much affected by the family background that they have. This is particularly the reason why motivating certain types of people should be based from the consideration given to the experiences that they once had.

It could be noted that personally being involved in the background on the lives of the people that needs to be motivated gives better results for the ones that are motivating the said individuals.


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