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Human motivation in the work place

Case Presented Online teaching is one of the emerging forms of education process in the advancing civilization. With the advent of computers, internet capacity, and online communication provided with graphic access, the ease of having education in the comforts of home is now possible. The prime supporters of this type of learning are mostly Koreans and Japanese. The subject that is mainly discussed is English since this is the main waterloo of these cultural diversities.

The primary provider of English online education is race-X, which is known for their educative interests and fluency in English; hence, online English learning centers (ELC) began to appear and render service to these foreign students. One of the ELC companies, ELC-X, has offered their firm to race-X in order for them to have the opportunity to teach efficiently. The program involves the usual teaching process of sole English subjects; hence, professional English teachers are needed.

The company displays the available teachers for specific days from which the clients may choose the best possible schedule that fits for them. Every teacher is required to post a schedule that fits their time in anytime of the day and any day of the week, which should total at least

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60 hours or more per 15 days. If the teacher posted their schedule on that specific time of day, they are then required to be in the office with or without lessons.

Significantly, the schedule is both flexible for the teachers and the students, and once the teacher obtains the booking of 1 hour per session, the payment scheme starts to add up. The payment mechanism involves $50 per 15 days as the basic salary, and $2 per hour of teaching; however, teachers are assumed to have no students every time, and such depends on their popularity among the students.

Hence, if in case the teacher is not able to obtain no lesson for that day, granted that he or she is still required to stay in the office to cover up the schedules passed in the company, it is very well understood that the teacher receives no pay for that day. In such case, if the teacher, theoretically, did not obtain any single lesson for 15 days, he or she only gets a total of $50 for the half of month salary. Although, such case is most likely impossible to occur, however, the primary issue is the popularity relationship against your earnings.

Promotions, bonuses, and other benefits are not implemented in the company; moreover, the firm justifies that the prime promotion of the teachers are the increase of their popularity among students, which, thereby, connotes increase of their usual earnings. If the teacher happens to be unpopular for the students, it is understood that the teacher gets lesser bookings, which shall require him or her to post more open schedules to obtain more clients; hence, imposing more hours of work with lesser or equivalent average pay of 80-hours per 15 days labor.

Case Analysis and Theoretical Applications Motivation is a crucial and essential concept for both employers and employees especially if the wok systems involve lesser benefits, but requires additional workload, which is sometimes inevitable on third world countries or employees narrow scope of capacity or attainments in any fields of profession or career. The conceptual framework of motivation involves primarily the act of increasing work-drive, interest, positive attitude, and uplifting morale among the individuals involved in the collaborative system (Dee, 1993 p.283;Muchinsky & Marchese, 2006 p. 381).

Personnel administration may play a small role in motivational process and procedures, but the primary responsibility rests with managers and the workers themselves. Personnel administrators, however, should be aware of contemporary motivation theories in order to consider their compatibility with specific personnel practices such as position classification, payment scheme formulation, and company programs, such as benefits, promotions, etc.

The components of motivation that may significantly contribute relevance in the case proposed career resilience, career insight, and career identity, which are the three fundamental components proposed in the theoretical framework of London (1993) (Anderson, 2001 p. 121). In terms of career resilience, considering the risk of having absent to lesser lesson on 15-day period, the teachers’ drive to work can greatly be affected, and this may even force them to quit the teaching especially if they accumulate lesser popularity conditions that inculcates lesser income for them.

Although, the concept of career insight may provide them the sense of fulfillment, especially for those who are not strictly inclined in financial rewards but rather experience, these teachers may still progress the continuity of their teaching despite of the low income since this is their professional identity; thus, considering as well, career identity (Anderson, 2001 p. 121).

In the case presented, theoretical frameworks that deal with the conceptual arrangements that explain the phenomena of motivation on workplace scenario are indeed necessary. In such case, the theories of work motivation, which mainly involves equity theory (Anderson, 2001 p. 53), goal-setting theory, and expectancy, are the primal deemed applicable theories that is utilized in order to justify the compensatory strategy to boost the teacher’ drive of labor despite of the situation.

According to Adam’s (1963, 1965) equity theory, workers perceive their work-related participation in an organization as an exchange process where they provide inputs to the organization, which is primarily profession and education in the case scenario, and in return for valued outcomes, the company should provide appropriate and adequate compensatory mechanisms (Anderson, 2001 p. 54). In application, the company should consider not only the lesson coverage of the teachers but also the hours of office stay initiated by their teachers.

Granted that the company might loss financial stand if they are going to compensate the number of hours with no lessons from the client; hence, in such case, the application of goal setting theory proposed by Locke and his colleagues (2002) is necessary (Landy & Conte, 2006 p. 350). ELC-X company may render goal initiators such as bonus compensations, promotions, and company benefits that may serve as the goal orientation of the teachers; thus, motivating them to further labor initiations (Landy & Conte, 2006 p.350; Lantham, 2006 p. 60).

Lastly, expectancy theory, which conceptualizes justifiable rewards yield to increase production and labor rates, provide the validation that concludes the behavioral response to the beneficial goals imposed; hence, promoting the drive and motivation of the employees in the work place (Shortell & Kaluzny, 2000 p. 83). Compensation strategy is not entirely feasible for the company’s financial stand; hence, efficient work-related rewards are the prime most strategies appropriate for both sides.

By providing adequate and appropriate benefits (e. g. monthly bonus of $50 for best teachers), company-sponsored programs (e. g. ESL teaching seminars), and career status promotions can greatly boost the motivations of the employees. With right motivations and right response from employees, improvements are possible. Reference Anderson, N. (2001). Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology. SAGE. Landy, F. J. , & Conte, J. M. (2006).

Work in the 21st Century: An Introduction to Industrial And OrganizationalPsychology. Blackwell Publishing. Lantham, G. P. (2006). Work Motivation: History, Theory, Research, and Practice. Sage Publications Inc. Lee, L. D. (1993). Public Personnel Systems. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Muchinsky, P. M. , & Marchese, M. C. (2006). Psychology Applied to Work. Thomson Wadsworth. Shortell, S. M. , & Kalusny, A. D. (2000). Health Care Management: Organization, Design, and Behavior. Thomson Delmar Learning.

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