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Human resource

In conclusion, whereas the benefits of evidence based practice in human resource are many and outstanding, many of the organizations today are yet to adopt the practice and are still using traditional strategies to the management of the workforce which are based on casual ideology, beliefs, experience and past performance of the organization and other organizations in the same line of service or product delivery. The mere fact that creates high interests is that evidence among many organizations and managers to learn how to use evidence based practice does not offer any proof that all organizations are practicing it.

However, there are companies which have taken the initiative of making links between their human resource management practices and performance. Some of them have gone even further to develop hypothesis which they are testing in regard to their human resource strategies and practices. In general, evidence based practice helps an organization to restructure its human resource management strategies and help such an organization to move away from casual observation and make use of empirical evidence the decision making process in the organization.

It helps by allowing the organization to realize mutual benefits on cross discipline in the organization where the entire workforce is actively involved in ensuring the success of the organization. Finally, it is worth noting that the value of this practice lies in its ability to expand and facilitate the business performance.


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