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Human resource development

Human resource development is mainly concerned with making training interventions, providing learning and development opportunities and general planning of conducting employee training in an organization. In human resource development, the concern is both in line with individual and organizational needs. This is essentially a very strategic process that needs to be incorporated in every organization. Evaluation is a very important part of instructional design models. Different methodologies and evaluation tools are essential in determining effectiveness of ventures like training and development in organizations.

Performance management in organizations is very important too. This is because it helps to maintain the performance standards required. Organizational development on the other hand is essential in each and every organization and through it, organizational goals are achieved. Through it employees’ believes and attitudes are changed to be inline with the organization’s goals. Learning agents help in the creation of a system that will help to accomplish goals in the organization. They are essential during decision making process in an organization.

The use of professional practice analysis has enhanced how I analyze the situations at my workplace without making fast assumptions which can be wrong. Instructional designers facilitate the learning process through the use of advanced technology. All these knowledge gained in class, has been very essential in carrying out my responsibilities as the assistant manager in Fair Price supermarket. Through this knowledge I have been in a position to improve the entire performance of the organization to admirable standards.