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Human Resource Functions

Difficulties in filling staff positions In many organizations difficulties normally arise in filling vacant job positions. Mt Carmel and Tucson medical Center are not an exception. They have been experiencing problems over a long period but a lasting solution have been sought out to address the problem. Some of the problems they face in filling staff positions are:- Poor advertisements for the job position Job positions should be well and efficiently advertised. This will attract the suitable candidates for the vacant positions for example advertisement through the newspapers have been found to be effective.

This is because a potential candidate for the job would peruse through it and also keep a copy as reference. Advertisement through posters is also suitable since they can be placed in different places to attract different candidates. Selection should be on merit. Emphasize should be based on one’s training. Academic certificates and testimonials are quite necessary. This enables a company to select candidates based on intelligence. In some companies selection is biased. This will involve hiring candidates depending on who you know what you know.

This has locked out many qualified potential candidates some companies require to have a backing of some one in order to be

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employed even if you have the required qualification. Interviews should be conducted and proper candidate selected. Communication and interpersonal skills are normally tested during the interview. A panel of interviewers should be involved for example if an accountant is to be hired the panel should contain the finance manager the human resource manager and other officials as they deem suitable. Lack of the desired skills

Some companies may find themselves in problems by not engaging the suitable candidates with the required skills. For example a health center information Technology department may be requiring employees with training such as computer science. If the health center engages staff with the required skills it may not experience problems in training its staff. Further more if the staff are engaged they will not experience any difficulties in executing their duties. The employee training should match the kind of job they are employed to do. Poor training and development.

Employees need to be trained to add on their knowledge. Training may involve on the job training or off- the job training. On the job trained while they are still in the job. This involves employees training each other while in the job. Poor remuneration If the employees are poorly paid they will not have the motivation to work. Wage rates should be set taking into consideration the economic condition of a given country. Also the wages should be based on the skills and training. Employees should also be given other benefits for example house allowances, hardship allowances and also good working conditions.

A satisfied employee will work very hard without an urge to leave for other greener pastures. For example if an employee gets ? 200 per month, he cannot leave for other jobs paying less than that amount. A company paying poor wages will be ignored. This will make it lose very competent and qualified employees. Definition of Human Resource Management: Human resource management can be defined as the strategic approach to the management of an organization are considered to be the most valuable resource. Personnel management has been replaced by human resource management.

Human resource management involves managing the workforce. Workforce can be described as those working for a single company. Labor force excludes the employer or management. Unionized employees have union whereby they are involved in Matters to do with their payment. Being a member of a given workforce, one benefit since he has a financial freedom; that is he has cash, which he can use to buy what he desires; he has confidence and respect from other people. Practitioners believe that Human Resource management is very innovative.

Human Resource management helps in reducing risks in any organization Human Resource management is geared towards helping an organization meet some strategic goals like attracting more skilled and experienced staff members and also maintaining them. Dave (1996) provided the following functions/roles of human Resource management. Strategic Business partner Change agent Employee champion and administration. To achieve the above mentioned function, Human Resource department has to perform the following processes.

Planning of the workforce Forecasting the organization required skills requirement is very crucial. This makes the organization attract manpower with the desired skills and still retain them. The lifestyle and the job requirements should be balanced. Strategic workforce planning helps the control of labour costs and also assesses the skills required by the organization. Workforce planning may involve the following approaches. Supply/demand approach: this is an approach used to ensure that the supply fits with the demand.

Used to aims at identifying any possible gaps and finding solution on how to fill the gaps. Modeling approach: involves use of forecasting or scenario planning. Scenario planning incorporates both quantitative and qualitative data. Work force analytics approach: involves analysis of the current employees and the human resource department to forecast the kind of human resource they may require in future. Recruitment May be undertaken by employment agencies or recruiters. It is the process of finding the suitable candidate for a given job.

Involves the process of advertisement which can be through online, newspapers, posters and other processes like graduate recruitment in comprises. Some skills like typing skills, computer skills and communication skills are assessed to determine the suitable candidate. Educational certificate normally assist in determining the skills required. Written test given are used to asses the literacy and numeracy skills. Interviews are mainly used by many companies. Detailed curriculum vitae is necessary to show the candidates, qualification, experience and referees.

An interviewer would take about 15 minutes; job interview normally lasts for less than 2 hrs. The candidates are requested to give brief account of their personality, history and work style. Induction and orientation process Induction is a crucial activity in an organization. It involves welcoming new employees who have been recently recruited to the company. It is aimed at preparing them for the new role. Induction helps the new employees get well absorbed in the organization. The new employees are taken round familiarizing with the organization also meeting with the other employees.

Skill management This is an organization process, which involves individuals assessing and updating their skill frequently. Skill management involves the process of understanding developing and deploying people and their skills. Employees are required to ascertain the skills their job requires in order to know the skills strength and weakness of employees reporting to them managers use skill management. Training and development Employee’s skills may deteriorate. Also due to the technological advance, new skill may need to be taught.

Training is normally administered to junior staff while development is administered to senior staff like the directors. Learning is used to improve skills performance or knowledge in any given organization Time management Time is a scarce resource. It should be used well. Every employee should utilize the time properly. Be doing what he is required to do at any given time. Employees should manage time so as to get the best out of it. Difficulties in filling positions in health care information technology Lack of the relevant skills needed in the information technology.

Information technology requires an intelligent person. Getting a qualified staff to fill such a position is difficult. The employees should be employed on merit. This means that the person with the necessary qualification should be engaged. Mt. Carmel and Tucson medical center has faced some difficulties in getting the suitable candidate. Their information technology requires a very competent and skilled person. The IT department involves designing programs, which will be used in the health center activities for example detecting malfunction of the heart. In order for Mt.

Carmel and Tucson medical center to solve this problem they normally advertise for positions in the newspaper and online for suitable candidates to apply selection is normally done after interviews and the candidates who qualify are imposed on thorough training. Through thorough training the new employees grasp the operations of the IT department and also the entire health center.

REFERENCE DAVE. U. (1996). Human Resource Champions. Harvard Business School Press. Legge. K. (2004). Human Resource Management: Rhetorics and Realities. Anniversary Ed. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.

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