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Human Resource Management Essay

The main problem here is the poor communication and coordination system between the 26 divisional offices the region. The regional offices operate on their own without being in touch with the other regions within the same organization. Each of the 26 regional offices viewed itself as autonomous, not really a part of the regional effort. There was also poor marketing and selling of the farm products despite the fact that the southern region has so many farmers who could have been the potential customers of their products.

What caused the problems? The problem could have been caused by the following; a) Poor Leadership and coordination system among the region offices – The regions were too many for one individual to handle them. Though they felt autonomous, they were not well managed. The regional representatives felt that there was no need of consulting other regions they what they were supposed to do even though they were under the same organization and marketing the same products.

They have taken management and forgot about leadership. The differences between leadership and management are (i) the manager always acts as administrators while leaders are always innovating ways of solving conflicts (ii) Managers always follow the letter of

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the law by asking how and why and when while the leaders always are looking for what and why.

(iii) organizations managers focus on the system that is set while leaders focus on people (iv) Leaders will always do the right things while managers will like accuracy and they like doing things right (v) Leaders can nature something and develop it into something big while managers maintain status quo (vi) Managers do not have creativity. They keep photocopies of the past while leaders will have originality and creativity ( vii) Leaders are always on their own without emulating any character while managers always refer to known characters especially those with classic good behavior.

This means that managers are people who emulate others through imitation without originality (viii) Managers always rely on control and management while leaders base their egos on trust (ix) Leaders always like team work and groups while managers like dealing with individuals (x) Leaders have long run vision unlike managers whose perspective is shorter and how to satisfy specific goals (xi) Leaders always will have their vision on the horizon. b)Poor communication system among the regional offices Communication was poor from the leadership, to the regional offices and to the farmers.

The regional offices felt that they were companies of their own, did their work alone, with little communication between the regions and headquarters as there was no clear laid down communication system. This greatly affected the business though they still felt that their performance was at its best and improving all the time. The failures in communication arise because of certain blockages’ or barriers between the sender and the receiver. In order to make a communication effective, it must be ensured that the barriers are removed.

Since the manager has to use communication as a means of getting the work done through his/her subordinates, he/she must ensure that barriers are minimized and effective communication takes place. The barriers that interfere with the understanding of the communication are of three kinds, Semantic, Psychological and Organizational. The problem of this organization seems to organizational. c) Poor Management marketing of the farm products. The management of the regional offices has not been good. Since they feel they are autonomous, they end up making worst decisions without consulting, hence affecting the business to a greater extent.

The products had not been marketed well in the regions by the sales representatives. May be they were view or the region where they were working was too big for them. Another reason could have been that they were not being taken for refresher courses to sharpen their marketing skills. Maybe the work morale of the staff is low and that is why they are not interested in making an aggressive marketing campaign for the farm products. d)Poor supervisory and monitoring system There is little supervision from the head office to the regions. This has made the staff to be too reluctant in conducting their duties because they are not monitored.

Even the regional heads do not supervise and monitor their sales persons, because they not supervised fro the headquarters. How the problem should be solved The problem can be solved by applying the following; a)Improving on the communication and coordination system in the organization. All regions should work together and should be in touch with each other as they are under the same company. The head of the company should be in touch with the staff all the time, to know what is actually happening and not happening. A communication system should be in place so that the staff should know on what they are supposed to do.

The staff should be trained on effective communication and coordination and be made to understand that they cannot work in isolation, but work together as one company. b) Conducting of refresher courses The Company should train the staff on a regular basis on issues that can bring faster growth and expansion of the business of the company. Specific topics should be selected, targeting specific staff at all levels. c) Regular supervision and monitoring The staff should be supervised and monitored always just to check that some good work is being done.

The supervisors should make sure that all the staff are working as per their job descriptions and are meeting deadlines as prescribed. Too much and strict supervision sometimes kills the working morale of the staff, but should be moderate and staff should be made to understand as to why they are being supervised. d) Improve on the marketing strategy The marketing of the products should be improved. If there are competitors selling the same products, something should be done on the pricing, rebranding and the amount of time spent with the farmers explaining to them on the products.

The staff should be equipped with the new techniques in marketing and technology so that they compete fairly in the market. e)The company should be transferring staff to other regions so that there can be sharing of ideas and knowledge. The staff should not work at one region for long time because with time, the performance of this staff will degenerate. The transfers will give them challenge and make them to work harder competitively. The transferred staff will learn the shortcomings of the other region and suggest on what can be done to rectify the situation

Who should take the leadership in solving the problem? All people in the company should take charge in solving the problem, starting with company president, the regional president, regional representatives and all the staff of the company. They should work together and in harmony in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. This exercise should be all exclusive because everybody needs each other for the success and smooth running of the company. How do you know when the problem has been fixed? For one to be convinced that the problem has been fixed, the following will have to be observed;

a) Introduction of a regular efficient communication and coordination systems amongst the regions All regions should channel information each other. Once the regions will work together, then the objectives, goals and targets of the company will be achieved. b) Transfers of staff among the regions This approach will allow sharing of knowledge and experience, improving the staff relations, which will be an added advantage to the company. c) Staff trainings Once the company will review its training policy and programme on staff, this will be a new beginning and a step further for the company.

The trainings will equip the staff with new skills hence improving work efficiency. d)Regular supervision and monitoring The only way to assess that work is going on is by supervising and monitoring. Continuous supervision and monitoring of this will bear good results as employees will be at their toes when working, knowing that targets must be met. )Aggressive marketing campaigns – Seriousness in marketing the company products will show that there is a commitment of the company to improve its marketing strategy.

This will result to the improvement in sales and opening of more new regions. CONCLUSION The success of any company will depend on its leadership, communication and employee relations. Targets must be set and a way to achieve those targets must be sought. Employees should be made to understand that they will only get their good salaries if they only work harder with commitment.


Lundy O. & Cowling A. (2000); Strategic human resource Pfeffer J, (1992) Managing with power: politics and influence in organization Boston: Harvard business School press,

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