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Human Resource Management Essay

As the world moves on to 21st century crimes, violence, victimization including juvenile crime has remained an ugly reality. It has been a challenge often a matter of debate of rehabilitation of juveniles. Ever increasing crime rates even in case in legally defined under aged and decreasing social acceptance, has raised many social issues and debates. Juveniles are often defines as persons under the legally defined age of the adult in the particular country or state.

Age of adulthood is often defined differently in different states and country. Some states, when juveniles come under preview of law under certain provisions as adults. Juveniles are prosecuted under different laws like murder, child abuse, sex violations, hate crimes etc. One of the major problems has been acceptance of Juvenile criminals in social life, who often spend that part of childhood in Juvenile detention centers when most of children of their childhood in studies or skill development or prepare for their future.

By the time they come out of detention centers the precious age of learning has already gone by and, learning and skill development in Juvenile detention centers has been a bone of contention for many. Spending childhood in detention center and then non

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employment due to criminal background has given risen to many questions. Federal Laws in U. S. prohibits employment discrimination on the grounds on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964), Equal pay to men and women (Equal Pay Act 1963).

Age discrimination (ADEA), employment to individuals with disabilities (Section 501 and 505 of the rehabilitation Act 1973) and also provides for monetary damages in cases of intentional employment discrimination (Civil Rights Act of 1991). (Eeeoc, 2006) However, laws regarding discrimination on personal knowledge or background are given but most laws seem to be pertinent to individual state’s Department of Juvenile Justice. So these do hinder the employment process, where exclusive rights of juvenile offenders are not explicitly declared.

Though, some good recommendable work has been done by few government agencies and Non Governmental Agencies (NGO). Often the main objectives of the Juvenile correction centers are to ensure public safety and provide the juveniles with comprehensive programs for self improvement and job skills. And also incise family values and morals for their return to society and, respect and abide by the laws. In view of the current situations there is a need for proper Human resources planning which is often view as right people for right job at right time.

It involves Human resources development, recruitment process, hiring, training, Compensation and benefits, Safety and Health, Employee and labor relations etc. Managing the most valuable resource “Human” is essential in any organization. “Human resource management is responsible for how people are treated in organizations. It is responsible for bringing people into the organization, helping them perform their work, compensating them for their labors, and solving problems that arise” (Cherrington, 1995).

Managing Juveniles to fit into any organization has its set problems since living a substantial part of live in Juvenile Correction Centers, substantial since they are still in teens or early twenties, their perception toward society at large can be indifferent owing to the bitter experiences they have gone through. Take for example, if dissatisfaction is shown to their work due to some impending reason they might react violently, even at times reasoning takes a back stage. There is also another aspect different employees working with them can behave indifferently, knowing their personal backgrounds.

It means, loss for the organization that the values attempted to be inculcated inside them is often sidelined. This is where social acceptance comes in, sensitizing workforce and withholding personal information, can be a way, personnel departments can help. But again there is a flip side to this; sensitive employees knowing their backgrounds can help develop them with faith based initiatives for moral and spiritual transformations. Many of the problems faced by employees in Juvenile Correction centers are misconception about child psychology.

They behavior like truthfulness (denial problems, faking good), anxiety (nervousness, apprehension), self esteem (approval or rejection of self), distress (pain, worry, sorrow and suffering) and family issue (relation with parents or siblings and their approval or rejection), are often exhibited in different ways. This explosive of behavior patterns can be very hard to understand and interpret. Take for example one employee of this center misjudged a behavior of a juvenile whose positive behavior really impressed him, only to later find out, him suffering from acute distress which he often hid with his smile.

So another aspect of Human Resource Management is recruitment. In case juveniles not yet released, but still in the purview of law, some companies might come in contact with Juvenile Correction center and provide jobs. The employer as any other employer keeps Juveniles as employees, work relationship is as it is in any normal company, where employee works in return of compensation. They may be assigned jobs that properly relates to their physical needs and mental development.

They may not be allowed to job which may hinder or bring in prejudices in moral values; extra care is needed and provided. The employer may be sensitized, educated and made aware of these precautions. They are usually not taken on night shifts or late shifts. The job timings are usually as per prescribed by Juvenile Correction center. Jobs such as mining or underground extraction are not provided. Though most of the times, jobs are not provided not as per mental abilities, physical or educational backgrounds, this practice often hinders psychological boost and might produce self esteem problems.

One care should be taken when dealing with children and juveniles, that they remember a bad incident however minor and cultivate that feeling leading them to be social misfits and even patients. In many cases it has been reported that few juveniles, after coming out of Juvenile Correction center, later in life show symptoms for ordeal they have gone through. Children and juveniles, what ever the word used by law, have delicate minds, nurturing with utmost care is needed. (Europe. eu, 2006) After coming out of Juvenile Correction center starts the process of recruitment or as we might say rehabilitating the juveniles.

As we already know, there are usually through traditional recruitment (where candidates visit physical location for short interview and assessment), online recruitment through websites (where job resumes are placed and segregated as per individual company requirements), headhunting (where top level employees usually Top management level are searched by Recruitment companies, who are already working in other companies and in relatively similar positions) and the last one is internal recruitment (Personnel department looks for it own people to fill its vacancies owing to higher experience or newly acquired skill set).

Here recruitment will be possible through traditional method or online recruitment. Care has to be taken, rejection on grounds of juvenile background. Even though prohibited by law, many companies take services of companies those who make personal background information. Though background info is not hidden, repeated rejections can be cause of rejection syndrome. Sensitizing society at large, working with Non Government agencies and recruitment agencies can be a way out as well as find jobs for which juveniles are trained.

Compensation and benefits of these jobs depend on job market, the labor market, economic conditions of the place, type of job, skill level. As per law, refer to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, compensation should for the job not for personal background. In, reality it might be otherwise, even though there is ‘Civil Rights Act of 1991’ which provides for monetary damages in cases of intentional employment discrimination.

Another important factor after employment comes in is Employee and Labor Relations. Employee and Labor Relations often strike right combination of rights and responsibilities of the company. It is responsible for employee to employee and employee or employer relations or vise-verse. It is responsible with relations with technical, management, clerical, graduate or undergraduate assistants. Having good Employee and Labor Relations has its benefits.

Since is responsible for contract and policy administration, good relation with unions will definitely in future as the future of all the employees are linked together. It is also responsible for disciplinary procedures, staff grievance and dispute resolution procedures. So in case of disputes arising out of any situation Union board members can help in readdresses of grievances. Family Medical Leave Act, Staff Disability Services and unemployment benefit administration are also handled by Employee and Labor Relations.

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