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Human Resource Management Methods #9

Among these benefits, the major factors that push the growth of temporary worker hiring are the financial and logistical advantages (Moses, 2004). Permanent employees are entitled by law, to have paid vacations and sick days, health and dental insurance, pension plans, and unemployment benefits (Moses, 2004). Temporary employees are also the responsibility of the “temps” agencies to which they belong.

This means that the companies would not have to bother on payroll administration, recruitment and training of the employees (Temporary Help, n. d. ). Hiring temporary employees saves the companies not only from these expenses but also from the risks of hiring unsuitable probationary or permanent employees (Moses, 2004; Temporary Help, n. d. ). The temporary employees, after all, are already pre-screened for quality and skills by the respective agencies before being dispatched to the companies (Hiring, n.d. )

In addition, hiring temporary employees could enable companies to become more flexible in adjusting to fluctuations workloads and demands such as seasonal periods, employee shortages and special projects (Shaefer, 2005). Companies have certain desired qualifications, even for temporary employees. It is the job of “temps” agencies to ensure that advertisements conform to the equal employment laws.

Basically, the law prohibits employers from discriminating in whatever form, prospective employees based on race, color, religion, sex and nationality (U. S. Department of Labor, 2007). This means that in advertising for available positions, the employers should not, in the least, include in their qualification requirements anything indicative of the need (or no need) to have a “male,” a “non-Mexican,” a “Christian,” a “white” or whatever label that would prevent an applicant from being hired, that is not based on personal skills and qualities.

Advertisements should list only the skills, education and experiential requirements for the job and nothing relating to a required demographic.

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