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Human resource MGMT methods i#8

For an organization to perform well in its respective area wherein it is operating there is a need to choose from the labor market employees with high degree of competence. Hence, the selection and hiring process should be rigorous to enable the organization to identify the individual best suited to a particular position in the organization. A manager has the prerogative to exercise this power to choose the right employee.

Thus, when he/she personally communicates the requirements of an entry-level customer representative to a candidate who just arrived at the office, there is a need for that manager to have some clear ideas regarding the position’s activities and responsibilities. In this way, the manager can specify screening measures to use in selecting the right employee for the job.

It is indispensable to impart to a candidate the job description, so that the applicant can assess himself initially whether he or she meets the required job skills if hired. This will save time and effort both on the part of the manager-interviewer and the interviewee.

To fully assess the competence of the candidate, the description of knowledge, skills and abilities needed of an entry-level customer representative can be made within the interview itself in the form of questions to be asked by the manager.

The way the candidate answers the questions can shed light as to the degree of competence the candidate has, and the comprehension of the task and functions of the position. A hiring process is important because it determines the employees who do the functions and tasks of the organization, thus it should be done in a meticulous and effective manner.