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Human Resources 2

Assuming the Manager role in a small restaurant, I am responsible for hiring employees, supervising and recommending promotions. Here is a list of potentially discriminatory management practices that I should avoid which I classified into 3 groups, in terms of wage and salary management, work environment and employee relations. A. Wage and Salary 1. Employers do not pay the right amount as agreed in the contract; some take advantage of the employee’s ignorance and do not even pay within the minimum required of law.

2. Employers deduct other expenses from the salaries of the employees, like breakages, losses incurred during work, or forcing them to buy personal products against their will and charging against their salaries. 3. Some employers do not pay overtime work and night premium/differential. Employees who work extra time after regular time, and those who are scheduled midnight shift should be given additional pay. B. Work Environment 1.

Employers do not provide safe work environment, improper ventilation, unsafe food and drinking water and have no health programs like emergency or first aide kits, hospitalization, sickness benefits and other insurance programs. 2. Some employers do not provide rest periods and leave privileges because they have limited staff and are maximizing the use of their available staff. C. Employee Relations 1. Employers tend to discriminate among employees to include recruitment. They discriminate on gender, age, ethnicity and even disability. 2.

Employers do not provide clear rules and will immediately take actions against employees without giving them due process. 3. Some employers give work overloads and assignment that do not fit the qualifications of the employees, which is a disrespect for their skills and expertise.

There are still many other possible and potential malpractices that employers or human resource managers may commit in the exercise of their function as managers, especially in small restaurants and establishments, which have the tendency to simplify and maximize limited funds and resources.