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Human Resources 2/10

If I were a Human Resource Manager of an organization, I would have made the employees aware of the importance of always abiding by the safety guidelines set by the management. I would have passed the information among all the staff that though the onus of safety within the organization is the responsibility of the management, the employees should never overlook their share of duties in order to make their workplace free of accidents.

a) Management commitment and safety indicates that the management should take care of the health and safety policies in order to prevent accidents within the organization. It should review the policies; conduct risk assessments and safety inspections from time to time. Apart from this it should also organize occupational health programmes, accident prevention workshops or, health and safety trainings for its employees at regular intervals.

Taking these measures without compromising on employee safety would ensure management’s efforts and commitment towards prevention of accident and ultimately safety of the employees. b) The statement ‘Reduce accidents by reducing accident causing conditions and accident causing acts` means that in order to ensure that the number of accidents in an organization is nil or minimal, the management should try to remove conditions which are prone to causing accidents.

Apart from this the statement indicates that the management should also keep a strict vigil upon those behaviours or conduct of the employees that might be risky for their health or lives within the organization premises. The management should take all the safety measures in order to offer accident free working conditions to its employees. Simultaneously it should train them, if necessary warn or even penalize them for any action that might risk their or their fellow employees’ lives.

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