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Human Resources 2/7

Human resource personnel manages people in an organization; which includes administration responsibilities, recruitment of employees and its processes, as well as execution of management and training of employees. An as a human resource consultant, the review on employment policies together with the company policies should meet in at one stand. This means neither of the two can be greatly favored over one another. Both interests must not be compromised. But this is not always the case in real scenario but, the operations of the firms must go on the same manner as the employees report on their duty.

Not all or in the real case, less firms are giving benefits to their employees, and are observable in small firms. Unlike in the case of large firms, the firm offers greater benefits. It a major reason why larger companies give greater benefits: to maximize cost effectiveness; to give greater benefits for greater number of employees than to less number of employees. For a small business firm with 40 employees which is under the 20-49 category, must add health insurance benefits and retirement benefits, other than five days vacation, five paid holidays, and unemployment insurance payments.

Health insurance incorporates medical insurance and dental insurance. Health insurances cover most doctors’ and nurses’ care. This benefit is very important both on business owners and employees yet often disregarded. The business owner should show care to his/her employees, the same manner as the employees care for the business and his/her job and duties. Further, the care of business owners should extend until the end term service/s of their employees. Employees stay and manage to work for many years, and must be benefitted for their loyalty and hard work.

Therefore, a retirement benefits must be given to the employees. Retirement benefits basically are investments for the future of the employees during his working days. It can be set aside by three actors; the employee alone, the employer alone, or both the employer and the employee. The small business owner must use the Benefit plan, wherein the amount of benefit to be received are prearranged according on salary or years of service the employee/s earned.

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