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Human resources

In embarking on the working journey in an individual’s life, it is quite inevitable that job interviews will surface. It was said that job interviews would be the second phase of getting a job especially when the person is successful (ResumeEdge. com). What is fascinating though is that regardless of the countless types or form of interview, there exists an unorthodox way of interviewing. The basic foundation of an unorthodox interview may be the same as the orthodox interview but the way it would be delivered is different from the usual question and answer format between an interviewer and interviewee.

The advantages of this approach in interview could be enumerated to three. First is that it could promote a sense of relaxed environment for the interviewee. The major enemy of interviewees is the pressure and constrained environment in interview sessions. Secondly, an unorthodox interview provides a wide variety of creative and cunning way in testing the employee-to-be. It would seem that the initial interview of a person is a make or break situation for the interviewee.

But in an unorthodox interview, it would provide a way for the aspiring staffers to show what they are capable of. Lastly, an unorthodox interview could actually screen those who can work better for the company. As the personality and the cunning or wits of the aspirants would be in scrutiny, the employer or other staffs could be able to evaluate if the aspirant could be able to survive the company scene. The only disadvantage I could find in this approach is that it could not adhere to the formalities that interviews are supposedly conducted.

But despite this point against this approach, it could still not carry over the advantages of the approach for the company especially when that company desires to have quality employees. I believe that this type of interview could be used in screening properly the aspirants and see they are really capable of, whether they could be cunning more for the company’s sake.

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