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Human Resources Ch 7-12

Performance Standards
Refers to indicators of what a job is meant to accomplish, how performance is measured, and expected levels of job performance
Consistency with which two or more managers rate performances when presented with comparable information.
In relation to performance management and performance measures, reliability refers to.
Criterion Contamination
A primary care physician practice has decided to base its evaluation of physician performance solely on the volume of patients seen. What problem is most likely to result from such an approach
Identifying Managers Blind Spots
Subordinate appraisal is most useful for.
Because many people are involved in providing information, it fosters a high level of trust.
Not an advantage of multisource appraisal.
Team based compensation
The free rider syndrome is likely to be associated with.
Behaviorally Anchored rating scale
Performance appraisal methods is likely to reduce employee defensiveness and conflict.
Forced Ranking
Not an example of a rating error in performance management
Graphic Rating Scale
On a five point rating form, a manager is asked to respond to the following question, How flexible is this person?. This question is likely part of which type of performance management process.
The method is robust and equally applicable to all types of jobs.
Not a characteristics of management by objectives.
Because employee performance is so important to organizations, senior management consistently supports performance management procedures.
The performance management process has little impact on training in organizations.
Periodic performance appraisals should never be used to make personal decisions.
Managers sometimes inflate an employee performance appraisal to avoid confrontation with the employee
A manager who rates an employee particularly low after reviewing several high performing employees may be doing so because of the contrast effect.
Internal equity
A hospital in a rural community is having difficulty attracting radiation therapists. The department is trying to attract young, newly trained therapists. A decision has been made to pay these newly graduated therapists at a pay rate equivalent to that of radiation therapists who have been with the hospital for up to ten years. What compensation issue is relevant to this scenario?
Age and experience of the employee
Using a point system of job evaluation, the following is least likely to be used as a compensable factor.
Gain Sharing Plans
The management of a health center has decided to implement a compensation system that rewards employees when the organization achieves improvements in efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. The following best fits this approach to compensation.
Physicians will provide too few diagnostic test.
The following is a potential outcome of physician practice under a capitation arrangement.
Intrinsic rewards are tangible and include salary, benefits, and time off.
According to equity theory, and operating room nurse is likely to compare himself to operating room nurses in the same hospital
Knowledge based pay make employees more adaptable
Retirement Income protection
The Social Security Act of 1934 provided American citizens
Common ways to educate staff about the value of the benefits package include:
Utilizing orientation materials
Providing a benefits calculation tool
Providing customized benefits statements
Personal health information (PHI)
Medical history
Health insurance information
Age and gender
Covered by ERISA
Nongovernmental agencies
Mandatory Employment Benefit
Social Security
Tax Deferred Plan
Retirement plan allows employees to contribute to their own retirement.
In terms of health insurance, employees are primarily concerned with increases in out of pocket payments for premiums
COBRA protects employees and their family members with preexisting medical conditions from health coverage discrimination.
In conducting job hazard analysis, jobs with the potential to cause severe or disabling injuries
Should receive high priority even if there is no history of previous accidents
Not a characteristics of a successful safety program.
Punishing people for minor safety infractions because they could lead to more serious problems
A sudden surge in demand for hospital services is most likely to result from.
A drought
A disaster operation plan should include
Cancellation of employee vacation time
A stress management program in the workplace likely addresses which workplace safety factor
Lifestyle factors
According to the American College of Emergency Physicians, which of the following statements best describes the difference between normal emergencies and disasters
Emergency services deliver maximal resources to a small number of individuals, while disaster services direct limited resources to the greatest number of individuals.
A hospital that has planned for alternative sources of power and water in the event of a disaster is participating in.
A FEMA requirement
Structuring a workplace around ergonomics helps to
Prevent injuries.
Disaster levels characteristics a catastrophic event
Level I
A hospital safety program may be evaluated by which of the following measures.
Improvement in morale
Growth in productivity
Reduced levels of absenteeism
Because of a shortage of inspectors. OSHA reviews organizations only after an incident has occurred
According tot he World Health Organization, adapting a existing facility to improve its chances for survival is more expensive than building a new facility.
Surge capability is likely to be more of a concern for a hospital after a hurricane
A disaster may have no physical effect on a hospital but still limit the hospital ability to operate
Disaster plan is another term for disaster planning.
True about labor unions in healthcare organizations
Healthcare unions have not yet realized significant membership increases
Is most likely to be a sign of workers desire to unionize
Representatives of labor and management decide to call in third party to resolve an impasse in contract negotiations. Both side have agreed to abide by the decision of the third party. This method of conflict resolution is known as:
During a Strike
It is legal for employers to hire replacement workers
The National Labor Relations Act
Is the legal framework for relations in the United States
The 1974 Health Care Amendments
Extended union representation rights to healthcare workers
Middle manager
Employee group was not included in the NLRB decision identifying categories of hospital workers permitted to organize in a bargaining unit.
A lockout occurs when an employer shuts down operation before or during a labor dispute.
The primary purpose of the Taft-Hartley Act was to protect employees from abusive employers.
The most effective way to prevent unionization is to screen out potential union organizers during the hiring process
Total Quality Management
The set of principles and practices that focuses on customer needs and continuous improvement
Managing change, leadership development, and diversity
The top ten HRM challenges reported in 2007
Six Sigma emphasizes the use of anecdotal analysis
Mutual patient referrals benefit US health systems because foreign healthcare institutions refer patients to the United States and vise versa
Burnout in certain industries leads to an increased demand for a better work-life balance.

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