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Human Resources Ch 9

The focus on talent management has intensified in the last few years due to EXCEPT
the obsolescence of baby boomers’ skills
____ is a process that moves people from recruiting and selection to meet the employer’s need for talent.
Talent management
If talent management is effective in a firm
the firm has a succession plan in place for all holders of critical jobs.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
The goal of talent management is to have a pipeline full of talented people developed for future organizational needs.
Talent management includes all of the following HR activities EXCEPT
job design.
A good automated talent management system could be expected to answer the question
How many of the nursing staff are licensed nurse practitioners?
A common problem with talent management information systems is that
employees and managers do not like to use them.
Which of the following statements is FALSE?
In the 1990s, companies were able to hire talent on an as-needed basis because there was a surplus of quality applicants on the job market.
Ernest has always been a person who has said “People make their own luck.” Throughout his careen he has taken charge of his personal career goals. Which of the following development programs would be most portable for Ernest? That is, which would be most likely lead to Ernest leaving the organization taking his valuable development with him?
a tuition reimbursement program for an Executive MBA
When succession plans are developed for CEOs and senior managers, HR needs major involvement from
top executives and members of the board of directors.
The vice president of marketing at Bama Wonder Products has left to create her own company. She is taking with her some key managers in the areas of product development, finance and sales. The BamaWonder Products’ continued smooth functioning after these departments will largely depend on
a complete and up-to-date succession plan.
The first step in the succession planning process is to
define the positions that are critical to the organization’s strategy.
Infusion Enterprises suffered a shock when its president and its CEO, were killed in an avalanche while skiing in Chile. But because of the ____ the organization was able to continue operations smoothly.
succession plan
The main succession problem in closely-held family firms is that
succession plans are not formalized.
When faced with the need for employees with scarce skills, employers tend to
hire these employees from outside the firm
A company which consistently goes outside to fill its technical and professional openings probably
does not have the time or ability to grow its own leadership.
Deedee is 54-year-old manager in the client-support-services department of a heavy equipment manufacturer. Deedee has been with the company for all of her career and has had a steady rise in the hierarchy through promotions. She has shone in numerous training and development programs. Currently, Deedee is meeting performance expectations. In the judgement of Deedee’s superiors that she has “topped out” and will not be qualified for further advancement. Which of the following statements is most appropriate for Deedee’s situation?
In the future, Deedee should be considered for lateral moves.
All of the following are useful metrics for evaluating an organization’s succession planning EXCEPT
reduction in development cost per employee.
A law that has impacted succession planning for CEOs is
the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
When the organization ties formal succession plans to career paths for employees it
improves employee retention and performance motivation.
A computerized succession planning system should perform all of the following functions EXCEPT
sort internal candidates by demographic factors.
Long-term succession planning should go beyond just high-level executives and
include middle and lower-level managers and key non-management employees.
All of the following are common mistakes in succession planning EXCEPT
relying excessively on hiring external candidates.
A/an ___ is a sequence of work-related positions a person occupies throughout life.
Giselle has earned a master’s degree in biology specializing in wetlands revitalization. Committed working to restore endangered wetlands, and has been searching almost a year for openings that would allow her to do this work. In order to pay bills, Giselle is tending bar at a high-end restaurant in New Orleans. Giselle is
hoping to have an “authentic” career.
In comparison to people who graduated from college thirty years ago, current college graduate entertaining the job market can expect all of the following EXCEPT
more limited job opportunities
A sequence of jobs in which an individual joins a national news magazine as a staff reporter, then is promoted to technology reporter, then to editor of the business department, then to deputy managing editor, would be the result of organization-centered career planning.
the result of organization-centered career planning.
The HR department at Cabildo Utilities is planning an internal career day which will feture workshops on various careers at Cabildo Utilities, opportunities for work in Cabildo’s overseas locations, and presentations by HR staff on training and development opportunities available at Cabildo. This is an example of
an organization-centered career planning tool.
Website that list careers in the organization
should tap both the internal and external labor pool.
The three key activities in individual career management include all of the following EXCEPT
building a political network in the organization and profession.
Individual-centered career planning focuses on
the employee’s personal characteristics and his/her life and work goals.
Clark has wanted to be a broadcast reporter since he was a kid watching Wolf Blitzer’s war reporting. He got a degree in broadcast journalism and has been working three years as a reporter for local TV news in a medium-sized Western city. Clark’s boss has given him discouraging performance appraisals at the last two evaluation periods. In addition, surveys show that the news show’s audience gives Clark a mediocre rating. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
The feedback on reality from his manager and the audience is information Clark should seriously take into account in his future career plans.
In part, people choose their careers based on their interests. ___ is/are tools to help people identify their interests, what they do well, what they like, and their strengths and weaknesses.
Self-assessment tests
Which of the following components of individual career choice is MOST likely to change as a person matures? This means that the career the individual first selected may not be appropriate as time passes.
Ambrose is discussing his college major with his best friend. Ambrose says that his parents want him to be a CPA just like they are and to join their prosperous tax pracice when he graduates. “But,” Ambrose says, “I just can’t SEE myself as an accountant!” Which of the following statements is most likely to be TRUE?
Ambrose’s self image is not congruent with his parent’s image of him.
Glenn has a number of job offers to choose from. He has quite of bit of accurate information available about these organizations. One can predict that Glenn is Most likely to take the job at the organization which is
the best fit between its climate and Glenn’s characteristics, interests and needs.
Which of the following is TRUE?
Modern careers are cyclical in that individuals will have periods of stability interrupted by periods of transition.
Gerald is confused as to why his 28-year-old daughter is changing jobs for the third time since she graduated from college. His daughter told Gerald that she’s learned everything she could from her current job and that it’s time to move on. Gerald’s daughter is in the stage of her career where most people need to
identify interests and acquire capabilities.
Carla is 52. She has been laid off twice in her life, once when her employer downsized, and once when her next employer was acquired by a larger rival. Now she has hit a career plateau after five years with her current employer. Carla is rather frustrated. Each time she has changed employers, she has “retooled” and acquired more skills and expanded her knowledge base. When taking to a career counselor, the counselor suggested Carla view her career as
a cycle of stability and instability.
Over the past 15 years Bob, who is 35, has held seven different jobs with three different employers, one of which was in the non-profit sector. Of the seven jobs, three were horizontal moves rather than upward moves. Bob chose each job because it would din crease his skills and would be interesting and rewarding rather than whether the job would advance him up the organizational hierarchy. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
Bob may still be in the early career stage.
Kevin is a member of the board of directors for a non-profit organization that is engaged in environmental causes. The group does fund-raising, legislative lobbying, and publicizes the need for action to reduce pollution. The organization pays salaries below market. With his knowledge of the general stages in the typical person’s career, Kevin knows that the organization would have the BEST luck recruiting new full-time employees
among people in the late career stage because they tend to be focused on contribution to society more than on external wealth and status.
Josh is 32 years old. he worked for one organization for seven years after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. He received three promotions in that time. Since then, he was “downsized” out of the organization, and is working part-time as a bartender while training as an X-ray technician. Josh is experiencing
a career transition.
As a development technique, the best lateral transfers
learn new skills that increase the employee’s marketability.
For the organization, unless a plateaued employee is a poorly-used, valuable resource, plated employees may be a problem because
if they develop negative attitudes, the plateaued employees may affect co-worker moral.
Which of the following is TRUE about career plateaus.
An employee with traditional views about careers would view a career plateau as a sign of failure.
A career plateau occurs when a/an
employee cannot advance within the organization.
Paul has been in his first job for two months. He is very dissatisfied with his unsupportive supervisor, the lack of specific feedback, the project deadline which is six months off, and the “vagueness” of his job. While these are real concerns, Paul may also be experiencing
entry shock.
A pre-retirement planning seminar for persons about to retire should address all of the following issues EXCEPT ____ after retirement
effective time management
A significant portion of the long-service employees at Anovator, Inc., is reaching retirement age. As HR director, you realize that it will be a significant loss for the firm as well as a succession-planning nightmare if most of these retirees actually leave the firm at age 65. You would like to implement a phased-retirement program to allow the firm to adjust more slowly. But, one of the major impediments to successfully using this plan is
the long-standing pension plan at your organization limiting receiving a pension while working.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
“Family-friendly” employment policies are needed in order to recruit non-working women with children into the full-time workforce.
In order to reward talented technical people who do not want to move into management, many companies have established
dual career ladders
The glass ceiling
has resulted in only 10-15% of corporate office positions being held by women.
Turnover of nursing staff is a major concern at Briar Mountain Regional Medical Center. Many experienced nurses resist moving into management, but exist interviews

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