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Human Resources Management Plan Essay

Firstly, Canned Culture will need to look at their current situation regarding their physical hop and what the human resources impact will be on the company of either keeping it or doing away with it completely. This will be determined by investigating the various positions needed for the stores to function and what the financial implication will be on the growth of the company. Secondly, the human resources audit will address the needs and wants of the company related to staff and employees.

These resources are important for the growth of Canned Culture and their vision of becoming a global leader in their field. Canned Culture currently focuses on the African market and sells their product locally. Changing their approach to include a virtual platform and new economy strategy, Canned Culture will be able to market their product to a wider international audience. The various know how will be determined and a way forward planned to facilitate the growth of the company with the right people.

Lastly, the Human Resources Management Plan will describe and set up a concrete plan that Canned Culture can use in the future. By exploring these avenues of expansion, it is necessary to discuss benefits, safety, compensation,

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discrimination and inclusive design so that Canned Culture will be able to capture to only a larger market share, but will also push them to the forefront of their specified business. Human Resources Management Plan – Canned Culture | 5 2. INTRODUCTION Description of canned culture Canned Culture is an entrepreneurial business venture owned by Anal Alas Du Perez. L believe that there are significant untapped business resources in the shape harnessing and developing existing and latent small businesses skills, talent and expertise. “2 Anal has a Degree in Business Communication, experience working in development and a background in marketing and sales. She is also a member of arioso business chapters and forums. 2 Statement of Values Mission Canned Culture preserves a way of life by providing a strategy to access markets to small businesses and development projects to sell their wholesome goods.

Canned Culture manages an online sales portal and has a retail network providing directly to end-user buyers. 2 These entities are aligned with the Canned Culture values of “Preserving a way of life” and strive to preserve our People and Planet through their businesses, providing Profit to those who make the products. These entities and their products and services are either third party certified (e. . Fair Trade) or verified by Canned Culture as part of our “Preserving a way of life” project. Core Values, Vision and Ethics Canned Culture focuses on preserving the three Up’s: 0 People and their traditional way of life – capturing and preserving cultures, traditions and manufacturing techniques, 0 Planet and its natural resources – focusing on recycling, decreasing our carbon footprint. 0 Profits to ensure sustainability – to be a catalyst for social change Canned Culture and its supplier entities needs enough profit to grow and become financially sustainable. 2 Location of Canned Culture Canned Culture is currently located in Shop 5, Glendale Center, Lyndon, Pretoria, Sautéing, South Africa.

The business is in the process of expanding to include an e- commerce portal and will be available to sell products and services in the near future. This human resources management plan will be focusing on the physical store and virtual platform needed to expand the business and help them become a global entity. Human Resources Management Plan – Canned Culture | 6 Service Description Numerous development groups in South Africa provides skills training and development to marginalia communities, but very few are self-sustainable and bled to provide a long term solution to the Job shortages and poverty in South Africa. In order for the projects and small businesses to obtain future sustainability they need to: 0 Receive practical business training, internship and product development support. Canned Culture Marketing can provide these skills on an ongoing consultancy base with the help of organizations and specialists in the field. 0 Find a route-to-market to ensure a stable cash flow through sales. Accessing retail markets will ensure they reach some form of sustainability over the next few years but start with an immediate income.

The sustainable level will differ for each project) Made, Accessories, Natural Lifestyle and Home wares, Film and Artistic masterpieces with services offered from the CEO and Fair Trade Tourism industries. 2 Canned Culture can provide support to small business entities by: 0 Creating business opportunities through increased product sales and marketing. 0 Preserving cultural traditions or techniques that is discarded through modernized high productivity techniques employed by factories. Creating sustained economic development through entrepreneurial practices such as fair trade, sweatshop-free sourcing, CEO- roundly production and other models of ethical business practice. 0 Implement or further develop sustainable environmental practices through reduction of its carbon footprint, recycling strategy and restoration practices. 0 Ensuring that the “Canned Culture Preservation Standards” are further developed and met at each project. The Canned Culture network also makes their skills and experience available to the Semen’s as a resource as and when required.

These skills set include: o Developing and implementing strategies. O Objectives, goal and action plans. O Planning and measurement of programs and initiatives. Critical thinking and analysis. O Marketing and development of relationships with sponsors and clients. O Assist when applying for government grants and loans for small business. As a customer Canned Culture can currently supply the following locally: 0 Canned Culture will inspire their customers with beautiful products that will allow them to express themselves creatively. Introducing customers to the artists in developing countries that are making the most amazing products. 0 Provide a high quality product that complies with the “preserving standards” guarantee. 0 Through custom services, smart pricing ND a sense of trust, it is our desire that the customer will look to us as their valued resource to purchasing personalized and fair trade home and gift ware. Human Resources Management Plan – Canned Culture | 7 Strategic Objectives The scope of Canned Culture needs to be aligned to a successful new economy strategy.

Canned Culture will need to have the following characteristics to successfully implement a new economy strategy. The company has to have a willingness to include the following: 0 Building their product and brand to include the new platform. 0 Start to conduct business via the internet and implement yester to facilitate this change. 0 Setting up avenues of delivering digital products and marketing. 0 Customer support service. 0 Human resources management structure and plan.

The issues that a company faces to implement a virtual platform is that they might not have the needed skills and talent, in house, to implement it. The current employees might not have the knowledge on how to exploit these new concepts. This is where it is vitally important to source new talent in the form of marketing graduates and head hunting them for the company. 4 This will be discussed later under the Position and Skills Set Summary heading. Combining the characteristics of the physical store and that of virtual e-commerce holds a lot of value for a company like Canned Culture.

These combined advantages will help Canned Culture to lower costs, improve trust, add value to their current services and is ultimately to expand the company to include a global market by setting up a virtual e-commerce platform and manage the physical stores more accurately and efficiently. Having the right staff will enable Canned Culture to successfully market their product and services to a larger target market and affect the change that follows their mission of preserving a way of life. POSITION AND SKILL SET SUMMARY Type of Employee Functions Executive decisions and direction Sales, product and marketing Sales and administration experience Platform design Knowledge Skills Abilities Leadership, motivation, dynamic personality, communication Dynamic, branding, communication Perfectionist and communicator Design, visualization and CEO Public relations, Product, services Degree in and Business entrepreneurship Administration Marketing strategies and implementation Sales and administration Web media design Degree in Marketing Diploma in Administration and Marketing Degree in Graphic Design

Marketing Manager Marketer/PA Graphic Designer Human Resources Management Plan – Canned Culture | 8 branding Web Developer Social Media Strategist Platform operation Awareness and campaigning Streamlining, effectiveness and functionality Financial services Daily operations and store management Daily operations and assistance Web development Social platform knowledge Google web placing and advertising strategies Accounting, tax and VAT General Store management and administration Cleaning and back of house knowledge IT and web development specialist 5 year’ experience Degree in Business

Communication & 5 years’ experience Certified Accountant 8 years’ experience 2 years’ experience Design, visualization and branding Communicator and intuitive Perfectionist, attention to detail, structured and communicator Administrative Peoples person and administration Peoples person and administration SEE Manager Accountant Store Manager Store Assistant Specific Position Description CEO The position of Canned Culture’s CEO (chief executive officer) is the highest-ranking corporate officer (executive) or administrator in charge of total management of the manager and executor.

The communicator role can involve the press and the rest of the outside world, as well as the organization’s management and employees. 17 The decision-making role involves high-level decisions about policy and strategy. As a leader of the company, the CEO motivates employees, and drives change within the organization. As a manager, the CEO presides over the organization’s day-to-day operations. 17 The CEO will initially be involved in all the decision making scenarios and will have to steer the company in the right direction.

The CEO should also be a dynamic person and motivator. Marketing Manager and Marketer Daily tasks and duties will include of the Marketing Manager and Marketer:18 ; Monitoring and analyzing market trends. ; Studying competitors’ products and services. Human Resources Management Plan – Canned Culture | 9 Exploring ways of improving existing products and services, and increasing profitability. Identifying target markets and developing strategies to communicate with them. Have knowledge of a wide range of marketing techniques and concepts.

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