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The importance of new product development The Hutchison Whampoa of the past is just like any typical traditional mobile phone company– focusing on tangibles such as products and place, while ignoring the intangibles such as customer care and service. While this traditional business approach had once its days in the sun, Hutchison Whampoa quickly realized that the whole telecommunications industry is changing as globalization peeks to everyone’s doorsteps. Truly, success breeds failure because companies such as Hutchison Whampoa started to see that the older methods will not work anymore.

Drops in profits are becoming obvious and HK markets have to do something about it. There are basically many factors to consider as mentioned above. New product development in the mobile phone market is important because this helps in adjusting to the constant developments in the mobile phone industry. For example, a distinct political change in the mobile phone market is that wholesale markets have virtually disappeared as channels for getting produce to the consumer (Christensen, 2003).

There are basically key drivers in the evolution of new product development in this industry: the competitive mobile phone market environment; consumer safety and supply chain integrity; and rationalization of the supply base. The first key

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driver – the competitive mobile phone market environment – can be explained with the fact that in a relatively static market for mobile phones, there is intense competition between the major multiples, of which Hutchison Whampoa and other telecommunications companies account for almost two thirds of sales.

The goal of new product development or Hutchison Whampoa is to restructure and improve their markets, include fresh and excellent products and prioritizing the industry. The industry’s fast emerging places and primary regions identified and highlighted the necessity to extend such economic growth in the internal areas. This is combined into the cultural aspect that conditions economic mechanics of territory having an impact on the activities of the company, the relational system and excellent ideas as well as the development procedure (Clark, 2007).

Rivalry is classified to be the most powerful and most critical reason as to why Hutchison Whampoa has to get involved with new product development. It symbolizes the emergence and number of companies fighting for each other’s economic gains. The degree of competition within Hutchison Whampoa’s environment can be classified as intense. This is because of the existence of various rival organizations of the same sizes. In addition, competition level becomes intense due to the insufficient product and service differentiation.

The rivals of Hutchison Whampoa are also very keen in doing new initiatives in order to improve profits and market share. In addition, these organizations are also focusing on the same market segments, transforming the degree of competition even tougher. The significant development of technological progress has become the motivation Hutchison Whampoa’s new product development. The integration of the internet has improved the business place (Corina, 1971). The utilization of the Internet is altering high-tech new product development quickly while various industries have been making efforts to utilize it as component of their marketing tactic.

It has not only restructured the manner various companies perform business and the manner the clients purchase products and services, but it has also become an efficient medium in changing the value chain from producers to retailers to clients. Advise the company how the maturity stage for ‘3’ can be extended by introducing new innovations at the right time. Based on records, Hutchison Whampoa managed to change its organization for the better as far as the issues mentioned above are concerned.

However, one distinct and innovative move of the company was its decision to shift its focus on the intangibles or customer care – a variable that had been ignored by the telecommunications industry for years (Davila, 2005). In 1990, Hutchison Whampoa built on its success by developing new product concepts and new customer-focused initiatives. Upon realizing that new strategy should be implemented to increase consumer support, the company introduced the “3” brand of third generation (3G) mobile phone networks. The introduction of new innovations is significantly reliant on the existence of elements known as barriers.

Logically, if the hindrances are great, the threat on new innovations will be minimal because of dangers of lowered market share potential. For Hutchison Whampoa, the threat to new innovation element can be categorized as minimal because of various factors (Klein, 2007). One of which is the aspect that functioning such business needs a significant amount of money. Also, time is essential for the organization in order for it to improve; Hutchison Whampoa began in the early 20th century and spent years of functions before it became a financially stable organization.

Aside from money and time, entering the similar industry and competing with Hutchison Whampoa can be hard because of the client loyalty and powerful brand preference elements. The introduction of new innovations will help extend the maturity stage for “3”. In the example of Hutchison Whampoa’s “3”, the capability to introduce new innovations on it is excellent. This evaluation is based on the attitude of buyer capability sources around the organization. For example, the feasibility to introduce new innovations for “3” can be minimal because product need is intense and buyer concentration is minimal (Schein, 2006).

These elements imply that the organization has the capability to manage the numbers of production and the prices it provides to the market. These innovations however, are being neutralized by the existence of various substitutes. Also, because of the various rival companies, products and services provide to clients are not differentiated. These transform buyer capacity neither great nor minimal for Hutchison Whampoa clients. The capacity of the suppliers to provide new innovations with Hutchison Whampoa’s “3” is excellent.

This is due to the fact that supplier concentration for telecommunication products is minimal. Hutchison Whampoa can communicate with other suppliers for its operations (Epstein, 2004). Taking into consideration that Hutchison Whampoa is a primary organization, other suppliers will be very happy to provide services to a huge organization. However, Hutchison Whampoa should also put into mind that great communication with suppliers is as essential as those with its clients. So as not to impact the quality of its services, it is mandatory that Hutchison Whampoa avoid from replacing one supplier to another.

An excellent product innovation overlays two company forms in order to exhibit the advantages of both. Some world companies implement a product innovation that mixes territorial with product teams. The product-based innovation enables the organization to explore world economies of scale, whereas the territorial innovation manages information close to the necessities of each and every nation. Most companies also possess degrees of product or service innovation, implying that every divisional team has particular roles, but some topics must be decided in unison across all of these teams.

Rather than mixing two separate innovations, some innovations overlap an operational framework with project groups. Workers are tasked to a cross-operational project group, yet they also belong to an established operational group to which they come back when a project is finished. New innovations must be implemented by Hutchison Whampoa through the hiring and recruitment of new workers whose knowledge and work ethics jive with the culture. Hutchison Whampoa was going into a new market that will recruit a number of highly qualified people from other organizations to support the new initiatives.

The matrix framework of organizational structure may need for getting new workers aboard. This procedure usually happens immediately after the workers are recruited, and may be a means to slowly teach the different functional teams with a new culture (Fishman, 2006). New innovation must be implemented systematically or informally, probably through training of new workers or through a sequence of interactions to current workers at Hutchison Whampoa.

New innovations will also be helpful in the company and management of shared value mechanisms. Therefore, new innovations at Hutchison Whampoa will be shared through obvious or invisible ways and studies indicate that invisible means of interaction seem to be more efficient in altering culture than visible means of interaction and the visible and invisible interaction is depended on to give outside justification for the new innovations and encourage company workers at Hutchison Whampoa to adjust to the new company practices and ethics.

As indicated, the telecommunications industry is very complex; Hutchison Whampoa is functioning in an industry where various organizations are producing and providing the same services. Aside from this, the target sectors of these organizations are the same also. The clients then have various service choices to select from, transforming the level of substitutes maximal for Hutchison Whampoa. But with the right innovations implemented at the right time, the maturity level for “3” can definitely be extended.

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