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Hybrid locomotives and there future

“Hybrid Locomotive is a locomotive or multiple unit train that uses an on-board rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) and a fueled power source for propulsion.

Hybrid trains typically are powered either by fuel cell technology or the more conventional diesel-electric hybrid which reduces fuel consumption through regenerative braking and switching off the hydrocarbon engine when idling or stationary (as used in automobiles such as the Toyota Prius) Energy used by train operations makes up approximately 70% of all energy consumed by railroad companies, so reduction of this not only provides environmental benefits but economic advantages as well”. (Hybrid locomotive – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Hybrid Locomotives is an engine or an assortment of engine and chargeable power. A hybrid system is a multiple energy structure known as rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) with the fueled power. It’s a challenge for the recent transportation which is serving the humans in which we include the train or car or any air transport. The best way to describe the hybrid locomotive is that an engine that is supported by two powers is called hybrid, hybrid locomotives are usually the mixture of fueled and electric which improve the power and double the energy and furnish out

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the maximum conclusion from it.

In the expansion of the recent year new hybrid technology have been developed for healthier performances but in the time it has also suffered with the engine problem or some time with the lack of fuel, and other internal requirement of a machine. The fuel also matters as countries that are not fond of fuel or diesel for that they have to import and it cost a lot or if a county is fond of fuel and its variety is exporting it making the profits by it on higher rate which takes the country economy to lofty “(Maler pg 199)”.

Today, in the world where people are running everywhere to meet there needs, business and for traveling and for that they need the best source to travel by, the competition in the present time was not before, the development of the science has made a huge change in the transportation everything is now computerized and is easy to operate. The business for importing and exporting is now easier with the new inventions of the hybrid locomotives which help the government to develop its economy. Every county now is developing and coming up with good resources to make its economy higher with the modern modes.

In the future, cars and train will have some form of electrochemical or some kind of battery system drive which would be easy for anyone to facilitate, the trains are already being converted into electrical machine system which is the fastest means of the land transport with more speed and accuracy with the computer system. Even in the field of air transport the electronic machines which will be developed for the less consumption of the fuel and doubles the speed and need of the craft and in future with the new development in the air craft will have capacity for more passenger than present “(Ronald, David and Anthony pg 301)”.

Source: Hybrid Locomotive Prototype on Track In the following picture, it’s a hybrid locomotive which is controlled by the computerized system which automatically routes the stored energy of the locomotive and uses it with the need of it. Other than that it has a battery or electric drive installed in it which would be useful in the needy time of the locomotive, or which could be use instead of the high consumption of the fuel in the locomotive. Source: Pacific Hybrid Logomotive.

This picture also indicates the switching of locomotive in which the standard control, digital control, engine and batteries are specified and the above picture is for analog control system. The hybrid system advantage is its efficiency to control energy. It reduces the consumption of the fuel and converts it to the electrical switches. The hybrid system can be operated by computer or by a remote user. The other advantage of the hybrid locomotive is it is powered by the batteries that are connected to the generators, when the batteries become depleted; the generator starts to recharge the battery.

The easy functions of the hybrid locomotive are used everywhere in the world now. The future of the hybrid locomotive can be difficult to guess but the development of science in this field has started and the newly generated developments are more advanced and more easy for the users which gives the friendly options to its user, fully computerized latest technology are making it more easy for the operator to operate it as the computer operate it itself. Conclusion.

The future of the hybrid locomotives has started to buildup and in coming years in the sector of transportation it will enhance, the double power or the power of two particular which would hold the transportation sector with the latest technology and the development of the new generated system of transportation. The Hybrid Locomotive has developed which also helped in the safeguarding the environment for example trains had the coal system in the early days and the generated smoke was effecting the environment now the hybrid technology has changed it with the electrical engines which saved the environment plus made it advanced for its users.

In future with the locomotive hybrid technology, it would be much easier for anyone to travel easier, faster, the consumption would be the most suitable and easy available fuel or system and the modern facility as it will develop in its modern techniques.

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