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Identifying and Understanding Trends

The trend toward obesity is most likely to be positively reflected in the industries that can have impact on countering this trend in individuals. One of the most straightforward examples is the industry producing wholesome foods, including organic produce. Another is the fitness industry that serves as a resort to people who try to overcome obesity through regular exercise. Agencies offering active tourism such as rafting, bicycle tours, and other things like that can also benefit.

The information on trust among Americans can utilized in several ways. First, it can serve as a basis for advertising. People are more likely to believe the advertiser’s message when they see it presented by teachers or doctors than by businessmen and political figures. Second, companies that rely on word-of-mouth advertising are better off trying to convince the “trusted” professions to spread the word about their product in communities.

On the contrary, getting people of the least trusted professions to spread the message may be dangerous for the success of the advertising campaign. Finally, information about leisure-time activities can also be useful to marketers. It determines the relative importance of media devoted to specific kinds of pastimes for placing ads. More people are likely to see an ad placed on TV than one that appears in a gardening magazine.

At the same time, for a company that caters to people’s leisure activities such as a publication devoted to these topics, the news about the relative popularity of activities can help target their message and include appropriate topics. The popular leisure activities can also be featured in advertising. Thus, an image of a person fishing will evoke positive emotions in the part of audience that likes this pastime.

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