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Identifying intent for four different groups

The Purpose Statements: As a result of my presentation, an audience of CEOs will be able to deliver powerful speeches and reports that will gain the trust and confidence of their shareholders. As a result of my presentation, an audience of management-level corporate employees will be leading their employees and gaining their support in implementing improvement procedures. As a result of my presentation, an audience of volunteers between the ages of 50-60 will be able to entice and recruit more and younger volunteers.

As a result of my presentation, an audience of technology employees under the age of 30 will be better able to familiarize and communicate their ideas and projects with senior management. Questions: 1) How did you decide to alter or change your presentation objective to meet the specific information needs of each audience? Why? I decided to alter the presentation objective for each group based on the needs of the particular group.

I kept in mind what the particular group would want to get out of an “Effective Presentation Skills”, how they and their situation will benefit from the presentation, what information they need to know. Every presentation is shaped by the subject to be covered, the needs of the audience, and the capabilities of the speaker to reach out and communicate his ideas. Thus, it is imperative to keep in mind that every group is different, and although the topic is about effective presentation skills each group of audience have specific needs.

Consequently, each presentation should be tailored towards meeting the needs of the particular group so that they would be able to use the knowledge that I will be imparting. For example, a group of CEOs have different concerns than a group of volunteers in the age range of 50-60. The CEOs need to capture the interest of shareholders, while the volunteers need to capture the interests of other potential volunteers. In this sense, as the speaker, I also need to consider the circumstances of my audience and how what I have to say will have a practical use and significance for them.

2) How would you suggest your classmates improve or change their objective statements? Why? My classmates can improve their objective statements by putting themselves in the shoes of their respective audiences, and imagining what, as part of a specific audience, would they like to get out of the presentation. In this way, they will be able to assess whether or not the objectives they have written are well-suited for the different groups, and whether these are realistic and believable goals.