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If Space Is All You Want: SanDisk Releases Prototype of 1TB SD Card

You might never have to worry about running out of space for photos or videos in your camera with this new addition to the market- released a prototype of the biggest SD card which boasts of 1 terabyte of memory. Revealed at the Photokina 2016 photography conference this week, the SDXC card comes at an opportune time as market demand increases for a higher capacity that can handle high-resolution formats such as and 360-degree videos.

Western Digital, ’s parent company, debuted the prototype at the same event, wherein, just two years ago, the company revealed its 512GB SDXC card. It’s come a long way since it introduced the first 64MB SD card 16 years ago, and today’s 1TB card definitely surpasses its predecessors. Although there’s no release date or price tag on it yet, if you’re really keen on it, perhaps you should get ready to shell out, given that the 512GB costs US$800. Our advice? Watch out, this is one memory card that you hope won’t get corrupted. 


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