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Imperialism Unit Review

In 1887, white business leaders forced this king to change Hawaii’s constitution to grant voting rights to wealthy land owners.
Pearl Harbor
In 1887, US military and economic leaders pressure Hawaii to allow the US to build a naval base here.
Alfred T. Mahan
In 1890, urged by this US Naval Commander, the US constructs many new battleships, transforming the nation in to the world’s 3rd largest naval power.
The McKinley Tariff
In 1890, this tariff causes a crisis by threatening Hawaiian sugar growers with economic disaster.
In 1891, this woman becomes Hawaii’s queen and proposes a new constitution.
Sanford B. Dole
In 1893, white business groups overthrow the Hawaiian government and establish a provisional government with this man as the president.
Grover Cleveland
In 1894, this president formally recognizes the Republic of Hawaii.
William McKinley
In 1897, this man becomes president after Cleveland.
In 1898, this legislative body proclaims Hawaii an American territory.
Yellow Journalism
A sensational style of riding that exaggerates the news to lure readers.
Rough Riders
A voluntary cavalry unit that fought in the famous land battle near Santiago, Cuba.
Jose Marti
Cuban poet and journalist that launched the Cuban Revolution in 1895.
USS Maine
This ship was destroyed, after which the US declared war on Spain.
This nation gained independence in the Spanish-American War.
de Lome letter
A letter criticising the American president.
General Valeriano Weyler
General who forced Cubans to relocate to reconcentration camps where thousands died.
Phillipine islands
Land in the Pacific that the US paid Spain $20 million for.
Battle of San Juan Hill
Teddy Roosevelt was declared a national hero of this minor battle.
George Dewey
US Naval commander who led American forces in to Manilla Bay and destroyed the Spanish navy.
– Location of the Boxer Rebellion
– Focus of John Hay’s “open door notes”
– Not affected by the Spanish-American War
– At the turn of the century this nation was independent and a trade partner with the US.
Puerto Rico
– Nation directly affected by the Foraker Act.
– Emilio Aguinaldo fought for this nation.
– Attempted independence by going to war with the US.
– Nation in which the US used concentration camp practices that they once condemned Spain for using.
– The Treaty of Paris in 1898 guaranteed this nations independence from Spain.
– The Platt Amendment made this nation a US Protectorate.
Theodore Roosevelt
The Panama Canal was built during this man’s presidency.
Woodrow Wilson
During his presidency the US almost went to war with Mexico.
John J. Pershing
American who led US forces in to Mexico in pursuit of a Mexican revolutionary.
Fransisco “Poncho” Villa
Mexican revolutionary leader.
dollar diplomacy
term referring to policy of the US to make loans to foreign countries by American businessmen.
Panama Canal
one of the world’s largest engineering feats!
missionary diplomacy
policy of the US to deny recognition of Latin American governments that were oppressive or undemocratic.
Roosevelt Corollary
US policy of intervention in disorderly Latin American countries to protect US interests.

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