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Implications for immigration on us business

America is said to be a nation of immigrants. This has been true of our country throughout its long history of over 200 years. What is significant is that it is also a land of opportunity and hence there has always been a rush of people to the United States over the years. The issue of its impact on US business has been frequently debated. The total immigration to the United States since 2000 is stated to be 7. 9 million, almost half or 3. 7 million of which is illegal. (El Nasser, Haya. Kiely, Kathy, 2005).

The immigrant population particularly the illegal migrants largely comprise of relatively low literates, 37 percent not even having completed high school. Thus they are mostly employed in low paid manual jobs. The advantage to business being a drastic reduction in cost of labor. The volume of jobs accessed by immigrants in this sector can be assessed from the data which indicates that they form 25 percent of the farm labor, 17 percent of cleaning and building maintenance jobs, 14 percent jobs in the construction industry and 12 percent in food preparation jobs.

(Geller, 2006) This results in considerable savings to businesses who have a regular supply of cheap labor. The saving is said to be as much as one third of what an employer has to pay to a native labor and the contractors claim that this is invariably passed on to customers. Thus overtly it may appear that immigration is not bad for the US business as it provides a cheaper alternative for labor at the lower end of the market, while at the same time not causing any upheaval in relatively higher end jobs which need precision.

However it has very grave social and health costs implications, as it is seen in many states as California with a large migrant population, the social and health care bill is mostly consumed by immigrants many of whom are illegal. On the other hand the social impact is also grave as migrants replace a large number of jobs at the low end, of people who are in dire need of these and who lack alternate skills or opportunities for employment.

Thus it would be seen that while, immigration may not be all that bad for business, it has very serious social implications.

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