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Improving decision making

Given that our factory handles similar explosive and hazardous material such as butane gas, there is a thing or two that we can learn from RossRola Inc The first step to proper decision making is defining the situation of the problem. Those questions should be asked? How big is the problem? What is the urgency of the decision making? What is the required decision? Who is affected by the decision? Clearly management at RossRola Inc did not critically make these considerations. Even where Mr.

Tony considered the option of consulting the financial account at the company, he did not do it in the appropriate context. The issue at hand was safety hence decisions made would have been on that context and not cost. Secondly, specifying the criteria and defining the expected results on the basis of the goals and objectives set. This will mean a clear understanding of the priorities of the company as well as the impact of that decision on the valuable aspects of that company.

The manger The third step is finding the alternatives and weighing them against the preferred choice of decision. This helps the manager to get a clear picture of the whole situation. At this point the decision-maker provides the many possibilities to the situation if a certain decision was passed. This is done generally with no empirical arguments to support claims. The fourth step is weighing the alternatives through critical appraisal of the pros and cons of the decision made.

Art this stage optimal solution is revised and factual accounts given to defend the decision. After that, the final details are reworked and modified ready for implementation. It is necessary that the issues of interest be addressed by this decision. The last step of improved decision making is reflection. Here the decision maker asks him/herself what the lessons were, how effective the decision has been in addressing the problem. These questions should be honestly answered of which if the decision ha not been effective, then they go back to the drawing board.