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Improving Own Performance in a Business Environment Essay

Everyone wants to excel in their chosen career and having frequent reviews from our line manager or recent feedback from your colleagues can assist this, You line manager has monthly reviews with you to discuss your performance and any problems that you may have and additional training course they or you may want you to attend. They are a set of the same questions which your line manager asks you to see how you feel you have worked during the past month, it is an opportunity to mention any new skills you have learnt or any training courses you have attended It is also the ideal time to request additional training courses.

It also gives you line manager the opportunity to tell you how they think you have performed over the past month, Receiving feedback from your line manager can help you discover what other people see In your work, other people may be able to see which areas of your work are your strengths and which are your weaknesses. They can help steer you in the right direction with regards to your future career and also in your current position. Learning new skills and developing those you already have can

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beneficial not only to our own career but also could help curve your future career.

Whilst improving your performance you may discover a hidden talent down a slightly different career path which could find you climbing the career ladder It can also make you more understanding of your current role and help you work more efficiently. Developing your skills will also be of benefit to the organizational around you as because your work is better and more efficient people around you may also be able to produce their work better or faster. Also becoming more efficient would mean that you would e able to take on additional tasks which would lighter somebody else’s work load enabling them to concentrate on other tasks.

Developing ones performance could lead to being able to apply for better Jobs, the experience you gain alone can make you more desirable to employers but if you have taken a course or attended training will definitely be advantageous to organizations who may not have been Interested in you when you didn’t have certain training. There is of course always the possibility of career progression through the anger is the ideal time to request training courses and express your desire to improve your own performance.

Attending an evening class or a course at home can help your development progression too. I believe that receiving feedback from people helps me to improve my performance at work. My monthly reviews with my line manager allow us to discuss my work for the past month and consider any improvements I could make to my work and plan training courses that I can attend that can improve my performance for example time management courses or health and safety courses.

Other work colleagues also give me feedback on the work I do, for example if a draft a letter for a colleague they will give me feedback on that piece of work, they may suggest ways in which I could’ve presented my work better or improve the quality of my work in another way. This encourages me to try to implement these changes and improve my work. I would usually redraft the work and send it the colleague again to see whether they feel the improvements have paid off.

Feedback given to me helps me identify my strengths and weaknesses and improve my performance by working on the suggestions made to me. Whether it’s the way I draft a letter or the way I greet customers. Any feedback I am given I take on board and attempt to use it to improve my performance as I know that it has been given to me to help me progress into a more effective work colleague. Learning plans are helpful as they are an easy quick way of seeing what I have learnt so far, where I am currently with my learning and what the next step could be.

Looking at my plan both myself and others can agree how I can develop my performance further and improve the way I work. 3. 1 Investigate and agree where further learning and development may improve own work performance. Sometimes my learning plan can change, this may be completing training before I needed to or courses being cancelled. I am able to then discuss these changes and rearrange courses or consider new ones. Following my learning plan is simple and helps me see where I am up to and how much I have developed over time.

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