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Inter global business

Inter global business with other countries will help in boosting the marketability of the outer space corporation. This is because most of the countries today have an advanced technology and therefore they are dealing with computerized form of data transmission especially in hospitals where they feel that the environment can be contaminated by dangerous metals which are involved in other forms of data transmission (Office for Outer Space Affairs Staff’. 2005).

In carrying out business with other countries once should ensure that the social and economic aspect are taken care of which will allow the business to be fare to all the participants. Social aspect can be facilitated when an in those who are conducting business are fair to all clients and they handle them in respect which will ensure that justice is followed for all. Social aspect in any business boost its productivity since people will have trust on the kind of services one delivers to the client

On the other hand, economic justice should be enhanced where by services are supposed to be charged at the same rate in all the countries without humiliating some because of their ability to pay high price for the services. This manual would like to have a type of leadership and management that is different from the earth’s perspective and which puts the interest of all parties concerned at heart. This forms the motivation of developing our own ethics.

Outer space settlements and economies are nearing reality, we thus must ensure that the best of business practices and ethics become a priority earth businesses have produced a lack of human concern, often proved to be the most successful, most publicized, most rewarded and most modeled e. g. firestone and ford companies (Pg, 237). The type of negligence portrayed by such companies would not be the type of model to emulate when undertaking such an unusual project. The company should also be aware of the problems that results from business planning without ethical consideration.

These problems are addressed by code of ethics by ensuring that only those people offering the highest quality in business and leadership participate in such investments. From our experience in data transmission such qualities and characteristics represented in the management and leadership are part of our system which positions us in a better likelihood of proper core in sustainable commercialization. The greater the investment we put on developing code of ethics the great the success we will reap in our efforts towards celestial development.