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International Business

Global business is the modern form of business in this 21st century. Global business involves the interaction of people from different cultures, societies, and diverse background. There is so much sprouting of many multinational corporations which have highly impacted the international business. This trade involves policies, tariffs and quotas. The countries participating in this trade have to adhere to the set rules and policies. With increase in technology, international business has become easier and far much cheaper.

However, for an organization to successful trade in a foreign country, the management of the organization must first analyze the foreign country in terms of its policies and overall governance. This paper will therefore try to identify different national strategies of India. (Hill, 2005) The government’s national strategy India is currently the forth largest economy in the world with a high annual growth rate that is ranked among the most high the world.

The government is having some challenges from people who are demanding their fair share for the contribution they are putting in the economic development. To address this growing concern the Indian government has come up with some national strategies which are; Reducing poverty level in the country; Poverty is seen as a major setback in achieving high development of the country. Improving health services; To avail health care service to all citizens; health is seen as a basic need that should be for all including the deprived groups.

Making basic education to be universal; the Indian government has put in place a strategic education program to ensure that basic education is available to all in India. (PCI, 2006) On the project development arena, India is shifting from individual projects to sector support programs In terms of international trade; the government has come up with a 13 point strategy paper to increase its share in the world trading. Some of the major points in paper are; • Creating good conditions for the development of manufacturing sector

• Adopting of international best practices policies in the manufacturing industry • Developing infrastructure network • Creating solid level of competitiveness, and many more The government has undertaken measure to increase international trade for example trade between EU and India increased by 17 % in 2004 to stand at 33 million euros. The government also plans to developed various sector to enhance development of the economy, among the key sectors is energy, and transport and industry, these are also very important in growth of the economy of the country. (Department of commerce, 2007)