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Internet Marketing with references

Questionnaire 1. Is the website appealing to your site? Did it readily attract your attention which made you browse for its contents (Nielsen, 2007b)? 2. Does the website have any similarities or difference with other websites that you have visited? What are they? How were they different/similar? 3. Business websites should be able to communicate clearly with the user. On the website that you have visited, was it able to communicate clearly and convince you that browsing that website is worthwhile (Nielsen, 2006)?

4. Was the website able to provide the information that you want? Were you able to determine what services that they offer are useful for you (WebDesignFromScratch. com, 2007)? 5. Does the website have consistent, simple yet attractive page design? Is it easy to navigate, showing you who or what you’re looking for in its contents (Lynch & Horton, 2005)? 6. Does the website contain information that you have found useful? Does it show you where you can find things that you’re looking for?

If you can’t see it, does the website have any search tools that you can use to look for it (Nielsen, 2007a)? 7. Did the website try to establish a working relationship with you by suggesting anything useful regarding the things that you need? Was it able to establish the relationship by convincing you that you need their help? Were you convinced to purchase the goods that they offer or avail of their services(Nielsen, 2007a)? 8. Was it able to deliver the things that you need?

Are you satisfied with the goods and services that they offered? Was the website one of the factors that convinced you to avail of those goods or services? Will you avail of those goods or services again? Are you willing to recommend the website to someone else? Why?

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