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Interview Guide for RN Interview

How long have you been working as a nurse? Are you happy with your job? Why?
What do you think are the most important qualities that a nurse should possess?
Do you think communication skills are important for nurses? Why? Can you elaborate on this please?
Can you share with me a personal experience which makes you say that communication skills are very important for a nurse?

What are the instances wherein nurses need to communicate with other people?
How do you teach your patients when they need to use medical devices or take special medicines?
How do you tell a patient that his/her family is also having a crisis? For example a patient from a vehicular accident is asking about her husband who died in the accident.
How do you tell the family members of the patient that their son/daughter is already dying? Are there any way of making it less painful?

How do you communicate with a patient who does not speak English at all? Do you use an interpreter?
How do you inform the patients from another culture about the hospital procedures and policies that might not agree with their culture or religion?
How do you communicate and interact with other members of a health team which you are part of?
How do you tell nurse manager or the director of an emergency in one of your patients, do you follow a communication protocol? If so, how does it work?

How do you interact with the physicians of your patients? Do they ask for your opinions or assessment? Do they communicate clearly or are they difficult to deal with?
Why should student nurses start learning effective communication skills?
Do you have any personal suggestions for student nurses in how to become effective communicators?