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Intro to American Govt

As time goes by, the indispensability of money in politics, specifically in elections, has become more apparent to the extent that politicians oftentimes rely much on money to run their electoral machinery. It is now a fact that when elections come, money comes out too easily from the pockets of politicians and used for election expenses; we can see no wrong about this. It is when the money is being handed into the wrong hands that we, as the electorate, must be vigilant in order to preserve the sanctity of the ballot.

In electoral politics, the role of money has become too obvious. However, it is not how much money one spends in an election, but how this money is being used. When we talk of money in relation to elections, there is a negative connotation in it. Although not generally, money is oftentimes used in elections for bribery, vote-buying, and other negative acts that tend to degrade the right of suffrage; thus there is a defend the good image of the electoral process.

Election is the embodiment of the popular will, the expression of the sovereign power of the people. Its purpose is to enable the electorate to choose the men and women who would run their government, and to give the voters direct participation in the affairs of their government, either in determining who shall be their public officials or in deciding some questions of public interests.

If money will be allowed to play a negative role in the electoral process, the purpose of election will be completely lost. Therefore, there is a need to educate the electorate that each vote is important and their individual right of suffrage has the power to change the community and the nation, if they would just vote for the right people for the right political position.