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Intro to computers

Turing test
Is a measure of a computer’s ability to display intelligent behavior
Vacuum tubes
First-generation computers used ___ to process data
A complex, integrated circuit that contains the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer
Is the binary code that can represent most currently used language characters and is the standard used on the Internet
Desktop computers attached to a network in a business setting
Is thin and light, has high-end processing and video capabilities, and a 13-15 in. screen
Consisted of 24 satellites that transmit signals to determine the receiver’s current location, time, and velocity through triangulation of the signals
Perform complex mathematical calculations, such as those used in weather forecasting and medical research
A field of study in which information technology is applied to the field of biology
Is an example of convergence
Computers convert data into info using the Information Processing Cycle
Third-generation computers used vacuum tubes
Today’s computers use transistors and integrated circuits
Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit will double roughly every 18 years
Unicode contains codes for most of the languages in use today
Bioinformatics allows you to design a workspace for your comfort and health
All-in-one is another name for a tablet computer
Users connect to servers via clients
Volunteer computing projects harness the idle processing power of hundreds or thousands of personal computers
The idea that computers are all around us is called convergence
The best choice for creating a budget
Open source
Software that has the source code published and made available to the public, enabling anyone to copy, modify, and redistribute it without paying a feeóis
An object that displays selected information
Personal information management
Software helps you manage email, calendar, and tasks
Portable apps
Programs that can run from a flash drive
The system requirements for software include:
Amount of free drive space, amount of RAM, operating system version
Can be used for a limited period that allow the user to try it out before purchasing a license
Enables a company to use serves in the cloud instead of purchasing and maintaining them
Service pack
A large, planned software update the addresses multiple problems, or adds multiple features
In a business environment, Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application
A field is the intersection of a row and a column in a spreadsheet
Apache OpenOffice can be open and work with documents created in Microsoft Office
Documents created with a word processor can also contain images
A project management system enables a company I save, share, search, and audit electronic documents throughout their life cycle
A Gannt chart shows the schedule and progress of a project
If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements for a piece of software, it will probably still run on your system
Trialware is a form of freeware where the developers accept donations, either for themselves or for a nonprofit organization
Web mail is an example of PaaS
It is generally safe to download mobile apps from unknown sources
The sequence of folders to a file or folder is known as it’s
File tab
Part of a File Explorer Windsor contains commands to open and close the windows, as well as access to system Help
A tool used to find and organize files on a Mac
Isn’t a legal Windows file name
A file extension indicates a Word document
Search utility is included on a Mac
Boolean operator excludes certain words from the search results
The default program association for JPG files on a Windows computer
Folders are containers that are used to organize files on your computer
Folders within folders are also called paths
The folder structure created by Windows is a library
Windows File Explorer is a tool used to navigate the Internet
You can change some of the properties of a file
If you change the file extension of a file, you may be unable to open it
The Finer is a tool used in OS X to work with files and folders
A file compressed with a lossless compression algorithm can be decompressed to its original form
Searching using the Boolean operator AND limits the search reaults
The default program that opens a file can’t be changed
The _____ is part of the processor that manages the movement of data through the CPU.
Control Unit
A ______ consists of two or more processors that are integrated on a single chip.
multi-core processor
An ___ is an interface on the motherboard that expansion card plug in to.
expansion slot
Which type of memory is a volatile form of memory that holds the operating system, programs, and data the computer is currently using?
Data is stored on ____ using a laser to either melt the disc or change the color of embedded dye.
Optical discs
A ___ is an input device that may include one or more buttons and a scroll wheel and works by moving across a smooth surface to signal movement of the pointer.
_____ measure human characteristics such as fingerprints and eye retinas.
Biometric scanners
What type of monitor is composed of extremely thin panels or organic molecules sandwiched between two electrodes?
What type of printer produces the highest quality text?
____ are used to connect to a telephone line for dial-up Internet access.
True or false: Pipelining requires multiple processors or cores.
True or False: The terms CPU and system unit mean the same thing.
True or False: Bluetooth is a short-range, wireless technology used to connect peripheral devices to a computer.
True or False: Random access memory (RAM) loses the information stored in it when power is turned off.
True or False: SSDs store data optically
True or False: Hard drives store data magnetically or metal platters.
True or False: QWERTY keyboards were designed to improve ergonomics.
True or False: LCD monitors consist of two layers of glass that are glued together with a layer of liquid crystals between them.
True or False: Adaptive technology includes the hardware and software used by individuals with disabilities to interact with technology.
True or False: Analog signals are superior to digital signals because they don’t have to be converted for use by computers and other digital devices.
Which is a function of an operating system?
Provide user interface
What OS feature enables an application to request services from the operating system, such as request to print or save a file?
Application Programming Interface
____ enables you to easily add new hardware to a computer system.
Plug and Play
Which operating system is an open source operating system distribution?
A limitation of Mac OS X is that it___.
only runs on Mac computers
Which Windoes feature allows you to change, configure, monitor, or troubleshoot most system settings, hardware, and software?
Control Panel
Which mobile operating system is found on iPods, iPhones, and iPads?
Which is the most popular NOS found on web servers?
____ is the process of preparing a disk to store files by dividing it into tracks and sectors?
Which Windows utility should you use to reorganize the files on your disk to improve efficiency?
True or False: You can use a computer without an operating system installed.
True or False: The user interacts with the operating system through the use of a GUI
True or False: The OS communicates with software applications via device drivers.
True or False: A popular version of Linux is iOS
True or False: You should use a guest account for everyday computing
True or False: Android is a mobile Linux operating system found on many smartphones and tablets.
True or False: An NOS centralizes resources and security and provides services such as file and print services to clients.
True or False: The file system used on hard disks in Windows is the NTFS file system.
True or False: Malware is a computer program that’s designed to be harmful.
True or false: Disk-checking utilities monitor the health of the file system on a disk
What is the measure of the number of pixels in an image?
What type of cameras have a lens with a pre-set focal length that focuses well on objects within a specific distance?
Fixed focus
Which type pf lens would be best for shooting a beach scene?
What type of camera has the most options and give you the most control?
Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR)
What enables a computer and camera to talk to each other?
Which file format results in the smallest file size?
Which codec is the default audio file type used by Apple iTunes?
Which tool enables you to create a video of what happens on your computer screen?
Screen capture software
Why might you carry a tablet instead of a notebook?
Longer battery life, to listen to music, to take pictures
What e-reader technology makes a screen that is easy to read and extennds battery life?
True or False: Multimedia is the integration of text, graphics, video, animation, and sound.
True or False: Resolution is the distance where subjects in front of the lens are in sharp focus.
True or False: Auto focus cameras automatically adjust the focal length by using a small motor to move the lens in or out.
True or False: Zoom can be either optical or digital, but not both.
True or False: Point-and-shoot cameras use interchangeable lenses and can cost thousands of dollars.
True or False: Tagging images or files with keywords makes it easier to organize and search for them.
True or False: Once an image is compressed using a lossless compression it can’t be fully restored to the original format.
True or False: Geotagging allows you to add location information to your digital photos.
True or False: The AC codec creates files that are higher quality than MP3 files.
True or False: A podcast is a prerecorded radio- and TV-like show that you can download and listen to or watch any time.
The original Internet was called
The web is made up of _____, which links text or other objects such as images.
___is the data transfer rate of a network, measured in kilobits per second (Kbps), megabits per second (Mbps), or gigabits per second (Gbps).
Which technology uses telephone lines to carry digital signals?
You can view multiple webpages in most browsers using
A _____ is optimized for a small-screen device.
mobile browser
Examples of restricted TLDs (top-level domains) are
.gov and .edu
The ___ enables you to type a URL in your browser instead of an IP address.
DNS (Domain Name System)
A ______ is a search engine that searches other search engines.
Check the ____on a website for the credentials of the author or organization
About us page, Contact page, site map
True or False: The web was developed in 1991 by Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).
True or False: The Internet is just one way that information moves on the web.
True or False: You can access the Internet2 through your home ISP.
True or False: Internet service providers (ISPs) are companies that offer internet access.
True or False: With a dial-up connection, you use your regular phone lines to connect to the Internet.
True or False: Most information on the web is in the form of basic HTML webpages.
True or False: Microsoft Silverlight is a popular web browser
True or False: It’s necessary to type http:// when entering a URL in your browser
True or False: Every device on the Internet must have a unique IP address
True or False: Much of the Internet consists of user-generated content that should be critically evaluated
Which form of online communication happens in real time?
Which technology allows calls to be transmitted over the Internet instead of via traditional phone lines or cellular towers?
A ____ is used to prevent automated software from creating online accounts.
Which field is like an FYI and generally means that a reply isn’t expected?
Websites that enable you to create content, network, and share, are called______
Social media
Facebook and Linkedln are examples of
Social networks
Your____ is all the information that someone could find out about you by searching the web, including social networking sites.
Digital footprint
Which type of social media site are Twitter and Tumblr?
What service is used to distribute web feeds to subscribers?
______ is the practice of using social media sites to sell products and services
True or False: Chat is a service that allows phone calls to be transmitted over the Internet instead of traditional phone lines.
True or False: Email is not private and can be read by others.
True or False: Using the Short Message Service (SMS), you can send brief electronic messages between mobile devices.
True or False: Social media enables users to create user-generated content, connect, network, and share
True or False: A viral video spreads computer viruses.
True or False: User-generated content includes videos and photos posted online, but not what is written and said.
True or False: You must download a podcast to a media player in order to listen to it
True or False: Like a wiki, a blog usually has many authors.
True or False: Crowdsourcing means obtaining the collective opinion of a crowd of people rather than the individual opinion of an expert.
True or False: Ecommerce is the practice of using social media sites to sell products and services.
_____ online communication happens in real time
A _____ is an online, asynchronous conservation, also known as a discussion board.
Tools called ____ are used to communicate and collaborate on the web and enable you to be a creator, not just a consumer, of content
web 2.0
Your ____ is all the information that someone could find out about you by searching the web, including social networking sites.
digital footprint
A ____ is an online journal
The _____ consists of all the blogs on the web and the connections between them
A ____ is a digital media file of a prerecorded radio- or TV-like show that’s distributed over the web
A ______ is a website that allows users to edit content, even if it was written by someone else
_______ sites let users review hotels, movies, games, books, and other products and services.
______ is doing business on the Web.
Computers in a peer-to-peer network belong to a
A ____ is a computer that connects to, or requests services from, another computer.
A PAN is a small network that consists of devices connected by _____, a technology that connects peripherals wirelessly at short ranges.
In which topology does data travel back and forth along the cable, which is terminated at both ends?
Which type of network spans multiple locations and connects multiple networks?
The device needed to connect two or more networks together is called a(n) ______.
A(n) _____ is created when two wireless devices connect to each other directly
ad hoc network
A(n) ____ blocks unauthorized access to a network
Which type of network consists of a group of clients and servers under the control of one central security database?
Which protocol is responsible for ensuring that data packets are transmitted reliably?
True or False: In a client-server network, all computers are considered equal.
True or False: It’s not possible to share files between computers running Windows and Linux
True or False: Most LANs are configured in a physical star or hybrid topology
True or False: A metropolitan area network (MAN) covers a single geographic area
True or False: Computers can have more than one network adapter installed at a time
True or False: When devices connect through a wireless access point, they form an infrastructure wireless network
True or False: A router is a device that connects two or more networks together
True or False: You must install special software to create a peer-to-peer network
True or False: TCP/IP is the default protocol installed on Linux computers
True or False: Using an open wireless network to access the internet without permission is called wardriving

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