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Intro to Education 1/24/2012

By the time half semester is finished, you must have half the semester finished.
Base pay guarantees that students will get that base salary.
Education – (process)
A process of human growth by which one gains greater understanding and control over oneself and one’s world.
Schooling – (formalized process/varies little)
A specific, formalized process, whose general pattern traditionally varies little from one setting to the next.
Curriculum –
What’s taught – that’s what every school has.
Schooling focuses on…
young or young at heart.
Schooling involves –
minds, bodies, how we get along with people.
Education –
not static. It changes often. Teachers had to come up with its own curriculum. State has a core standard. Continuous change. Formal and informal education.
In product –
Learning. Formal and informal – how you treat each other. Involves the planned curriculum and the hidden curriculum.
Culture –
Beliefs about what is right and wrong, good and bad – Dominant ideas, stories and myths, artistic works – social habits and organizations – Language and the ways people use it in relationship to one another.
Society –
Grouping of individuals bound together by a variety of connections – Connections might be a shared geographic space or similar racial features – What really connects people is their shared culture.
Schools are —
transmitters of culture.
School Culture –
Can be positive or negative – a strong, positive school culture engages the hearts and minds of children, stretching them intellectually, physically, morally, and socially.
School districts —
had to create a culture for their school. Change it from a negative culture to a positive.
Children socialized to school culture
Compliance – children will comply with teacher’s demand. It’s teacher that makes the difference. Compliance with peers. Competition – should work corporately together. Those in competition for the As, Bs, and Cs, but they all want to do well.
Schools: Transmitters or Re-Creators of culture?
Transmitters – School as acculturator, Learn prevailing ways; conflict discouraged, Can diminish diversity. Transmit culture through you.
Re-Creators – Social reconstructionists – Economic/Democratic – Schools can be used as tools for oppression – Train students as agents of change.
Learn from the older generation. Make sure students admire the dominant culture.
Culture transmission usually takes place in the public schools.
Know the difference between the Social Reconstructionists and the Economic Reconstructionists.
Four Basic Purposes of School –
Intellectual Purposes – “brainwork” and the development of reason.
Political and Civic Purposes – training responsible, informed citizens
Economic Purposes – preparing future workers.
Social Purposes – “adapt the child to the social milieu” – we want students to socialize – to get used to being socialized. Homeschoolers are apparently biased here…in stereotypes. Shut up, EJ.
Teachers’ Roles in Elementary Schools –
Gatekeeper – who shall speak. Dispenser of supplies – Granting of Special Privileges (each week – student of the week/student helper) – Timekeeper – decides when activities begins and ends.
Students’ Experiences in Elementary Schools – Waiting/Delayed Gratification – suppress/depress – difficult. Denial of Desire – students want to do some things, but a raised hand is ignored. We deny students of their desire except for relief of bodily functions. Interruptions – students, teachers, sometimes we mess up with our reports. Social Distraction – students are asked to behave, but they’re surrounded by their peers. Must learn how to be alone in a crowd.
Junior High and Middle Schools –
Many grade configurations related to – the schools are not competing as often, but there are configurations to make the life better for the student.
What are the Goals of school?
License held by teachers, basic skills, peers and staff.
Curriculum offerings, instruction, school, class size, class and staffing patterns – John Hopkins studied that there were certain people with endorsements and studies – Teacher licensing (teachers are not highly qualified-becoming a problem; secondary licenses-subject matter expertise in Middle School is important.
Seven Key Developmental Needs of Early Adolescents – 1) Positive social interaction with adults and peers – want them to stay in school 2) Structure and clear limits 3) Physical activity – healthy bodies 4) Creative expression – let them express themselves; write 5) Competence and achievement – being able to do something “right”/everything’s changing 6) Meaningful participation in families, school, and communities – if we can keep our middle school activities 7) Opportunities for self-definition – who are you?
Highschool – Remarkably similar across the country, Classroom instruction/little has changed since 1890s, Schools expected to serve many purposes.
What is the Shopping Mall High School? Emphasis on “consumer choice,” providing students a wide variety of classes. Varying levels of seriousness among student “customers”. Teachers offer “bargains” to keep the peace in class. (Would you PLEASEEEEEE be quiet, so I can make it through the day?!). “Specialty shops” provide attention to some students, but average students may be ignored.
Characteristics of Effective Schools –
Teachers have high “can do” expectations. Teachers communicate and are good colleagues. Teachers are task-oriented (planning). High academic engaged time. Students are active participants. Take and due. Teachers effectively manage student behavior. Reward system? Have to do something? Feedback. Principal provides instructional leadership.

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