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Intro to Sociology Exam #2

Sociologists view socialization as a lifelong process that begins when?
When a child is first born
The story of the abused child “anna” teaches lessons about the importance of which of the following influences on human development?
Human interaction
Ultimately we hold people responsible for their behavior because they can exercise choice over what they do. This speaks to the limit of socialization sociologist refer to as?
Which theorist argued that other people essentially provide us with a “social mirror” and that this interpretations of this mirror affect how we see ourselves?
Charles Horton Cooley
In terms of how we feel about ourselves, charles horton cooley would argue that this is false
We are affected more by how people react to our behavior than by how we interpret their reactions
Concepts such as I, Me, and the generalized other are what theorists work?
George Herbert mead
according to GHM, children first being to learn to recognize an “other” through?
Sesame street can be a great argument for what?
the media serves as a powerful socializing agent
What is a great example of a total institution?
A convent
Example of when resocilizaton would occur
A marketing director is sent to prison for embezzlement.
A recognizible social position that an individual occupies.
Expectations that define appropiate and inappropriate behavior for the occupants of a particular status are called
Janet has multiple things due for school in the upcoming week, on top of it she needs to meet with her counselor. She is expierencing?
Role strain
All the statuses an individual occupies at any given time compromise his/her life.
Status set
What is an example of an ascribed status?
American Of japanese descent
The only tenet that does NOT belong to symbolic interactionism
Human beings inherit mutual understandings of symbols across cultures, times, and social changes.
According to goffman the main goal of impression management is to?
Save Face
According to goffman, when there is a breach in an established script, people generally do what?
Work hard to repair the mistake so everyone can move forward
Two man acknowledge each others prescence in a elevator but “politely ignore” each other for the remainder of time. this is referred to as what?
Civic inattention
Why is it more difficult to end a conversation when we are on the phone rather than in person?
It is impossible for people to see our “closing gestures” many of which are nonverbal when we are on the phone.
All societies according to one of the social foundations of deviance
Have some form of deviance
deviance can vary from one society to the next because…
they have different set of norms
according to functionalist theory, responses to deviance might..
promote social unity
one of the principles of mahatma gandhi strategy of “non-compliance” suggested
the “weapon of the week” is available to all members of society
A crime such as burglary is known as which type of deviance
Formal deviance
Durkheims theory and research on deviance fall within which of the main sociological theories?
Common faith or set of social norms by which a society and its members abide is defined by durkheim as
Collective consciousness
Which of durkhiems social solidarity charactized premodern life?
Within organic solidarity, what response to deviance is designed to transform the offender into a productive member of society
Punishments that attempt to restore the status qou that existed prior to the offense are known as
Nieghborhood watch groups are examples of what urban theorist Jane Jacobs called
the eyes and ears of the streets
Act of abiding by societies norms
Normative compliance
Which of the following is durkhiems primary explanation for why people commit suicide
They lack social integration.
according to merton, which of the following describes a person who accepts both the goals defined by society and the means to achieve them
A person who desires a big mansion and perfect american dream lifestyle, but sells illegal drugs to achieve this is called
Which of the following is a symbolic interactionilst theory of deviance
Labeling theory
Jennifer goes into a store and shoplifts a bracelet successfully. Labeling theorists would call this
Primary deviance
Negative social label that affects people in life
“broken windows” theory of deviance that suggest people use________to determine the informal social norms in specific environments
Social context and social cues

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