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Intro to Sport Management Chapter 1-3

The academic who first discussed the concept of offering sport management programs at colleges and universities was
James G. Mason
What university had the first sport management academic program?
Ohio University
The modern Olympic Games in 1896 were held in which city?
The academic association that oversees sport management academic programs in Europe is
There are less than 100 sport management programs in the United States.
What was the first sport to use sport management principles in the United States?
Harness racing
Who founded the National League of Professional Baseball Players?
William Hulbert
Sport management structures evolve in response to
broad social change
The organization that approves sport management academic programs is
Which of the following is not a sport management structure?
Which is the birthplace of modern sport and sport management?
Sport management originated in thoroughbred racing in the form of
Jockey Clubs
In what year were the first modern Olympic Games held?
Who is recognized as the architect of the professional golf tournament?
Fred Corcoran
How many sport management academic programs are there today in the United States?
What two themes are consistent with this chapter’s examination of sport organizations?
Honesty and inclusion
Current management theory stresses the concepts of employee involvement, employee empowerment, and ______.
managers’ concern with the human component of employees
Although most change happens without major resistance, sport managers have to be aware that people tend to resist change for ______ reasons.
emotional, social and security
The process that involves assigning responsibility and accountability for results to employees is ______.
In 2011, minorities accounted for approximately ______ of the sport industry workforce while women held approximately ______ of managerial positions in the workforce.
35%, 44%
Sport organizations, like all organizations, have two types of leaders:
formal and informal
Two of the more recent approaches to management are empowerment and emotional intelligence.
______ refers to the ability of workers to identify and acknowledge emotions when they occur, and instead of having an immediate emotional response, to take a step back, allowing rational thought to influence their actions.
emotional intelligence
Functional areas of management that have been used to explain and prepare managers for the various activities they get involved in include
planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating
The ______ movement is significant in that it transformed the focus of management thinking onto the behavior of people and the human components in the workplace rather than on the scientific approach to performing a task.
Human Relations
The proper sequence of steps involved in recruiting and selecting the right person for reaching organizational goals and objectives include
advertising the position, reviewing completed applications, choosing qualified people for the interview process, checking references, and selecting the “best fit” person for the job.
With regard to international sport management, sport managers from North America must be aware that
they cannot unilaterally impose domestic models of sport governance on other cultures, differences exist in terms of language, culture, etiquette, management, and communication styles and they need to learn, understand, and respect cultural and systematic differences that exist.
The position description of the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing may include all of the following except
managing the facilities
______ is a continuous process that involves establishing organizational vision statements, mission statements, goals, objectives, tactics, roles, and evaluation.
Keeping the financial scope of the sport industry in mind, it is important to note that sport managers need to be able to organize and work with ______, the most important asset in their organization.
Because a sport marketer has very little control over their core product it has led entrepreneurs like Bill Veeck to focus on
Product Extensions
The controllable variables the company puts together to satisfy a target group are referred to as the
Marketing Mix
Sports marketing includes the marketing of ______.
products, services, entities, and recruitment
Nike’s huge success since 1972 has come primarily as a result of all of the following except
league sponsorships
All of the following are functions of promotion except
pricing research
Customer retention activities demonstrating care and concern for the customer following a purchase is considered by marketers as
relationship marketing
The earliest evolutionary change in sports broadcasting from factual reporting to sports entertainment was seen within
ABC’s Monday Night Football broadcast
Ideally, a sponsor will be able to tap into some of the strong emotional connections between a fan and his or her sport team through a sponsorship.
By turning a parking garage in proximity to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Village into a mini-Niketown, Nike was engaged in
Ambush marketing
Roone Arledge’s influence upon sports broadcasting included all of the following except
significant progressions in the way that sport marketers research the demands of the fan
The first company to capitalize on the term “official” with regard to a professional sport product was
The purposes of sport marketing research include all of the following except
allowing fans direct input into team personnel decisions
Mark McCormack’s sports marketing agency, IMG, began through a relationship with players of this sport
Fan identification is defined as the sense of oneness with or belongingness to an organization.
Beyond teams, recent research suggests that fans may also identify with an array of elements including
coaches, individual players and smaller subgroups of fans
The sport marketer is able to control their product in a manner similar to a traditional marketer.
Nike has successfully used each of the following as athlete endorsers except
Yao Ming
“______ has the aim of building mutually satisfying long-term relations with key parties—customers, suppliers, distributors—in order to earn and retain their business” (Kotler 2003).
Relationship Marketing
Unpredictability is a major disadvantage for sport marketers.

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