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Investments in United States

Foreign investments are big in United States; they account for $1. 5 trillion assets in the United States. Foreign investments in United States provide nearly 5. 4 million jobs for Americans including the 1. 3 million jobs in the Southeast. On the other hand, United States investment abroad accounts for $2 trillion of assets in other countries. Thus, these investments bring good things not only to the economy of the United States but to the United States itself.

The above facts support the idea that investments are a necessity for all countries just like how United States and other countries depend on it (Crawley, 2006). So, why should the congress have the power restrict foreign investments and ownership? In the surge of economic recession, it is not wise and definitely not the time to talk about restricting foreign investments and ownership in the U. S. The congress should not have the power to restrict foreign investments and ownership.

In fact, foreign investments and ownership are needed by the U. S. to stay on top of the game. If restriction of foreign investments is implemented, then what would happen to the Americans? Millions of Americans will lose their jobs if foreign investments and ownerships will be restricted. Trillions of government income will be lost. Foreign relations will also be affected by the restrictions. Investments of America in other countries will also be affected by the restriction of foreign investments and ownerships in the U. S.

This problem is a two-sided dagger that will stab the heart of America if not decided well enough. Lastly, the recession may further drag on and cause the U. S. to suffer longer if they restrict foreign investments and ownerships.


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