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IS Topic News Flash – Apple’s iPad makes its international debut

IS Topic News Flash – Apple’s iPad makes its international debut

The topic is news worthy because the Apple’s iPad represents a new category of consumer electronics devices which is ideal for reading e-books, surfing the web and for watching videos with 9.7 inch screen. This piece of device weighs only 1.5 pounds and is only half an inch thick which makes it more portable and thinner than even a Macbook Air.

 Apple iPads promise to become the business companion of the future as it features built in support for Microsoft Exchange, secure access to corporate data and a powerful platform for installing various applications. This device can be highly useful for professionals for whom information technology is important to support operations, management and decision-making. For e.g., medical practitioners can access EMR applications, schedules, images beside the patient’s bed, field personnel having access to the latest updates on products, price, customer log, order status, IT professionals can access all windows support applications, dashboards & documents using the Citrix Receiver, utility worker or a police officer who works remotely and always needs access to the organization data and more.

The iPad may be a great advancement in technology while it is an exceptionally powerful item for the size and looks. . The iPad’s design and selection of applications on its platform can make it a hit in enterprises but it will not be able to replace the laptop as one can’t open multiple programs or play games as it doesn’t have the Flash capability. For those who are in to multitasking and have high computing needs, it may be frustrating to use iPad.

With its price tag of $499, it seems like the margins are really low and may be a huge gamble for Apple. If it works for Apple, then iPad could also cannibalize its other products where it gets higher margins ultimately Apple becoming a victim of its own success. But who knows how the future iPad generation will look like once third party programs roll out like it did for the iPhone.

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