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Project human resource management is concerned with making effective use of the people involved with a project.
The enterprise project management software, which aids project and portfolio management, is a low-end tool.
When you separate business and organizational issues from project management planning, you do a better job of ensuring project success.
The team members of a virtual team are all of the same nationality.
Leadership style has no impact on the success of virtual teams.
Initiating processes take place during each phase of a project.
Identifying the project sponsor is a pre-initiation task.
The burndown chart is a Scrum created artifact that provides a list of features prioritized by business value.
The ROI is always positive.
The project scope statement, stakeholder requirements documentation, and organizational process assets are the primary inputs for creating a WBS.
The scope baseline in a WBS consists of the requirements documentation and enterprise environmental factors.
The tasks in a WBS must be developed as a sequential list of steps.
When deciding what projects to invest in or continue, one should include sunk costs.
A cost management plan can include organizational procedures links, control thresholds, and process descriptions.
Definitive estimates are made one year or less prior to project completion.
Project procurement management mainly involves:
buying goods and services for a project from outside the performing organization.
Fast tracking is an example of a tool used in _____ management.
A _____ is an organizational group responsible for coordinating the project management function throughout an organization.
Project Management Office
Projects must operate in a broad organizational environment, and project managers need to consider projects within the greater organizational context. _____ describes this holistic view of carrying out projects within the context of the organization.
Systems thinking
In a _____organizational structure, program managers, rather than functional managers or vice presidents, report to the CEO. Their staffs have a variety of skills needed to complete all required tasks within their programs.
_____ processes include defining and authorizing a project or project phase.
Developing a _____ is a planning process that occurs in the Project Integration Management knowledge area.
project management plan
The project stakeholder management knowledge area maps to the _____ process group by identifying stakeholders.
Which of the following is true about the agile method?
It uses several iterations or deliveries of software instead of waiting until the end of the project to provide a product.
The improvement of the product and process in the Scrum method is discussed at the _____.
sprint reflection meeting
Payback occurs when:
the net cumulative benefits equal the net cumulative costs.
The business case includes information on _____.
the project objective, high-level requirements, and time and cost goals
An IT company revises its process parameters in response to complaints from vendors that products were not ready on time. This would be an example of _____.
a corrective action
A(n) _____ is a deliverable-oriented grouping of the work involved in a project that defines the total scope of the project.
work breakdown structure
The _____ approach for constructing a WBS involves refining the work into greater and greater levels of detail.
A network diagramming technique in which boxes represent activities is known as a(n) _____.
_____ states that work expands to fill the time allowed.
Parkinson’s Law
Work performance information and cost forecasts are main outputs of the _____ process.
cost control
Profits may be defined as:
revenues minus expenditures.
Indirect costs are:
not directly related to the products or services of a project.
A rough order of magnitude estimate can be referred to as a _____ estimate.
Analogous estimates are also known as _____ estimates.
Which of the following is true of analogous estimates?
They are most reliable when previous projects are similar in fact with current projects.
The budget is one of the three values of earned value management and is also known as _____.
planned value
Which of the following is true of earned value?
It is an estimate of the value of the physical work actually completed.
“What is the project’s budget?” This is an example of a project’s _____ constraint.
In the _______ phase of the project life cycle, the work is completed, and customers should accept the entire project.
________ are new requirements imposed by management, government, or some external influence.
A(n) _____________ is a methodology that converts value drivers, such as customer service, innovation, operational efficiency, and financial performance, to a series of defined metrics.
balanced scorecard
A category of software that can help align projects with business strategy is called ____________________ tools.
Business Service Management (BSM)
____________ is the tendency for project scope to keep getting bigger and bigger.
Scope Creep
One of the first reality checks on scheduling that a project manager should make is to review the ________________.
draft schedule
In addition to providing input for budgetary estimates, the process of _______________ provides a cost baseline.
cost budgeting
The ____________ is the portion of the approved total cost estimate planned to be spent on an activity during a given period.
planned value
The total direct and indirect costs incurred in accomplishing work on an activity during a given period is known as the _______________.
actual cost
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