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ISM Exam 2

Jameel, a purchasing manager for Peerless Products, uses an ERP system to send purchase orders to vendors, schedule deliveries, provide shipping instructions, and manage payment information as well as arrival and receipt information for all of the materials that are needed to build their products. This describes Jameel’s use of ERP to manage ________.
the supply chain
Which of the following conditions exist when data are isolated in separated information systems?
information silo
For a product to be considered a true ERP, it must include applications that integrate all of the following except?

Human Resources
Quality Management
Supply Chain

Quality management
The solutions to problems in an enterprise system usually involve a single department of the organization. True or False
All of the following statements apply to Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), except __________
EAI establishes an integrated enterprise information store.
Returned products, recycled products, and disposal of materials or products are called:
reverse flows
In the establishment of its new 3D design-selling business, All Road parts used information systems to reduce shipping costs in the selling process by ______.
Automating the delivery of the purchased #D design
Which of the following is false regarding the various aspects of the business processes in an organization?
Processes are the flow of authority in a functional area.
All of the following are security risks associated with the PRIDE system, except _______.
Doctors and trainers may be restricted to viewing only partial data.
____________ systems link up all of the direct activities in the organization: including logistics, operations, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and support.
The sequence of activities and phases of the customer lifecycle are as follows _________.
Attract, sell, support, and categorize
Requirements gap identification is a major task when implementing enterprise systems because of all of the following, except __________.
Consolidating the functional systems will closes the gaps.
In inter-enterprise information systems, procedures are simple and generally not documented or formalized in any way. True or False
In a process diagram, a ______ represents an activity.
Rectangle with rounded corners
Lead tracking is an application traditionally run in the functional area of ____________.
Sales and marketing
Which of the following statements is NOT true about a business process?
Activities in a business process are fixed.
Inventory management (raw materials, good-in-process) is an application traditionally run in the functional area of ________.
__________ systems link up all the direct activities in the organization: including logistics, operations, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and support.
While changing a business process by adding a resource, one should add cost to the process if _________.
The change generates value greater than its cost
Business process reengineering (BPR) takes advantage of new capabilities by all of the following except __________.
Supporting functional systems that still function
The different types of users in the PRIDE system include all of the following, except _________.
What exactly is ERP?
It is an umbrella term for a complicated software solution.
The problems presented by functional processes can be resolved by _______?
Cross-functional processes
Which process below is typically performed by the accounting department?
How does ERP make businesses more efficient?
It provides modules that link business processes together in a cross-functional manner.
Customer relationship management applications include all of the following except __________.
Lead tracking
Business process reengineering is the activity of altering existing and designing new business processes to take advantage of new information systems. True or False
Which of the following terms refers to an ERP module that sends order or payment information automatically between companies?
Electronic data interchange
Enterprise information systems can solve all of the following problems except __________.
Data quality problems
In the case of multi-national retailers, the customer relationship with venders has become more personal. True or False
Which of the following workgroup processes is related to human resources?
Which of the following information systems minimizes data duplication among departments?
enterprise information systems
Which of the following is the reason why business process reengineering is difficult across cross-functional processes?
No manager has authority over all the processes assigned to them
Information system can be used to improve process quality by ____________.
Controlling process flow
__________ are the physical products, raw materials, and supplies that flow along a supply chain.
Material flows
Sourcing from external suppliers occurs in the upstream portion of the supply chain. True or False
Among the following, what is NOT a factor that facilitates implementing an enterprise information system?
Providing training
What is the major problem caused by information silos at the workgroup level?
Data integrity problem due to inconsistent duplicated data
Which of the following is not a functional process in an organization?
Customer relationship management (CRM)
An ERP feature that provides up-to-date information on what is going on throughout the company is called a ________.
live dashboard
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google are al SM application providers.True or False
SM sponsors contribute to SM sites via browsers or by using specialized sponsor applications provided by the SM application provider. True or False
Employees who contribute to and mange social networking sites generate direct labor costs. True or False
SM communities differ from communities in the past n that they are __________.
formed based on mutual interests
Data and responses to data that are contributed to SM sites by users and SM sponsors are referred to as _________.
content data
__________ is the application of social media to facilitate the cooperative work of people inside organizations.
Enterprise 2.0
Which of the following is a risk associate with human resources when using social media to form conclusions about employees?
possibility of error on the site
A student invests money and time in a business administration course. In this example, the student invests in _________.
Human capital
When a student attends a business function for the purpose of meeting people and reinforcing relationships, he or she is investing in his or her _________.
Social capital
Social capital, unlike traditional capital,________
sometimes depreciates and at other times appreciates with time
Which of the following statements is not true about social media informations systems (SMIS)?
The five component model is not valid for SMIS
A social media site chooses to relate to communities of users based on its goals. If the site is interested in pure publicity, it __________.
Creates a viral hook to enable users to share communications
A typical social media sponsor does all of the following, EXCEPT ___________.
Run the social media application
Before initiating a social networking presence, social media sponsors must develop procedures for all of the following EXCEPT __________.
Deleting connection data from the social media site
Which of the following is NOT a social media application provider?
________ are the companies that operate the SM sites.
Social media application providers
“Defenders of belief”-type user communities have the following characteristics, EXCEPT _________.
They are good for innovative problem solving
“Seekers of the truth”-type user communities have the following characteristics, EXCEPT __________.
They share a common solution to their problem
Which of the following is NOT a true statement regarding problems faced by organizations in a variety of social media scenarios?
Bad PR is a potential risk faced in a “seeker of truth” community type
Among the following statements, which is NOT true regards to differences between social CRM and traditional CRM?
Social CRM is centered on lifetime value
Which statement among the following is not one the SLATES characteristics of Enterprise 2.0?
Tagged content be pushed to users.
Defenders-of-belief communities facilitate activities such as ___________.
Sales and marketing
Which of following activities would seekers of the truth facilitate?
Customer service
__________ is the dynamic social media process of employing users to participate in product design or product redesign.
Which of the following is a risk associated with human resources using social media to form conclusions about candidate evaluation?
Possibility of error
According to Lin, social capital adds value in the following ways, EXCEPT _________.
The nature of social capital means that, figuratively, social capital equals __________.
Number of Relationships x Relationship Strength x Entity Resources
A(n) __________ organization uses social media to transform its interactions with customers, employees and partners into mutually satisfying relationships with them and their communities.
Which of the following describes the meaning of the “sense” activity, in the SEAMS dynamic process?
Finding and relating to the communities that are important to a person
Social media information systems can foster hyper-social organizations in all the following ways, EXCEPT ___________.
Allowing the organization to publish purely advertising information
Which of the following observations is true about social capital?
Most organizations today ignore the value of entity assets and simply try to connect to more people with relationships
The first step and hyper-social organization should take is to develop and publicize a(n) ________ policy.
Social media
The major sources of problems with user-generated content on social media sites, include all of the following EXCEPT __________.
Government cover-ups
Building a personal brand on social media involves all of the following, EXCEPT __________.
Engaging in self-promotion
The effect of social media on organizations and the workplace over the next ten years will likely result in following changes, EXCEPT _________.
Organizations will lose control of their employees regarding how they use social media
What is social capital?
It is trusting relationships that allow people to support one another.
How does social capital improve the quality of life?
Trusting relationships add opportunities and possibilities in our lives.
Which of the following illustrates the use of social capital?
Roger telephones several friends to ask if they know someone who can help with a plumbing problem
The members of a local philanthropic group meet to discuss identifying a new financial advisor for the organization. This is an example of using __________ to facilitate a business relationship.
social capital
Which of the following is a benefit of social capital?
It provides opportunities to find and work with people in different social networks.
Knowledge residing in the minds of employees that has not been documented is called explicit knowledge. True or False
The functions of a data warehouse are to do all of the following except ________.
Filter data
Operational data can have many problems that make it unsuitable for data mining. Among the following, which is NOT a data problem in operational data that creates issues for data mining?
Data is highly integrated
All Road Parts used a BI system to find candidate parts for the sale of the 3D parts designs by using all of the following criteria, except __________.
By finding parts ordered in large quantities
Which of the following is not a primary activity in the BI process?
Tracking the access and use of the data mining results
Expert systems
work in vey limited domains
An OLAP report has measures and dimensions. Which of the following is an example of a dimension?
Purchase date
RFM analysis ranks customers by considering the recency, frequency, and ________ of their orders.
Dollar amount
Among the following, what is the best way to distinguish between reporting tools and data-mining tools?
Complexity of techniques used
Which of the following statements is NOT true about data brokers or data aggregators?
Data brokers cannot reliably infer ethnicity from consumer behavior data.
Goal-seeking analysis attempts to find the value of the inputs necessary to achieve a desired level of output. True or False
Executive dashboards provide support primarily to analytical, quantitative types of decisions. True or False
Among the following statements, which one is NOT applicable to BigData?
BigData can be processed with traditional techniques
________ involves searching for patterns and relationships among data.
Data minig
__________ analysis is a way of analyzing and ranking customers according to their purchasing patterns.
A BI system enabled Target to identify customers who might be pregnant by _______.
Their purchasing patterns of lotions and vitamins.
A geographic information system is a decision support designed specifically to work with spatial information. True or False
Which of the following is true of unsupervised data mining?
Analysts do not create a model before running the analysis.
When All Road acquired data for its BI system from its operational database, it used all of the following conditions, except __________.
Only select items with a unit price of more than $100.
Which of the following is NOT a way in which the PRIDE systems can be used?
Creating feedback
In the implementation phase of the decision making process, managers set criteria for the evaluation of alternative potential solutions.True or False
Technology that consists of computer-based systems that attempt to emulate human behavior called:
AI technology
An RFM score of _________ probably mans this customer has taken their business elsewhere and s most likely not worth spending too many marketing resources on.
With the help of technology, the number of alternatives to be considered in decisions today is decreasing. True or False
Hardware an software that attempts to emulate the processing patterns of the biological brain best describes
a neural network
________ reports enable users to drill down to view increasingly detailed levels of the data.
Data warehouses do not include data that are purchased from the outside sources.True or False
Among the different types of social media to manage and deliver organizational knowledge, the tool NOT in use for problem solving is __________.
Which of the following statements is NOT true about business intelligence (BI) systems?
BI systems support only decision-making activities.
Which of the following is an example of a supervised data-mining technique?
Regression analysis

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