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If the negotiations between union and management representatives come to a standstill and a third party is brought in to make suggestions or propose solutions to help resolve the impasse, then the third party would likely be a(n)
When Betsy pointed out to her supervisor that the furniture assemblers at their manufacturing plant were using 20 percent more nails than in the preceding month, she was involved in
controlling directing
The degree to which a good or service meets the demands and requirements of customers is called
Operations management includes responsibility for
inputs and outputs
Determining an organization’s objective and deciding how to accomplish them are part of the management function known as
The major reason for forming a labor union is that
a group has more clout with management than an individual
Why is monitoring the consequences of decisions important?
The consequences of decisions may not be apparent quickly enough without monitoring
To avoid legal problems, before firing an employee, companies should ensure that
they have documented all problems and warning in the employee’s work records
Why do the products of service providers tend to be more customized than those of manufacturers?
Differing customers have differing needs
The qualifications necessary for a specific job are spelled out in the job
Which of the following is not a benefit?
When assessing the appropriateness of decision option, managers should
consider its impact on the organizations as a whole
Top managers spend most of their time performing which of the following management functions?
The document that contains an overview of a job’s title, tasks, relationships with other jobs, physical and mental skills required, duties, and responsibilities is referred to as a job
Having conceptual skills often means being able to
think creatively and in abstract terms
Professionals who specialize in luring qualified people away from other companies are known as
Having good human relations skills means that a manager is able to
work with others
______ are responsible for tactical planning that will implement the general guidelines established by top management
Middle managers
The process of determining how many supplies and goods are needed, keeping track of quantities on hand, each item’s location, and who is responsible for it is called
inventory control
When analyzing option in the decision-making process, managers must consider the appropriateness and ______ of each option
A person in charge of designing production facilities, purchasing supplies, and ensuring that products meet quality standards is probably a
productions and operations manager
The first step in the control process is to
measure the actual performance
_____ make decisions about the use of an organization’s resources and are concerned with planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the organization’s activities
When managing quality in manufacturing, when is sampling likely to be used?
When inspection tests are destructive
Decisions regarding adding new products, acquiring companies, and moving into foreign markets would most typically be made by
top management
To ensure quality and efficiency, operations managers take _______ at a various points in the transformation process and compare them to established standards.
Which of the following is best used when employees know the organization’s standards and are highly motivated to attain them?
Free-rein leadership
Facility location decisions are complex because
they involve the evaluation of a number of important factors and the costs are high
Which of the following activities is not included in supply chain management?
Researching and developing new products
Crisis management plans generally cover maintaining business operations during a crisis and
communicating with others about the situation and the company’s response to it
Positions such as foremen, supervisors, and officer managers are examples of
first-line management
______ is a philosophy that uniform commitment to quality in all areas of an organization will promote a culture that meets customers’ perceptions of quality
Total Quality Management
Manufacturers’ products are typically
more standardized than service providers’
Management is a process
of coordinating resources to achieve objectives
Managers involved in checking an applicant’s references should be aware that an applicant’s former employers will likely confirm only that the individual did indeed work there, but not provide any information about the applicant’s
quality of work
To achieve its objectives, management may use ______, which are similar to union strikes.
An interview is
a chance to exchange information with the candidate
The nature of the service provider’s product requires
a higher degree of customer contact
Bob has been put in charge of a group of new employees. He has told them they must perform their duties in the exact manner and other that he has commanded, with no exceptions. Bob is using
autocratic leadership
All activities involved in obtaining and managing raw materials and component parts, managing finished products, packaging them, and getting them to customers are a part of
supply chain management
Materials that have been purchased to be used in making other products are included in the
raw materials inventory
Transformation processes occur
in all organizations
Compared to service providers, manufacturers generally
are more capital intensive
To motivate employees such as car salespersons to sell as much as they can, they are paid
Joe Johnson was recently moved to a new position in his company that involved learning new skills and work assignments even though Joe received no pay increase. This would best be called a
The processes of an organization uses to maintain its established quality standards are called
quality control
Determining how many items are to be inspected is called
Minimizing inventory by providing an almost continuous flow of items from suppliers to the production facility is referred to as
just-in-time management
Determining, through observation and study, the specific tasks that comprise a job and knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform it is called
job analysis
The system in which management collects and analyzes information about the production process to pinpoint quality problems in the production system is called
statistical process control

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