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IST 302 midterm practice

The first process involved in project time management is
planning schedule
Which of the following processes in project time management involves identifying the specific tasks that the project team members and stakeholders must perform to produce the project deliverables?
Defining activities
In project time management, which of the following processes primarily involve identifying and documenting the relationships between project activities?
Sequencing activities
In project time management, which of the following processes involve calculating the number of work periods that are needed to complete individual activities?
Estimating activity durations
In project time management, the process of_____ primarily involves checking and managing changes to the project schedule.
controlling the schedule
A(n) _____ on a project is a significant event that normally has no duration.
In project time management, the main goal of _____ is to ensure that the project team has complete understanding of all the work they must do as part of the project scope so they can start scheduling the work.
defining activities
In project time management, the next step after defining project activities is:
determining their dependencies
Which of the following types of dependencies are inherent in the nature of work being performed on a project?
Which of the following dependencies involve relationships between project and non-project activities?
A network diagramming technique in which boxes represent activities is known as a(n) _____.
The _____ perspective on organizations assumes that organizations are coalitions composed of varied individuals and interest groups.
political frame
In Rizzati Corp, vice presidents in departments such as engineering, manufacturing, IT, and human resources report directly to the chief executive officer and undertake their tasks independently of each other. The staffs of these departments have specialized skills in their respective disciplines. Rizatti Corp can be said to have a _____ organizational structure.
In a _____ organizational structure, personnel often report to both a functional manager and one or more project managers.
“The number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months.” This observation is known as ________ Law.
Because the cost of data processing, storage, and communications is essentially zero, any routine skill can and will be ________.
outsourced to the lowest bidder
Which of the following is an impact of rapid technological change on job security?
Nonroutine cognitive skills gain more market value
Which of the following is true of nonroutine cognitive skills?
They increase an individual’s job security.
________ is the activity of two or more people working together to achieve a common goal, result, or work product.
The first step in the planning process is _____.
to tie the information technology strategic plan to the organizations overall strategic plan
_____ involves identifying and controlling the functional and physical design characteristics of products and their support documentation, and ensures that the descriptions of the project’s products are correct and complete
Configuration management
The _____ stage of information technology planning outlines business processes that are central to achieving strategic goals and helps determine which ones could most benefit from information technology.
business area analysis
In the _____ stage of selecting information technology projects, organizations select information technology projects.
project planning
_____ are new requirements imposed by management, government, or some external influence.
_____ analysis is a method of calculating the expected net monetary gain or loss from a project by discounting all expected future cash inflows and outflows to the present point in time.
The first step in determining the NPV is to _____.
determine the estimated costs and benefits for the life of the project and the products it produces
The _____ is the minimum acceptable rate of return on an investment.
required rate of return
Payback occurs when:
the net cumulative benefits equal the net cumulative costs.
In a weighted scoring model, the sum of the weights of all the criteria must total _____ percent.
A _____ is a document that recognizes the existence of a project and provides direction on the project’s objectives and management.
project charter
_____ should result in improvements in project performance.
Corrective actions
Which of the following is a proactive process undertaken to reduce the probability of negative consequences associated with project risks?
Preventive actions

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