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It hardly needs a commentary

It hardly needs a commentary that “The psychology of judgment and decision making” by Scott Plous is an amazing book about human behavior. Actually Scott Plous himself is extremely interested in psychology of prejudice and discrimination, decision making and also the human use of animals and the environment. So he is a real expert in this field and one can completely trust his words. In the beginning of this book the author gives some questions to be answered by a reader.

These tests illustrate the human judgment flaws. It shows the way one thinks and analyzes things. We often have to decide what to do and some people can come to the final conclusion very fast and others need some time to think it over. It’s all due to the fact that everybody’s mind, the way of judging and analyzing things is different. The author provides examples of this from real life. After reading first chapters one formulates his own judgment and makes some conclusions about his previous life.

Thinking through and making the right decision prevents from various mistakes and traps that become a part of our daily routine. Scott Plous suggests a great variety of tests that help people to decide who they really are and how they can deal with things. The author thinks that one cause of difference in decision making may be in a brain structure which is called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. As the experiments show when studying a group of people with damage to that specific area in the brain.

The psychologists discovered that ventromedial prefrontal cortex may aid decision making by providing access to a storehouse of emotionally-tinged memories. So we can come to the conclusion that we have to be educated about our mind and its functions in order to operate it in the best and the most useful way. This is a real treasure because it teaches people how to influence others and is useful to those who teach marketing, consumer behavior, or survey research.

It changes people’s outlook on life and the way of thinking. I’m sure about that because I was deeply impressed by it and now changed my attitude towards many things. It’s one of those things that once you learn it, you wonder how you could have possibly gotten along without knowing it. But now as we know how to operate our mind, how to develop our memory, we will try to do the best out of our life.