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IT Projects

In-house developed IT projects are ones that are not outsourced to any third party vendor but are developed internally in an organization by the IT team so that it saves cost, preserves integrity and privacy for the functionalities and operations. Several organizations are not apt to share their internal operations and workflows to maintain their standards for high excellence and credibility. The internal IT team of the same firm takes the entire charge of planning, building and operating the system to map their particular business functions.

Shared IT projects are characterized as ones that are developed in collaboration with a third party software vendor. The stages are sub divided into phases which are to be taken care by the organization and also the vendor in sections so that they are done well. Some operations and business processes are not outsourced; however the other parts are allowed to be developed by the vendor. Few business laws may not be propagated to the vendors that form a major section to the competition. Turnkey IT projects are ones that require several components to operate the software for specific purposes (Hoffer, 2002).

For example: accounting packages. Stand alone IT projects would make sure that it does not require any other support for its functionality and possess all the business processes, functionality and computation logic deriving the business functions and to get jobs done. It is usually implemented as a 2-tier and 3-tier applications (Norton, 2002).

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