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1. A blade server houses many computer motherboards that include one or more processors, computer memory,secondary storage, network connections, and a common power supply and air-cooling source with a single chassis.
making hardware decisions, the overriding considerations of a business should be technology cost and energy?
2. People involved in selecting their organizations computer hardware need to clearly understand current and future business requirements so they can make informed acquisition decisions
3. The ______ features of the operating system allocate computer resources to make the best use of each systems assets.
Task Management
5. MICR is a technology from the 1950’s, still used to process checks.
An application service provider is a company that can provide software, support, and computer hardware.
Linux is not a full operating system and many distributions of Linux are available.
The components responsible for processing the CPU and memory are housed together in the same box or cabinet called the chip set.
A ________ uses computer servers, distributed storage devices, and networks to tie everything together.
Storage area network.
Choosing the right computer hardware requires understanding it’s relationship to the information system and the ____ of the organization.
____ is an open source operating system whose source code is freely available to everyone.
People involved in selecting their organizations computer hardware need to clearly understand current and future business requirements so they can make and for decisions.
13. Solid state storage devices store data in memory chips rather than magnetic or optical media and require less power to operate while providing slower data access than magnetic data storage devices.
14. An application service provider is a company that can provide the software, support, and computer hardware on which to run the software from the users facilities over a network.
15. The ability of a computer to handle an increasing number of concurrent users smoothly is called multitasking
16. Outsourcing global software support to one or more third-party distributors is gaing acceptance in North America.
17. Compared to main memory secondary storage offers the advantages of volatility, increased capacity, and lower costs
18. ________ are frequently used to capture input in standardized test such as rhe SAT and GMAT.
OMR Readers
19. Literally thousands of programming languages have been developed, but only ______ are commonly used today.
Few dozen
20. A software suite is a collection of single programs packaged together as a bundle and typically include word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and more.
21. Utility programs help to perform maintenance, correct problems, merge and sort sets of data, keep track of computer jobs, and compress files of data.
22. ________ displays are flat displays that use liquid crystals to form characters and graphic images on a backlit screen.
23. People using commercially available software are usually asked to read and agree to a(n)_________.
End user license agreement
Programming languages are sets of keywords, symbols, and rules for constructing statements that people can use to communicate instructions to a computer.
25. The Snow Leopard operating system allows users to view their system as it looked in the past and resurrect deleted files.
The ______ is an advanced optical disk technology in development that would store more data than even the Blu-ray optical disk system.
holographic versatile disc
27. Embedded operating systems _______.
are changing the way we interact with many household devices.
28. Parallel processing is a form of multiprocessing and speeds processing by linking several processors to operate at the same time.
29. Application programs interact with systems software, and the systems software directs computer hardware to perform the necessary tasks.
30. Many organizations are turning to_______, a set of integrated programs that manages a company’s vital business operations for an entire multisite, global organization
31. __________ is the use of a collection of computers, often owned by many people or different organizations, to work in a coordinated manner to solve a common problem.
Grid Computing
32. The overall trend in secondary storage devices is toward use of direct access methods, higher capacity, and increased volatility.
33. The __________ display monitor uses the least amount of power.
34. To, run applications request services from the operating system through a defined application program interface.
35. A type of memory whose contents are not lost if the power is turned off is said to be __________.
NON volatile
36. Each central processing unit consists of two primary elements: the arithmetic/logic unit and the _________ unit.
37. There are free web-based productivity software suites the require no installation on the computer.
38. The clock speed affects machine cycle time and the rate at which the computer executes instructions.
39. Support for green computing is emerging as a new business strategy for computer manufacturers to distinguish themselves from the competition.
Business needs and their importance are roughly the same for all companies so the IS solutions they choose are quite similar.
41. Software as a service allows businesses to subscribe to Web-delivered business application software by paying a monthly service charge or a per use fee.
42. Systems software consists of programs that help users solve particular computing problems.
43. Netbook computers are ideal for users who need to run demanding applications, have many applications open at once, or need lots of data storage capacity.
44. Most operating systems support virtual memory, which allocates space on the hard disk to supplement the immediate, functional memory capacity of ROM.
45. An RFID tag on an inventory item might contain information _________.
All of the above
RAID storage devices provide organizations with data storage that is ____
Fault tolerant
46. One advantage of proprietary software versus off-the-shelf software is that_____
being involved in the development offers control over the results
47. Green Computing is focused at the efficient and environmentally responsible______ of IS related products
All of the above
48. An operating system with _______ capabilities allows to run more than once application at the same time
49. ____ is a powerful operating system originally developed by AT&T for use on minicomputers but now runs on workstation, servers, and mainframe computers
50. An information system that operates in the _____ sphere of influence supports two or more people who work together to achieve a common goal.
51. RAID is a method of storing data so that it can be accessed more quickly
A risk involved with using an application service provider is that
All of the above
53. Information systems that operate within the enterprise sphere of influence support the firm in its interaction with customers, suppliers, shareholders, competitors, special-interest groups, the financial community, and government agencies.
54. ______ are the most powerful computers with the fastest processing speed and highest performance
Oracle is currently the market leader in general purpose databases, with about three-fourths of the multibillion dollar database market.
The raw data necessary to make sound business decisions is stored in a variety of locations and formats.
(n)_____________ typically stores three to ten years of historical summary data records from many operational systems and external data sources so that it can be used for business analysis
Data Warehouse
Basic data manipulations include__________which involves eliminating rows in a relational database.
5. ___________ is an application of data mining the identifies the products and services most commonly purchased at the same time.
Market Basket analysis
Database management system cost in excess of one thousand dollars.
Due to their size, databases must be stored on mainframe computers or other large, powerful computers.
8. A database in which data can be spread across several smaller databases connected through telecommunications devices is called a(n)_________.
Distributed database
9. The analysis of data on user traffic through an organizations web site is an example of data mining.
10. ____________ involves using a database to store and access data according to the locations it describes and to permit spatial queries and analysis.
Spatial data technology
11. A collection of fields about a specific object is a
12. Competitive intelligence is gained through industrial espionage and the gathering of this information often includes illegal or unethical means.
In the relational model, each row of a table represents a data or record and each column of the table represents an attribute or field.
14. With _______, the databases is stored on a service provider’s server and accessed by the client over a network, typically the internet.
Database as a service
15. Data warehouses allow managers to ______ to get increasing levels of detail about business conditions.
Drill down
16. Someone responsible for planning, designing, creating, operating, securing, monitoring, and maintain databses is called a(n)___________.
database administrator
17. A database need not reflect the business processes of the organization.
20. Data mining involves the automated discovery of patterns discovery of patterns and relationships in a data warehouse.
21. A database_________.
Provides an essential foundation for an organization’s knowledge management and artificial intelligence systems
22. An attribute is a general class of people, places, or things for which data is collected, stored, and maintained.
23. ___________ is an information analysis tool that involves the automated discovery of patterns and relationships in a data warehouse.
Data mining
24. As long as the tables in a relational database share one common _________, the tables can be linked to provide useful information and reports.
25. A database is a collection of integrated and related
26. _________ is a standardized data manipulation language developed in the 1970’s that allows programmers to use one powerful language and use it on a variety of systems
27. The process of selecting the best database management system for an organization considers ___________.
All of the above
Business intelligence turns data into useful information that then is kept closely guarded to avoid this information from falling into the hands of the wrong employees.
29. Identification of who will have access to a database has little impact on organizing a database.
Projecting involves eliminating columns in a table.
31. A data warehouse stores historical data that has been extracted from operational systems, external sources, and, sometimes, even unique sources.
32. The relational model describes data using a standard tabular format; all data elements are placed in three-dimensional tables called relations, which are the logical equivalent of files.
(n) _________ contains a subset of data for a single aspect of a company’s business and are used by smaller groups who want to access detailed data for business analysis.
Data mart
34. Today, most organizations use the database approach to data management, where multiple information systems share a pool of related data.
35. Online Analytical Processing and data mining are essentially the same thing.
36. A tool that database designers use to show the logical relationships among data is a(n) __________.
All of the above
37. ___________ is a visual approach to developing database requests
Query by example
One of the first steps in installing and using a large database involves “telling” the DBMS the logical and physical structure of the data and the relationships among the data for each user.
39. The smallest piece of data used by a computer is the _______.
40. One of the primary advantages of a relational database is that it allows tables to be linked to reduce data redundancy and allow data to be organized more logically.
41. _________ employs multidimensional databases and analytics to store and deliver data warehouse information efficiently.
data marts
42. Business and technology vendors are working to develop blue data centers that run more efficiently and require less energy for processing and cooling.
43. A data warehouse is used to support decision making while and OLTP database is used to support transaction processing.
Carrying summary totals in the data records is an example of planned data redundancy.
45. The domain for payrate would include both positive and negative numbers.
46. The Database Administrator decides the contents of the database with little or not input from the users of the database.
The DBMS serves as an interface between an application program and the database.
48. _________ describes the steps an organization takes to protect information sought by “hostile” intelligence gathers.
49. Data centers are approaching the point of automation, where they can run and manage themselves while being monitored remotely in a “lights out” environment.
In some cases, multiple, multiple organizations collaborate in creating and using internationally databases.
The DBMS organizes the data independently of the application program, so the application is not affected by the location or type of data. This is an example of ____.
Data and Program Independence
The ____ is a description that involves “telling” the DBMS the logical and physical structure of the data and the relationships among the data for each user
The ____ position is a non-technical position responsible for defining and implementing consistent principles for setting data standards and data definitions that apply across all the databases in an organization.
data administrator
Companies such as IBM have developed ______ database systems to allow different databases to work together as unified database system

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