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IT275 MCSA Chapter 3 & 4

Share permissions are configured on a shared folder and apply to all files and subfolders of the shared folder.
Which of the following is a correct example of a valid UNC path?
Which permission below can be granted to a user to allow the user to execute applications or scripts?
Which of the following operations are considered to be crucial tasks that should be performed before installing server roles and features? (Choose all that apply.)
– Static IP addresses have been configured
– Administrator has a strong password
– Security updates are current
A disk that is initialized via the Disk Management MMC is initialized as a MBR disk by default.
What type of image can be used to boot a client computer, usually from a CD/DVD or flash device, that can not use PXE?
The Windows folder is located on what volume?
Boot Volume
Which SATA version supports transfer speeds up to 6 Gb/s?
Version 3
The general security rule for assigning permissions to resources is to use the least privileges principle.
Which of the following technologies are required to be available on a network to support WDS? (Choose all that apply.)
– DNS Server
– DHCP Server
– PXE-compatible NICs
What file extension is used for Windows install images that can be deployed with Windows Deployment Server?
Under what circumstances would an administrator choose to format a volume using the FAT file system?
The volume must be accessible using Windows 9x
What PowerShell cmdlet can be used by an administrator to install a specific server role?
What utility is the preferred method for creating and managing shares within Windows Server 2016?
File and Storage Services
What specific ways can a user become the owner of a file system object? (Choose all that apply.)
– Create the file or folder
– Assigned ownership
– Take ownership of a file or folder
When an administrator needs to install or uninstall roles and features to and from an offline VHD file, what PowerShell option can be used?
An administrator wants to utilize a RAID volume that provides redundancy using disk striping with parity. What type of RAID configuration should the administrator select?
How can an administrator make only the files and folders to which a user has at least Read permissions visible?
Enable ABE
The Windows Server 2016 remote management features are enabled via what Windows component?
Windows Remote Management
Select the PowerShell cmdlet below that can be used to create a new volume.
Which disk subsystem is considered more enterprise-ready and often used in server backplanes?
Modern file systems use what component to describe information about files, such as time stamps and file attributes?
Select the term used to describe a network communication method for delivering data to a select group of computers on a network simultaneously.
What type of access control list defines the settings for auditing access to an object?
System access control list
What Desired State Configuration mode is being utilized when servers can obtain their configurations from a central server by using standard web protocols?
Pull mode
A parity space storage layout is similar to a RAID 1 volume, in that a parity bit is written to the spare drive.
A solid state drive is a good candidate for storing the page file.
Which of the following firewall rule groups will enable the use of the Performance Monitor snap-in?
Performance Logs and Alerts
Which of the following statements is true regarding permission inheritance?
Permission inheritance is enabled by default
If a system administrator would like to use the netsh command to configure a firewall remotely, what must be done before the firewall can be configured?
Windows firewall remote management group rules must be enabled on the remote computer
To utilize the Services snap-in within MMC on a remote computer, what firewall rule group must be enabled?
Remote service management
What type of volume utilizes two or more physical disks, does not offer fault tolerance, and fills each disk sequentially rather than using striping?
Spanned volume
An administrator can run a PowerShell command on a remote server using which additional element?
Which of the following scenarios would provide for an ideal use of the ReFS file system?
A volume requiring high reliability for applications using very large files
Which of the following statements is true regarding the page file?
Page file should be on its own volume
What Desired State Configuration mode is being used when a server configuration is manually sent to one or more target servers by an administrator?
Push mode
What option in the New Share Wizard creates a share that is suitable for Hyper-V?
SMB share – applications
What bootstrap program is a WDS component that a WDS client downloads when performing a network boot?
What minimal operating system has only the services needed to access the network, work with files, copy disk images, and jump-start a Windows installation?
Windows Preinstallation Environment
A Deny permission cannot override an Allow permission.
What type of environment can be built into a NIC that allows a computer to boot from an image stored on a network server?
Preboot execution environment
Permission inheritance defines how permissions are transmitted from a child object to a parent object.
Which of the following is not a special character that can be utilized in an NTFS file name?
Which of the following are considered a broad storage category? (Choose all that apply.)
– local storage and directly attached storage
– network attached storage
– storage area network
The biggest disadvantage in using virtual disks instead of physical volumes is the lack of portability.
What PowerShell cmdlet can be utilized to pause a specified running service, or multiple services that are separated by a comma?
Select the file system that can repair minor file system issues automatically, and supports up to 1 yottabyte volume sizes.
When using PowerShell, what cmdlet can be utilized to retrieve a list of services?
Which options, in most cases, should be chosen when you run sysprep? (Choose all that apply.)
– enter system out of box experience
– shutdown
– generalize
A user’s assigned permissions are a combination of their effective permissions.
Disks that are formatted using the GUID Partitioning Table (GPT) can hold larger volume sizes, and benefit from increased reliability provided by which feature below?
How can an administrator create a hidden shared folder?
By placing a $ at the end of the share name
How can an administrator mount an image to install a hot-fix containing an updated security patch?
Windows remote management provides a graphical user interface for perfoming a variety of management tasks.
Which versions of Windows server cannot be managed using Server Manager if you are currently operating from a server running Windows Server 2012? (choose all that apply)
– Windows Server 2012 R2
– Windows Server 2016
Which of the following are valid permissions assigned to a files and folders that have been copied or moved within or between volumes?
– Files or folders moved to a different NTFS volume inherits the destination folders permissions
– Files or folders moved within the same NTFS volume retains its original permissions
Which of the following is a file-sharing protocol that allows users to access files and folders on other computers across a network?
Network file system
As an administrator, you need to add a server to Server Manager. The server where you are running Server Manager is a member of a domain and the server you want to add is also a domain member. Which of the following are valid ways to add the additional server?
– import a text file
– search Active Directory
– search DNS
Server manager will allow you to manage all roles and features installed on any server, and view the status of all your servers.
When using Windows Deployment Services, you do not need to have the installation media ready and sit at the server console as Windows performs the task of OS installation.
To work with install images (.wim files), you use the dism.exe command.
Which firewall group must be enabled to allow for the remote use of the task scheduler snap-in?
Remote scheduled tasks management
Prestaging enables you to do a basic unattended installation.

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