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ITE 180 exam 2

Which of these sources of hardware problems is not one of the primary categories that account for most hardware support problems
A professional code of ethical behavior
If a computer, over a period of time, takes longer and longer to perform a task “”such as a File Save operation, it likely has a ____.
performance problem
A 48- to 72-hour period during which a system or component is operated nonstop before installation at a user site is ____.
a system burn in test
A common source of user misunderstanding and subsequent calls to help desks is poorly designed ____.
user documentation
A computer adaptive test may be able to determine a test taker’s proficiency level by asking as few as ____ questions.
A computer product vendor’s response to an RFP usually includes all but which of these?
A description of problems with the competitor’s products
A computer system that operates but does not work as efficiently as it should has a ____.
performance problem
A hardware component that has its jumper pins set incorrectly is an example of a hardware ____.
configuration problem
A help desk manager would probably emphasize which of these skills in a job search for an advanced technical support staff member?
Technical knowledge and skills
A help desk software package that includes asset management can help a support staff control ____.
an organization equipments inventory
A help desk structured into levels or tiers of support uses a ____.
multilevel support model
A measure of the number of support incidents that can be processed in a given time period, often used in staffing the help desk group, is ____.
abandonment rate
A mismatch between the type of printer connected to a system and the software printer driver installed is an example of a ____.
configuration problem
A paper-and-pencil or verbal exercise that measures a job applicant’s technical understanding and problem-solving ability is a(n) ____
knowledge and skill test
A procedure or feature that accomplishes the same result as another feature that does not work correctly due to a software bug is called a ____.
work around
A purchasing procedure that invites vendors to submit product and price proposals for a system that meets a user’s needs is called a ____.
request for proposal
A replacement for one or a few modules in a software package that fixes one or more known bugs is called a(n) ____.
A situation where two software packages use system resources in incompatible ways is called a(n) ____.
A software company that discovers a bug in an infrequently used feature of a software package is likely to fix the problem by issuing a(n) ____.
A software package feature that periodically checks the vendor’s Web site for software updates is called ____.
A software package that contains few new features but primarily fixes known bugs in a previous version is called a(n) ____.
A substantially rewritten software package that contains major new features is called a(n)
new version
A telephone system that can answer calls, greet callers, provide menus, and route calls is a(n) ____.
automated call distributor
A user who bypasses the documentation to get a new hardware or software package operational as rapidly as possible is a victim of ____.
quick start behavior
A user who expects a software product to be able to perform a task for which it was not intended is a victim of a ____.
user mistunderstanding
A user who presses the wrong sequence of keys in a software program is a victim of
user mistake
A user who purchases an image scanner that is incompatible with the computer system to which he or she wants to connect it is a victim of ____.
wrong product purchase
1. A vendor-specific certification is ____.
none of these
An electronic magazine organized like a print publication, but distributed via a Web site, that may contain product reviews and comparisons is called ____.`
An objective test or measurement that computer product evaluators use to compare two or more products is ____.
Another name for the weighted point evaluation method is the ____ method
Benchmark tests on competing products can be used to select ____.
both hardware and software products
CBT and WBT for those preparing for certification exams are ____ courses.
online tutorial
Computer hardware components that cannot operate together in the same system are called ____.
During the 1980s, incompatible computer products resulted in ____.
excessive spare parts inventories
During the 1980s, the number of competing operating systems and software packages had which effects on employee cross-training and productivity?
Hard to cross-train employees; productivity was decrease
During the ____ step in the incident management process, an incident is categorized as a request for information, a question, a problem, a complaint, or a work order.
incident screening
During the early 1980s, ____ word processors competed for market share.
Hardware or software products that have been announced by vendors but do not actually exist are ____.
HelpSTAR is an example of a(n) ____.
commercial help desk package
In a HelpSTAR dashboard, Throughput measures ____.
how effectively agents resolved problems
In help desk jargon, ACD stands for ____.
automated call distributor
In the early 1980s, significant differences between competing computer products were thought by vendors to have ____.
competitive strengths
In the weighted point evaluation method, ease of learning and ease of use are examples of which kind of criteria?
end user needs
In the weighted point evaluation method, if a product receives a vendor support score of 80 and the weight of the vendor support criterion is 10%, the product gets a weighted score of ____ points for vendor support
In the weighted point evaluation method, if more than one support person evaluates competing products, the score a product receives is usually ____.
the average score of all evaluators
In the weighted point evaluation method, the product that is usually selected is the one with ____.
the highest overall score
In the weighted point evaluation method, when two product evaluators disagree about the score for a product, which of these is the least likely strategy?
Drop the product from consideration.
Industry agreements that cover how computer components should communicate with the system into which they are installed are called ____.
plug and play standards
Major coding mistakes made by programmers when they write software are called ____.
Most hardware components today use which of these strategies to maximize compatibility with computer systems?
plug and play standards
Most hardware devices that malfunction today are ____.
Most software problems that impact end users occur ____.
during the installation and configuration of the software
Network problems are often traceable to ____.
some combination of these
One of the first vendor-specific certification programs was offered by ____.
Objective measures of the user support or help desk operation are called ____.
performance statistics
One way to organize user support services in a way that provides a single point of contact for an organization’s workers or customers is to use ____.
help desk
Performance problems in a computer system are usually due to ____ problems.
both a and b
Put the numbered versions of a software package in sequence from the most significant change to the least significant: 1 -” build #, 2 -“” release #, 3 -“” version #,” 4 – update #.
RFP stands for ____.
request for proposal
Software designed specifically for a highly specialized industry is called ____.
vertical market software
Software that is developed collaboratively by a loose-knit team of programmers who agree to distribute the source code without cost is called ____.
open source
Software with harmful or malicious intent to disrupt the business operation of a computer or network or to steal information or money is called ____.
Support staff can reduce the likelihood of hardware configuration problems today by purchasing ____.
Plug and Play-compatible hardware
The Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ exam is an example of a ____.
vendor neutral exam
The ____ help desk position is normally staffed by an entry-level employee.
incident screener
The ____ position is unlikely to exist in a help desk that is organized in a multilevel support model.
needs analyst
The ____ technology trend may change the way computer users access software and data.
cloud computing
The average time it takes a help desk to respond to incidents is ____.
wait time
The goal of the multilevel support model is to handle most support incidents at ____.
the lower support level
The incident management step in which a closed incident is stored for later use in a knowledge base of solved problems is called ____.
archive the incident
The incident management step in which a user’s problem is satisfactorily dealt with is called incident ____.
The incident management step in which an incident is transferred to a support staff member who has greater experience or resources to handle difficult questions is incident
The primary purpose of help desk performance statistics is to ____.
justify the value and expense of support services
The principal concept in the multilevel support help desk model is ____.
none of the above
The process of updating the information about an incident as it is processed and as information is added to the incident record is called incident ____.
The purpose of benchmarks and weighted point evaluation methods is to make the product selection process as ____ as possible
]The purpose of prescreening an incident is to ____.
determine the type of incident and how the help desk staff will handle it
The usual sequence of incident escalation during help desk incident management is ____.
from technical support to product specialist
Time management tools in a help desk software package probably have the greatest impact on the productivity of ____.
a help desk agent
Tools to manage service level agreements (SLAs) in a help desk software package probably are of greatest use to ____.
a help desk manager
User support managers often use which of these strategies to determine how many staff members to hire to handle the volume of support incidents received?
the Erlang calculation to estimate staffing needs.
When a support staff selects general office productivity software such as word processors or spreadsheets, they often use which decision strategy?
Industry standard products
Which category of help desk incident is “My computer runs slowly when I access the Internet with a modem in the evenings”?
A problem
Which letter sequence is the order of the steps below in the incident management process?
Which letter sequence represents the order of the following steps in the request for proposal process?
Which of the following are more likely to use subjective selection criteria to choose among competing computer products?
small organizations
Which of the following does not normally occur during the first step in the incident management process?
Verify that the caller is authorized to call
Which of the following forms of communication between a user and an agent is asynchronous?
Which of the following is not a common type of certification used in the information technology field?
Verification of prior employment during a job interview
Which of the following is not a primary benefit of computer industry certification?
Ability to identify a worker whose performance has fallen below industry standards
Which of the following kinds of questions gives an applicant for a help desk position a specific problem to solve that is representative of situations that help desk agents actually encounter?
Scenario question
Which of the following kinds of questions is designed to determine whether a help desk job applicant has specific educational and work experience required for a position
directed question
Which of the following levels of support services likely costs the most to provide to users?
Premium level services
Which of these aspects of help desk operation would not normally be covered in a user support mission statement?
Help desk fees for services
Which of these can be examined for industry certification
any of these
Which of these categories of workers is expected to increase at about the same rate as employment in the U.S. economy over the next decade
Computer Support Specialists
Which of these hardware devices is more likely to fail during the operation of a computer system?
CD or DVD drive
Which of these help desk positions is often staffed by an employee with programming or product development experience?
technical support
Which of these is an important topic in a help desk staff training program?
all of these
Which of these is not a common method used to conduct a user satisfaction survey?
face to face inteviewer
Which of these knowledge, skills, and abilities would a help desk manager probably not seek in an applicant for a help desk position?
programming skills
Which of these levels of user support is likely to be the most responsive to a user’s needs?
premium support
Which of these product evaluation methods uses several criteria of predefined importance to arrive at a numerical score for each competing product?
Weighted point method
Which of these proficiencies (KSAs) would a user support manager usually not specify in a position description for a user support position?
Marketing ability
Which of these sources of hardware problems is not one of the primary categories that account for most hardware support problems?
Hardware malfunctions
Which of these statements is true of Honolulu Community College’s computer support policies described in the chapter?
the college offers a choice of PC and Macintosh computer platforms.
Which of these support management concerns directly affects the support staff’s job?
all of these
Which of these technology trends may permit a support agent to answer questions about multiple operating systems from a single PC?
Which of these testing methods is often used in industry certification exams?
computer adaptive test
Which of these version numbers is likely the most recent version of a software package?
Which of these ways of organizing a support center has both an expense budget and an income budget?
profit center
Which of these would you expect to find as members of a product standards committee?
all of these
Which of these would you least expect to find in an organization’s acceptable use guidelines?
A list of approved vendors
Which sequence of letters represents the order of the steps below in the weighted point evaluation method
____ is not a category of management issues covered by the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).
Personnel management
____ is not a common source of job stress among user support workers.
All of these are common sources

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